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[2000-10-27-IWA-PR-Yabucoa, PR] Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Juventud Guerrera vs Paparazzi


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There’s an odd story to this of Tajiri and Paparazzi teaming up against Juvi, Pap double crossing him, back to working together, Pap crosses him again and so on.  When it’s just the two of them Juventud and Tajiri cut a breakneck pace at times and just like last night in Juana Diaz there’s no coasting from ‘the Juice’.  Unlike last night though where he held his own Paparazzi dragged this one down, even tripping over the ropes at one point, and you were clamouring for him disappear and leave Tajiri and Juvi too it.  Juvi avoids the Paparazzi running splash in the corner and then levels Tajiri with a thrust kick.  He clotheslines Pap over the top rope to the floor, a victory roll on Tajiri but Pap is back inside to make the save.  The powerbomb is countered with a cradle and this time it’s Tajiri breaking things up with a great shotgun dropkick to the head of Juvi.  ‘The Juice’ lands on his feet from a belly to back, looks for the ‘Juvi Driver’ but Tajiri escapes and goes to town with an assortment of kicks that put him down for the three.  From what we saw of them working together this would have been so much better as a singles match without Paparazzi.

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