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[2000-12-17-WCW-Starrcade] Bill Goldberg vs Lex Luger (No Holds Barred)


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Give him his due, Luger looks younger here than he did a month ago.   There are two schools of thought it seems when you face Goldberg, either attack him as he enters the ring looking to get a jump on him, or take to the outside and let him cool down.  Luger opts for the latter but Goldberg is in no mood to stand and wait, following him out.  From the moment he forearms Lex in the lower back this is all Goldberg.  Cool looking Judo throw and Luger even goes up for the powerslam.  Lex rolls to the floor and starts making his way back to the dressing room having had enough.  Goldberg isn’t prepared to let him get off easy and sets off in pursuit, screaming something about “payback”.  He puts Luger over his shoulder and is about to ram him into the ring post when Lex slides down his back and sends Goldberg crashing into it instead.  Luger whips him into the guard rail but Goldberg manages to avoid the chair shot.  Buff Bagwell and DeWayne Bruce make their way down the aisle and are talking about something as we hear Buff telling Sarge to “stay out of it”.  Mark Madden thinks ‘Sarge’ should show some respect to Starrcade and let this continue one on one!  Flying shoulder tackle by Goldberg.  He’s poised for the spear when again Lex grabs the official pulling him in front of him, this time though Goldberg puts the breaks on in time.  Luger KO’s ‘Sarge’ with a pair of brass knux that he pulled out of his trunks and then does the same to Goldberg.  That only gets him a two though as he kicks out of the pin.  Bagwell is in the ring signalling for the ‘Blockbuster’ as Schiavone reminds us that with this being ‘no holds barred’ it means there are no DQ’s.  He hits it on Goldberg but then acts as if it was an accident and meant to hit Lex.  If the spot was to legit make us wonder is he meant to catch Goldberg it was executed terribly.  Goldberg holds the ropes to block the ‘Torture Rack’ and lays Luger out with an inverted ‘Roll the Dice’.  Meanwhile on the floor Bagwell is attacking Sarge, so that answers the question as to whether the ‘Blockbuster’ was an accident or not.  Spear, jackhammer and “the streak lives”.  Buff clocks Goldberg over the head with a chair after the match and nails him with some more shots to the back before helping Luger to the dressing room.

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