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[2000-12-14-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko


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We get a quick recap of earlier in the show where Dean Malenko’s distraction cost Lita the WWF Women’s title, allowing Ivory to pick up the victory.  A blinkered Malenko thinks Lita knows how fortunate she was when his lips were pressed against hers the other night, and while it might’ve only been for a moment, for her it must’ve felt like a lifetime.  If he were to offer his lips to every woman in the arena there would be a line backed up right out of town!  He apologises to all the women though as his lips are for one woman only.  Chris Jericho interrupts him and says that if he’s looking for something to kiss why doesn’t he pucker up those lips and kiss his ass!  Less than thirty seconds into the match Eddy Guerrero strolls down to ringside to provide some support for his fellow Radical.  Enziguri by Y2J.  Tornado DDT, but Eddy is up on the apron distracting the referee who misses seeing the cover.  Jericho slugs him and a big powerbomb on Malenko.  As he goes for the Lionsault, Eddy sucker punches Y2J as jumps onto the ropes and Malenko steals a win.  Done and dusted in under two minutes.  We’re not finished yet as Jericho and Malenko continue to go at it until Y2J clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside.  Eddy tries to jump him but quickly gets locked in ‘the Walls’.  A bunch of referees have no luck in getting him to break the hold as we cut to Vince McMahon watching on a monitor saying “all on the Commissioner’s watch”.

A definite step up for both after feuding with Kane and Billy Gunn, that’s if Jericho/Guerrero is where we are going next.

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