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[2001-04-10-CMLL] Blue Panther & Black Warrior & Violencia vs Safari & Olimpico & Tinieblas Jr

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This was a heck of a match. To have a match this good at Arena Coliseo was impressive, and a match with Tinieblas Jr to boot! This can only be described as "the Panther effect." In fact, it was so good that the folks who put together the TV show decided to run it wit hit and air it uninterrupted. It was basically a transplanted Arena Mexico match both in size and momentum swings. It felt bigger than a regular Coliseo match. Panther, Warrior and Violencia were slick. It doesn't matter who Panther fronts up with in 2001, when he's in a trios match he runs a tight ship. I'm not sure if TInieblas was meant to be in this match originally. It felt like there was a late scratch somewhere. But he did the best he could and at no point did the rudos make a concession for him. He even got in on the high flying. Olimpico vs Blue Panther is still kind of a thing but this was mostly about grand lucha action. Check this out. It's a sleeper. 

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