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  1. Makai Club #1

    Daisuke Sekimoto

    No. I have no clue what people were watching. To me, it was an okay match at best.
  2. Makai Club #1

    Daisuke Sekimoto

    Sekimoto had a terrible year in 2020. I can't think of one good match that he had. It was consistently underwhelming, regardless of opponent, partner or promotion. Sekimoto had a good run from 2015 to 2019 as a good wrestler who consistently good matches in a promotion that has non deathmatch wrestling as a secondary division. But I'm not so big on him before this. It'll be hard to include him.
  3. Yeah. This wasn't a great triple threat match like WM 30 had but it was good nonetheless. They certainly made me think that both Edge and Daniel Bryan had the match won at certain points in the match before that momentum was snuffed out. The conchairto spot were wicked and Bryan's selling of his was excellent. Someone I was speaking to genuinely thought he was having a seizure. I think Roman pinning both was a great character moment. I think Roman's new gimmick can either be way too melodramatic with the in-match soliloquies or he can just be plain boring, but having the gall to stack Edge and Bryan on top of each other like King King Bundy winning a handicap squash in the build to WM 2 is an excellent character choice. ***1/2
  4. This was a really good main event. I still think that this should've been swapped with the opening bout because that felt hot and this didn't. Nevertheless, this was a solid match with some rather unique work using the hair. Sasha Banks used it for more leverage on her submissions, she used it as a defensive tactic and Bianca Belair used it to whip Sasha which was pretty insane. Bianca Belair was way over the top emotionally. This is a big moment for her and she didn't hide it one bit. Some toning down when it came to her reactions, especially when it came to the nearfall, was desperately needed. ***
  5. Makai Club #1

    Timothy Thatcher

    I first watched Timothy Thatcher right after his EVOLVE title reign ended and all the EVOLVE fans hated him and thought he was very boring and basic as a wrestler, and as soon as I watched him, I knew that wasn't the case and he's gone on to prove that since, getting those fans back on his side with his work in wXw, Progress, OTT, etc. In WCW, Dean Malenko's Iceman gimmick made Malenko's no personality gimmick into a gimmick in of itself. Thatcher is similar. On the surface, he's a no-nonsense wrestler with a plain look, but there is something very unique in the way he wrestlers and acts. It's hard to describe. It's just something that should be watched and then you'd get what I'm talking about.
  6. Makai Club #1

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Hiroshi Hase, depending on how much you love his title match against Hashimoto in 94.
  7. Makai Club #1

    Tetsuya Naito

    He had an excellent match at i 2011 G1 Finals with Nakamura. I'd put it just below the Okada match for best pre-LIJ Naito match.
  8. Makai Club #1

    Kazuchika Okada

    Yep. Same thing. New Japan put out a story that Okada's injured and of course people ate that up.
  9. Makai Club #1

    AJ Styles

    I'm really down on his WWE run. AJ has had a few really good matches against the likes of Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar, but I have been consistently underwhelmed by him since he debuted at the Rumble. The Jericho feud was a bust. I dislike the Cena feud for reasons that aren't AJ's fault but they don't help his case. The Samoa Joe feud had some tediously dull matches by any standard. Same with the Kevin Owens series over the US title. There is more bad than good. I'd like to revist his TNA run more. I watched it as a kid growing up but I've not really went back and rewatched it in depth.
  10. Makai Club #1


    Recently, HARASHIMA had a six minute match with Yukio Sakaguchi (Seiji Sakaguchi's son for those who recognise the name) on the 2021 Judgement Show and it was excellent. Even seemingly nothing matches on the eye have the potential to be gems.
  11. Makai Club #1

    Kazuchika Okada

    Obviously this isn't the be all end all but no one except Kenta Kobashi has more matches that I rated 5*. And that's after me spending hours trying to cut that number down to seperate the best from the rest. So calling him a "Big Match Worker" is perfectly accurate for him. It's noticeable when he has a match most would deem a "good" match. It's a running joke on certain areas on social media that any time Okada has a less than stellar match, he gets called washed by a small minority. That's the level Okada has set. Not many people can lay out a great match like Okada can and he's had a lot of people's best match (Kenny Omega, Shibata, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Satoshi Kojima, Kota Ibushi, etc). His criticisms would be that he can be way to reliant on a certain formula - maximising his opponents strengths, selling for the opponent before making a comeback. And while Okada has shown that he can switch it up for more quicker paced matches (there was one ZSJ match that comes to mind) or matches built around him not taking the opponent seriously, but you usually get a similar layout for any big match that he may have. Another criticism for some is his offence. Similarly to Tanahashi, his strikes and other big offence can lack the visual impact that Shibata kicking someone in the chest would BUT the emphasis is on what does it mean within the match. So I can forgive a few lazy back elbows because his dropkick is an instant game changer and one of the more important moves in Japanese wrestling. The fact that Okada can get a lot out of not many big moves is a plus for me. And his selling is his strengths anyway so it's smart to have that be the focus of the match. I'm sure you can pick apart him selling a leg poorly in certain matches but in the grand scheme of the match, his selling is usually excellent. Okada had a signature title reign with Good-GOAT title matches with people ranging from Kenny Omega to Naomichi Marufuji to Bad Luck Fale. You could make a case for him on this title reign alone. You add the Tanahashi feud, the Jay White feud and many other great matches in between, you have an insane amount of quality matches to sink your teeth into. He might be in my top 10 when it comes down to it.
  12. Makai Club #1

    Kenny Omega

    His DDT run is excellent in parts. Mostly after 2011 when he grew into himself. Matches I'd recommend of his are: Omega vs Kota Ibushi - DDT 18/08/2012 Omega vs Isami Kodaka - DDT 21/01/2013 Omega vs Michael Nakazawa - DDT 29/02/2013 W/Ibushi vs Isami Kodaka/Yuko Miyamoto vs Konosuke Takeshita/Tetsuya Endo - DDT 26/01/2014 Omega vs HARASHIMA - DDT 20/07/2014 His DDT run compliments his New Japan run really well. He delivered in two totally different promotions where expectations and styles are very different.
  13. Makai Club #1

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    I believe it was. Maybe I'm misremembering the match as its been five years since I've watched it. Tanahashi teaming with YOH against HARASHIMA and Ken Ohka is another example of Tanahashi being an excellent heel. And there are backstage politic elements to the match in the build to add more spice to the match. Basically Tanahashi big leagued HARASHIMA in a singles match on one of the Peter Pan shows in 2014, and he said in a promo backstage that he felt like he was above DDT, legitimately. HARASHIMA was pissed by the comments, naturally and this tag match was them sweetening things out so DDT and New Japan could continue their partnership.
  14. Makai Club #1

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Yes! Suwama is another match that's excellent. And I dislike Suwama a lot.
  15. Makai Club #1

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    I'll say this about Tanahashi. He took a good while to really put it together as a main eventer. He won the title in 2006 and, despite his peaks during this time against Nagata, Goto and Mutoh, he took until around 2011 to become a great wrestler. That's nearly 6 years of inconsistency at the high level. If he was still a midcarder, that's different because expectations are a tad different for me. Nakamura easily outshone him during this period. But once he got great, he was immense. The Okada feud speaks for itself. Classic after classic, even long after New Japan ran it into the ground. Plus many more matches against any modern New Japan act. Tanahashi is also a great babyface work who can rally a crowd with ease to his side, which in turn helps the opponent get over in the heelish role. His weakness are his offence execution, which isn't as bad as his detractors would claim. His mat-work isn't Tatsumi Fujinami's but he works it well in a purposeful way and that's all you could ask for. His striking does get exposed in matches where he's going toe to toe with Shibata or Tomohiro Ishii though. Tanahashi builds his matches in ways that they almost always end in exciting ways, even if the body of the match isn't that great. Tanahashi works really well in a more dismissive role as well. His match against Naomichi Marufuji comes to mind where he didn't respect Marufuji's status at all and he came off like the biggest ass, in a good way. Tanahashi probably will be in my top twenty. Maybe higher.