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[2000-12-17-WCW-Starrcade] The Perfect Event (Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak) vs Kevin Nash & DDP


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Ric Flair is out after the Perfect Event and tells Commissioner Sanders that he didn’t think he would be allowed to run around about here?  He warns him that he may have a manager’s license, but if he takes one foot in the ring Kevin Nash & DDP will automatically become the new World tag team champions.  Sanders doesn’t care what Ric Flair has to say, claiming that he runs the company not him, so it will be interesting to see if he takes heed of ‘the Naitch’s’ advice.  Palumbo starts out the aggressor, teeing off on Nash and even giving him a crotch chop.  ‘Big Sexy’ reverses the Irish whip and then repeatedly whips him back and forth from corner to corner, a big clothesline punctuating each one.  Chuck is already begging for a time out but he’s not getting any let up from Nash.  After a tag to DDP he gets that time out, re-evaluating the game plan on the floor with Stasiak and Sanders.  Stasiak fares little better, DDP pulling him into the ring post.  That doesn’t sit too well with Mark Madden saying how real noble that was and sarcastically referring to him as “your good guy”.  Page with a belly to belly suplex and Palumbo is in to break up the pin.  Stasiak powers his way out of the ‘Diamond Cutter’ but gets caught with a uranage for a near fall.  He goes for it again, only this time Palumbo isn’t taking any chances and blasts DDP with a jungle kick.  After how the match was going that was exactly what ‘the Thrillers’ needed as they go about wearing down DDP.  Page gets in some hope shots, but every time he is cut off by the champions who work the quick tags and isolate him in their corner.  He tries to fire back and does drop Stasiak, but a Palumbo shot from the apron sees him go down like a felled tree, headbutting Stasiak in the groin as he does so.  The discus lariat connects as Schiavone wonders if DDP’s got anything left to make the tag.  The crowd, who had started out quiet, are really getting into this.  There’s a great moment as Page and Palumbo just unload on each other, eventually each knocking the other down.  Huge ovation as DDP eventually makes the hot tag, Nash all over the Perfect Event.  Big boots and side slams all around before he clotheslines Stasiak over the top rope to the outside.  Page is on the floor when he’s low blowed by Sanders, Madden claiming that because he didn’t get in the ring it was okay.  As Nash looks for the jackknife, he’s caught by a Stasiak clothesline off the top and Palumbo with a rolling cradle for a near fall.  Nash slugs Sanders on the apron but, as referee Charles Robinson turns his back, Stasiak blasts him with one of the tag belts.  Palumbo covers the KO’d Nash, although Page pulls him off to break the pin.  Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire are out, however their interference doesn’t benefit their fellow Thrillers, Jindrak succumbing to a ‘Diamond Cutter’ and O’Haire getting crotched as he goes for the ‘Seanton bomb’.  Nash with a big boot to Palumbo, jackknife powerbomb, and with no-one left to make the save we have ourselves new WCW tag team champions.  Finally ‘Big Sexy’ gives a “Hey Yo!” shout out letting Scott Hall that they’ve got the belts again, even though I highly doubt he would be watching!

Shockingly good match and probably the best in Shawn Stasiak’s career.  Nash had his rare working boots on, while the heat section on DDP was tremendous with all the cut off spots and how they slowly got the crowd more and more into it.  Not the kind of match on paper that you would be inclined to check out, but well worth the time if you have never seen it before.

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