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  1. I didn't really buy the "Ospreay is WOTY" talk last year but he has really stepped up even more this year round and this is another feather in his cap. Even more impressive considering that both guys had different injuries going into this match. Both of which could've had them taken out of the G1. And the way they incorporated that into the match was splendid. Ospreay nastily going for the ankle early on and Ibushi working on the neck. Love the build from working holds to them throwing some brutal strikes and hitting some big bombs. It became less about the injuries and more about getting the win. Great match. ****"
  2. This wasn't good at all. The Bucks were so, so uncompelling as they fighting from beneath guys in the match. Matt Jackson isn't sympathetic in any way and his "my arm is hurt but I'll do these random moves that never worked for me before anyway" selling was an annoyance. Dustin and Cody was decent, working over the arm well but they excelled best when Dustin was the one being worked over. Not just that, there was zero engery or zip to the match. No flow or build to a finish. They paced the match like they was going Broadway only to end the match out of nowhere. Just bad. *3/4
  3. Makai Club #1

    [2019-07-14-WWE-Extreme Rules] Aleister Black vs Cesaro

    Not sure what was with the crowd, this was Philly, right? They made little noise until the big moments of the match. Everything in-between was met with utter silence, and that's a shame because I think this match was pretty good. Glad we got to see Black show off his kicks though, with Black using them to zero in on Cesaro's leg. Cesaro sold is fairly well I though. There was also a few nice counters like the Cesaro springboard attempt into a running knee by Black and Black attempting something only to get a nasty uppercut. The match had a nice finish. Flash KOs are the best but it didn't help the match in the sense that it felt incomplete. ***1/2
  4. Oh boy! This was absolutely tremendous. I was worried at first because the first few minutes made me think that this would be a slow burner where they'd do 15 minutes of mat work and then 5 minutes of the finishing stretch after a 7 hour show, which would've been so moronic and tone deaf BUT they didn't do that, thankfully. Instead that had a great match which was built around Takeshita working over Endo's back, Endo selling, gaining sympathy and making sensational comebacks. The pacing was tremendous too. The first few minutes were the breaking in periods but from then on, this had a very competitive pace to it. Building and building to the finish. Takeshita destroying Endo's back, in some cases, just throwing him with zero regard to the outside. Even suplexing him on the edge of the apron. Endo's selling was great. He was still getting his usual offence in but you could clearly see the damage and fatigue that the match had on him. The way Endo would have his little spurts of hope before Takeshita hit a massive move was so good. The atmosphere wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be - mostly attributed to Endo was his fantastic babyface performance in this match. ****3/4
  5. I doubt they have an idea of what the announcement will be so this is likely.
  6. Makai Club #1

    [1994-01-22-WWF-Royal Rumble] Bret & Owen Hart vs The Quebecers

    We're not the Mounties. We always get our maaaaaan! Love it. This match was pretty good. Obviously just a match to progress a different story but it was great nonetheless. The opening minutes with Owen were a bit sloppy but nothing major and everything got on track soon enough. Wasn't a typical FIP match with pretty much even work and it was great, Quebecers were good at the smarmy heel work and Bret and Owen did some nice looking spots. Nothing was was spectacular, everything was very simple and basic but it worked. Then the Bret knee angle happened. This is where the match is the best. Bret's selling of the knee was top notch here. The Quebecers working on the leg was great, though the use of the cane was great, I loved it despite me hating it at the same time because the Quebecers are great heels. Another thing, Dibiase's commentary in this match is great. ***3/4
  7. Makai Club #1

    [2011-07-17-WWE-Money in the Bank] CM Punk vs John Cena

    Loved the start to the match. Cena isn’t known for his grappling, the most obvious example of him indulging in that style was his Raw match against Shawn Michaels which isn’t very good but Punk is much better at that than Michaels was so it works here. They even get the crowd to shut up after a brief “you can’t wrestle” chant by showing that Cena can wrestle when locks on a very nice looking Fujiwara armbar. There was a nice competitiveness to it which also fit the slow burner match they had. Punk does some really good work on the neck of Cena, locking on a reverse triangle at one point and hitting a nice knee drop off the top rope onto Cena, who was on the apron. Cena was superb also. He really knows how to make full use of his counters, using a suplex to the outside to gain control and looking for the quick win after taking so much punishment prior. Another thing that this match had going for it was that unlike most big WWE matches, they savoured the finishers and big time offence, often building and teasing their signature moves with them constantly countering or finding them way out of them. Always struggling with each other, earning every hold - the Cena count to the GTS when he grabs the leg and locks on the STF only for Punk to reverse it into the anaconda vice, for example. Even the two times Cena hits the AA and Punk kicks out, it feels so special and big. You believed that it could’ve ended the match because they built up to it well. And finally the finish was great. Perfectly sums up Cena whilst making Punk cleavry but capitalizing on a distracted Cena. A true classic in WWE history for sure. ****3/4
  8. Well, this delivered. On an extremely high level, too. A great start to the match with Morisson making use of the giant WWE sign on the stage by jumping off it. A great use of tables. A nice fast and heavy paced action throughout. Miz looked great and Morrison looked even better. ****
  9. Like the rest of the show, this was very much a greatest hits match. Of course, the greatest hits are fucking great. Although I did love the added addition of the dragon screw battle, which sort of reminded me of Tanahashi vs Mutoh's Dome match. The selling was inconsistent as fuck though, but that comes with the territory with Tana and Okada matches. Only gripe that I had with the match. Great main event to end the show and with the crowd going nuts for it, it was well deserved too. ****
  10. Makai Club #1

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    Most of the matches tonight felt like the greatest hits. The US shows are definitely designed to be a showcase which is perfectly fine, especially considering most matches deliver tonight. Loved Okada vs Tanahashi, my MOTN.
  11. Makai Club #1

    [1984-02-23-AJPW] Nick Bockwinkel vs Jumbo Tsuruta

    Great match on all facets aside from Jumbo's selling which was pretty much non-existent once he was out of Bock's holds. Other than that, I loved the match. Bockwinkle trying to get a quick win with the cross body early on, him trying to ground Jumbo with his superior at skills, knowing when his bread and better lies and knowing where Jumbo is best. The struggle for the holds is great, at least. Then Jumbo works on the back once he learns how to escape Bock's holds and goes to town on it with stomps and brutal clubs. The finish came out of nowhere for me tbh but that's not to say that I didn't like that either. The crowd were stunned and I don't think they expected Jumbo to actually win. . Great match. ****
  12. Makai Club #1

    [2010-04-25-WWE-Extreme Rules] John Cena vs Batista (Last Man Standing)

    I think that the match suffered from missing its peak and falling victim to the usual annoying tropes that most LMS matches have in the end. The AA through the table got the biggest pop of the match and should've ended the match but it didn't. Batista got up from that which annoyed me a ton. The finish that the match had was good though, so it wasn't a total let down. I dug the rest of the match as it had some great Cena selling, not too much damage that it'll cause them to not sell them properly, great work on the leg by Batista too. Great use of the STF by Cena to try and causing Batista to pass out. There was tons of goodness in this, stuff that far outweighs the bad. Great match. ****
  13. Makai Club #1

    [2010-04-25-WWE-Extreme Rules] CM Punk vs Rey Misterio (Hair Match)

    This was a pretty great match, in my opinion. Punk and Rey worked so well together, the synergy was off the charts. Punk did some superb work on Rey’s back, although it could've sold better. Rey flying around, sneaking offence in was great to watch. Great match. ****
  14. Makai Club #1

    [2010-03-28-WWE-Wrestlemania XXVI] Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker

    I thought this was a great match. HBK constantly going after the leg, brutally at times. Taker selling the leg greatly as well. HBK not going down after big move after big moves just clawing to stay alive. Nice start and end to the match with the throat slash by Michales. Just below the first match, in my opinion. ****1/4
  15. Makai Club #1

    [2019-06-23-OTT-WrestleRama 3] WALTER vs David Starr

    The work on the leg was great and the selling was upto par. And they made great use of the false Starr win. I thought Starr went a bit over the top after the match by shouting at the ref. Just too corny for me although I get why they did it. I'm not sure how I'd compare it to their other matches but I did think it was far better than their earlier 16 Caret Gold match. ***3/4