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[2013-02-29-DDT] Kenny Omega vs Michael Nakazawa

Makai Club #1

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Kenny Omega vs Michael Nakazawa - DDT KO-D Openweight Title One Match Box Office [KO-D Openweight Title Match/Last Man Standing Match]


Superb overall match. Great underdog performance by Nakazawa, who gives a career performance in the match, in my opinion. And it’s matched by a ruthless and aggressive, dominant champion, Kenny Omega. In the small, intimate building like Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, everything is suddenly intensified, including the stiff chair shots towards the end of the match. The endless barrage of Omega offence Nakazawa received felt even more impactful. And he sold it accordingly. His brief hope spots were tremendously done well too. The pacing was really good for the most part with no much dragging the match which is a hard thing to do given the stipulation but the drama held it together. ****1/2

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