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[2000-11-23-IWA-PR-Bruiser Brody Memorial] Mideon vs Paparazzi


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Mideon, sent down to Puerto Rican purgatory.  Paparazzi distracts Mideon saying something about his footwear, but the moment he glances down to look at them, Pap throws his cape over Mideon’s face and jumps him.  He doesn’t make the most of the advantage though, Mideon reversing the Irish whip and catching him with a hip toss followed by a pair of clotheslines.  As Pap tries to flee to the outside, Mideon grabs him by the trousers and pulls them down so we all see what underwear he has got on.  On pulling them back up and returning to the apron, Paparazzi snaps Mideon’s neck across the top before dropping him with a superkick.  Some good old fashioned foot stomps and I can’t help but bust out my Matt Serra “watch the foot stomps Drago” impression.  Paparazzi telegraphs the backdrop and as he fights being taken down by the sunset flip I’m just waiting for those pants to be yanked down again.  Yup, there we go right on cue!  Spinning heel kick by Paparazzi and he makes the cover by lying fully on top of his opponent.  Pap side steps a charging Mideon who flies through the ropes to the floor.  That looks like it wound him up as while the referee has a word with Paparazzi, Mideon strips off, down to his fanny pack.  A shocked Pap gets smooched and then schoolboyed, naked Mideon disappearing sharpish after the win to hopefully put some clothes on. 

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