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[2019-06-23-WWE-Stomping Grounds] Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs Heavy Machinery


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This was just so much fun. Bryan was unsurprisingly excellent, Rowan was good & the Heavy Machinery fellas impressed as well - especially given the starting setting of the match w/ the Washington crowd being 110% behind Bryan. Really liked Tucker's FIP seg with Bryan working over his leg a bit, and I LOVED how Bryan went right back to that briefly worked over leg as they were in the ring together once again towards the end. When he has a target, he doesn't goddamn forget it. The exchanges between Bryan & Otis were pretty fantastic, and I also enjoyed the HOSS showdown between Otis & Rowan. Heavy Machinery, overall, looked really damn good w/ their explosive power moves & Otis' wacky gimmick shtick was pretty fun. The sequence where he gets FIRED UP as Bryan is kicking him RULED. So much to love here, and of course one of the best things about it was the finish. I'll never not love Bryan continuing being Mr. Small Package. Absolutely awesome match. ***3/4

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