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[2001-02-27-CMLL] Apolo Dantes & Black Warrior & Satanico vs Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & Gran Markus Jr

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It goes without saying that Satanico vs the Infernales is going to be a fun feud, but I didn't expect it to be this good. Satanico was amazing in this. He was punked from the outset by Tarzan Boy and proceeded to bleed for his sins while the rudos maimed Black Warrior's leg, We all know Satanico is one of the great sellers and the great performers. Watching him take his beating here, I kept wondering why I hadn't dived into this run sooner. It really was a sublime performance for a Coliseo bout. The Infernales were disqualified for excessive violence and the tide turned. Satanico led a ferocious comeback the likes of which only Satanico can do, and Black Warrior got his revenge with a sensational tope. A lot of trios matches splutter and stall but this kept building and building. Satanico and Guerrero squared off for a mano a mano confrontation and the match was electric. Then all of a sudden they pulled the plug. The cheap finish spoiled things slightly but I should have seen it coming. You can already guess what type of finish it was. Still, the hype is real. This promises to be as good a feud as we'll see all year. 

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