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[2000-10-07-WCW-Worldwide] Mike Awesome vs Steve Sharpe (Hardcore)


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Gene Okerlund grabs a pre-match word with Mike Awesome and while he would like to talk wrestling, he would much rather know how an old guy picks up chicks.  “Never take no for an answer” is his reply, an answer that is wrong on so many levels! 

Steve Sharpe is the former Ali from MPPW.  We have seen him doing some extra work, but it turns out he did actually wrestle here too (I found one other appearance in a six-man tag though that was it).  Awesome carries a table out with him which he rests up against the security railing, strong likelihood then that will be playing a part in this at some point.  As he’s removing his polyester shirt Sharpe clubs him from behind.  He whips Awesome into the corner who then runs up the turnbuckles, springs backwards and catches him with a back elbow.  Both ducks shots from the other before Sharpe lands a Samoan drop, Awesome rolling to the outside to try and slow down his opponent’s momentum.  Pescado, which we’ve seen Sharpe do in Memphis but this crowd weren’t expecting in the slightest.  Awesome avoids the big splash in the corner and then kicks away at Sharpe who had landed across the top turnbuckle.  Now he’s taking to the floor for a time out.  Awesome (as in it was awesome) suicide dive over the top rope by ‘70s Mike’!  He props that table he’d brought to the ring up in the corner, but Sharpe with a low blow as he motions about using it against him.  Awesome counters the powerbomb with an ‘Alabama slam’, running ‘Awesome Bomb’ through the table and the three count is academic.

Highly entertaining ‘C-show’ match, Sharpe doing the most to make an impression in the five minutes he was out there.  Certainly didn’t expect a suicide dive out Mike Awesome during this either.  I’m at a bit of a loss as why they didn’t do anything more with Sharpe; he got over, worked hard, has a good look/body (even if there is a resemblance to Ahmed Johnson), if anything his gear could do with changing but that’s easily rectified.  Maybe if Saturday Night was still going he would’ve worked regularly on that for a bit?  Who knows though, I’ll put it down to it just being WCW.

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