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  1. Really liked the match mostly. Ishikawa had some awesome work on the back such as his mean slams and elbows to the spine. Kamitani is a bit bland but he really came off as a fiery up face in the finishing stretch. Him fighting out of the prison lock looked great. I'm a sucker for those spots. However it begs the question why that was even there when the match was previously focused on the back. The finish rocked. Iffy middle though. ***3/4
  2. Losing Unit Disbands 12 Man Three Way Tag Team Elimination Match: Dia.HEARTS (Big R Shimizu, Dragon Kid, Kzy & Masaaki Mochizuki) vs. Monster Express (Akira Tozawa, Masato Yoshino, Syachihoko BOY & T-Hawk) vs. VerserK (Kotoka, Naruki Doi, Shingo Takagi & YAMATO) - Dragon Gate Truth Gate 2016 - Day 2 04/02/2016 A Dragon Gate special. 12 men all in the ring, interchanging at a frantic pace, tons of storytelling in the ring, big stakes involved, incredible wrestling. It could be very easy to be lost in this match but this had tons of memorable spots, even without taking notes. The 1 v 1 v1 exchanges early on was amazing, Doi being a chickenshit and not wanting to do his part was great character work and then we got a brief Speed Muscle reunion. Akira Tozawa lighting up Korakuen Hall with his exchanges with Mochizuki and Kzy, showing tons of charisma and superb wrestling ability. Syachihoko BOY being the underdog of the match, fighting against everyone despite the size difference, even eliminating Shingo Takagi, the Open The Dream Gate champion. Kzy fighting for Dia.HEARTS as the last man standing, putting in a top performance for his team, selling really well for all the match and doing Kzy things. VerserK, or more specifically YAMADoi, showing their amazing chemistry as a team, dominating the match whenever they were involved, double teaming against Kzy for the finish. And I can’t NOT talk about Kotoka going BLAH. Poor guy getting eliminated 5 minutes in though. There is tons to love about this match. Great drama from start to finish. Excellent match. Top 5 2016 match for sure. ****3/4
  3. There was a real intensity to this match - from Chono’s kicks to Fujinami’s rough mat work. Loved how both guys would throw hard slaps, whether it was Fujinami at the start of the match or Chono while on top of Fujinami, which lead to a lovely slap exchange on the ground. Fujinami in particular was awesome in this. Loved his selling , the way he sold execution was really effective. Chono as well. Fujinami looked really back to his best offence wise with him hitting a brutal tope and a pinpoint dropkick right on Chono’s jaw. The finish was a great battle of the Dragon Sleeper vs the STF with each time both wrestlers wriggling out of their respective holds. Great match. ****1/4
  4. Makai Club #1

    [2015-05-17-DDT] Akito vs Shigehiro Irie

    I think the pacing could've been better in certain areas. The match dragged a little and it made the match feel a little bloated. But the work was really, really great. Akito did some great, creative work on Irie's knee, who sold it excellently. I loved his selling which got progressively more severe as the match went on. I thought they used the count out system really effectively to create drama, down the stretch. A little trimming in the middle of the match would? ve allowed the match to feel easier to watch. ****
  5. Strong BJ really made great use of their size advantage whenever Ishii was in the ring. Ishii is an awesome wrestler but there wasn’t much he could do here with a big size difference. Strong BJ looked great working over the back of Ishii with Ishii selling really well and being a great counterpart for them. Irie being more similar to Okabayashi and Sekimoto’s size was able to take it to them. Irie brought tons of energy and charisma to his performance. Team Dream Futures got some great nearfalls against Strong BJ with the crowd firmly behind their DDT favourites against the Big Japan invaders. The closing stretch as a whole with Sekimoto and Ishii was just excellent. Ishii throwing wild spinning heel kicks with Sekimoto throwing suplexes left and right was a great ending for the match. ****1/4
  6. DDT Extreme Title 60 Minute Iron Man Match: Akito (c) vs. Daisuke Sasaki - DDT Saitama Slam! Vol. 1 19/04/2015 Daisuke Sasaki has great strategy going into the match by going for the knee joint of Akito. Sasaki isn’t known for being a technical guy but he really steps up his work while picking a limb apart in this match. His submissions look tight and he is focused on it for the first quarter of the match. And I liked him trying to get a quick count out victory from it. Akito retaliates with leg work of his own and totally out-does Sasaki at it, which is great storytelling given Akito is an actual technical wrestler unlike Sasaki. Everything from that point on was Sasaki on the defence. It reminded me a bit like the way Bockwinkel vs Martel was worked with Bockwinkle, the heel, was selling and trying to fight from beneath the entire match. It’s not a type of match you see much nowadays but Sasaki’s selling and begging off skills made it work. Sasaki took some really brutal bumps on the turnbuckles more than once in this match. I really liked every fall in the match, whether it was Sasaki’s Hurricanrana, Akito catching Sasaki doing an elbow drop and locking on the Scorpion Armlock or the double count -- everything seemed to flow naturally together within the match. The urgency shown by both guys in the last ten minutes to get something from the match by both guys desperately scrambling for submissions was good. Akito was trying to pull out any creative submission move he could think of, Sasaki trying to defend against that while attempting tons of roll ups. It was a great book end for the match. And we got a little added bonus of over time which was also great. This was an excellent, gruelling 60 minute match with excellent selling and mat work by both men. The pacing was superb, allowing the match to be great for all 60 minutes, as well as the extra 6 for sudden death. Given the setting was basically a house show, it could’ve easily not worked for VOD watchers but it did. ****1/2
  7. Makai Club #1

    [2015-04-29-DDT-Max Bump 2015] Kota Ibushi vs HARASHIMA

    Similar to the Saitama match. They start on the ground with Ibushi using his speed and agility to not be overrun in the early goings before HARASHIMA targets the ribs. Then they transition into throwing big strikes and all their hits at each other. But I think this is much better paced than their last match. They pulled out some really awesome sequences, which are also received much better in front of the Kourkean Hall crowd. They even expended on the finishing stretch of their other match by adding some great counters with tons more struggle to pull off their finishers. The whole match was pretty good but it wasn’t without fault. The early parts of the match with HARASHIMA going for the ribs and Ibushi for the back were blown off rather quickly. If they cut that part out and kept the rest, this would've been a MOTYC for me. ***3/4
  8. Makai Club #1

    [2019-11-09-AEW-Full Gear] PAC vs Hangman Page

    It was better than expected but it still fell short from being a good match imo. There was a ton going for it. A hot crowd, Cody getting cut open early on. But they didn't follow up on it at all. Cody gets cut open and Jericho works his usual pace. Goes for the cut once and never goes back to it. It's just his usual uncompelling routine which doesn't interest me at all. Cody is fine, I don't hate Cody but I never really connect with him either so that definitely took something away. One part of the match that I hated was Jericho hitting Cody with a title belt and not going for the cover immediately. Like, WTF? Instead of going for the cover that would've gotten him the pin, he plays dead for a second. Why? From that point, the match lost me. Then they went through a typical WWE closing stretch, a few nearfalls, Jericho and ref pushes each other for a cheap pop and finish. I preferred the heel turn by MJF after the match. **1/2
  9. This sounded really appealing on pap. Otsuka is a name I've seen little of but enough to know I like him. Ishikawa speaks for himself and Yone I love from NOAH. This was good. It's always wild seeing these types of matches being done in tag form and sometimes they work and sometimes they can be awkward but this was the former. They utilizes the tags well and did some great saves (which replaces pin saves). Malenko and Ishikawa had some cracking exchanges on the mat, like where Greco was on top with Ishikawa leathering him with slaps. Yone showed some great fire even when taking the brunt of the offence. Otsuka offered his spunky offence as well. ***3/4
  10. Makai Club #1

    [2000-01-30-BattlARTS] Naoki Sano vs Minoru Tanaka

    Kinda long but I dug it for the most part. The battle at the final few minutes was great. The striking and mat work was good, Sano still had some great strikes and Tanaka brought the determination and speed to the mix. ***1/4
  11. Tricky match to gather thoughts on because the work is pretty good. The wrestling is stiff and violent, as expected. There was some good selling overall. The pacing didn't allow it to drag a whole lot despite being over 25 minutes. And there is a ton of history, not just in SEdLINNNG, but in Joshi in general. But ultimately, I was left cold by this. There was violence but it never sucked me into the match. The drama and emotion just simply wasn't there to carry the weight of the stipulation. At the end, I felt very little towards the match or the significance of what the result means, and I'm a fan of both women. The match was really good but it just didn't live up to what it was trying to achieve, imo. In a vacuum, as a normal match, this would've worked better (it has worked much better) - the early brawling was good, the strikes looked good, there was some nice escalation towards the end, etc - but when the match doesn't hook you whole hardheartedly, does that matter? I like aspects of the match, I just didn't love it overall. ***
  12. This was high octane stuff. There was some great mat wrestling exchanges between Chono and Hase early on with the two struggle for holds. Add Muto to the mix as well, even if he isn’t known as a particularly great mat wrestler, he was pretty good here. Sasaki was excellent as the rabid dog that got unleashed every time he got in the ring. Even when Chono would school him with the STF, he still brought that scrappiness to the match. The back stretch of the match was superb. Very heated. Tons of nearfalls that were impossible not to get sucked into. Loved the brief heel psychology in the match with Muto attacking Hase, while illegal, when he had a scorpion deathlock on. A total breezy ride. ****1/2
  13. Makai Club #1

    [1990-09-14-NJPW] Great Muta vs Hiroshi Hase

    Excellent stuff. The Great Muta gimmick can be hit and miss with me here but Muta was in full swing with his mannerisms, the difference in style and offence he did compared to his Keiji Muto matches. All was a big hit with me. Him kicking Hase’s ass, causing Hase to bleed heavily. Him throwing some great offence like his chops and back fists was great to see. Hase was a great contrast to Muta. Very straight laced, super babyface here - he great at rallying the crowd behind him, mounting fiery comebacks, along with the face soaked look he had half the match. Hase even was selling when on offence, occasionally stumbling around and upping the urgency of his offence to end the match. Muta getting DQ’d at the end was a perfectly fine finish as well. Protects both guys at this stage. ****1/2
  14. Makai Club #1

    [2014-02-08-NOAH] Takeshi Morishima vs Yuji Nagata

    A mega disappointment. Morishima was good on offence as he usually is but with the added interference disrupting the match and lowering Morihima’s performance, he can only do so much. And it doesn’t help that Nagata, who is normally a bright shining light of charisma, is virtually a robot in this. Didn’t make me care, he didn’t look like he cared himself and he is winning the title ffs. Bad match. **
  15. Makai Club #1

    [2014-01-05-NOAH] KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima

    Takeshi Morishima is a beast on top. Love Morishima because he offers something different offensively compared to the rest of the roster. His clubbing shots were great, he uses his weight and size very well. At one point he was able to turn a simple slam (as a counter to a KENTA move) and make it into an impactful game changing move. I like KENTA but he really didn’t do much to make me root for him. This is where he lacks compared to Marufuji. He is superb offensively but he doesn’t connect emotionally for me and he didn’t here either. With that being said, the finishing stretch was pretty nuts. A better KENTA performance and this would’ve been better. Morishima was excellent though. He brought it big for his title win. ***3/4