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[2001-02-08-IWRG] Blue Panther & Bombero Infernal & Crazy 33 & El Enterrador vs Felino & Kato Kung Lee & Rambo & Super Parka

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This was better than I expected. Panther in 2000-01 has reached that level where he immediately makes matches better by his presence. I kind of understand now that when people talk about how great Blue Panther was, or is, a large part of that springs from this time period where he was clearly the best worker in Mexico. But the other guys were good too. I thought Bombero Infernal was really good and Super Parka brought his working shoes and was the best version of Super Parka that he can be. I'm a fan of the later IWRG period where it felt like its own promotion with its own identity, and its own heroes and villains, instead of an outpost for CMLL. But I do like the fact that 2000-01 IWRG was a place where a guy like Felino, who was doing nothing in CMLL, could feature in singles feuds. This turns into a bit of a mask pulling contest, which is never my favorite style of lucha. Too much fiddling about trying to undo each other's masks. But the body of the bout as more entertaining than it looked on paper. 

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