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  1. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-10-19-AAA-Heroes Immortales XIII] Rey Fenix vs. Kenny Omega

    Great in some small parts, but mostly "just" good. I thought it felt a lot longer than it was. The middle-section of it dragged badly, BUT the positives outweigh the very minor negatives -- the beginning was absolutely awesome, as was Kenny taking over by destroying Fenix's back w/ a couple of big moves, and then the ending few minutes were pretty fantastic. Good match! ***
  2. I kinda knew I was gonna love this. It's a good ol' TV World Championship match with the classic setting of a nasty, confident heel champion defending against a wonderful underdog. Jericho plays his role more-than-well throughout & Darby OF COURSE rocks the shit out every moment in the match with his brilliant never-say-die underdog babyface act. Jericho dishes out pain in very compelling fashion, and Darby is one of the best in the world at getting destroyed, so it's great. Hell yea. ****
  3. Well OF COURSE this was great. There was basically no chance it was gonna be anything less than very good after all. Eddie Kingston & Timothy Thatcher are very different, but also very similar in their styles at the same time, and their philosophies clashed beautifully here. They did what they do best and made it look like a beautifully ugly fight -- there was a wonderful struggle in everything they did, the selling was great, the strikes were absolutely hellacious -- basically EVERYTHING about this was just great, which indeed doesn't come to me as a surprise. ****
  4. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-09-21-EVOLVE 136] WALTER vs Kassius Ohno

    These two have never had that one truly great match against each other; their NXT UK match was VERY underwhelming to say the least, and while their wXw & PROGRESS matches have been very good, they still haven't hit that level I would think they could've given who are involved. That all changed here though, as this was absolutely GREAT. WALTER does some of his most compelling work in all of 2019 here, as his beatdown of Ohno is superb, and then he does a great job of being the 'wounded bear' when Ohno goes to town on his hand & arm. Ohno's work over that hand (& the arm as a whole) is just terrific in every way -- it's vicious, it's focused & it's creative. Absolutely adored the finish too, it's very simple & fit the bout perfectly; just when it looked like Ohno had WALTER in big time trouble w/ that gameplan of his, he makes the mistake of going to the top, probably to try & pull off the Moonsault, but that leaves WALTER enough time to recover, resulting in him following Ohno to the turnbuckle & pulling off the win w/ that big belly-to-back superplex. Tremendous stuff. Extremely tight match. ****1/4
  5. What a fascinating looking pairing on paper, like as in, I wasn't sure what to expect from the two in terms of match quality, but this was absolutely AWESOME. Taven was GREAT dishing out the punishment when he had the control -- he was extremely compelling all the way through, and more than matched Rush's explosiveness + viciousness. The whole thing also had this great feeling of a FIGHT that's not too common in ROH World Title matches or for that matter, any main event World Title matches anywhere. This was great. ****
  6. They go at it at a frantic pace right from the start with Rush bringing the fight to Dem Boys immediately, and that pace pretty much never lets up. All four men bring so much badass offense into the thing, and especially The Briscoes & Rush have their own unique swagger to them, making the already superb action all the more charming. FANTASTIC bout. Definitely one of the top tag matches of 2019. Kicked SO MUCH ass. ****1/4
  7. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-08-31-NJPW-Royal Quest] Tomohiro Ishii vs KENTA

    This was actually so great up until the German Suplex moment where it became clear that KENTA was completely out of it. So uncomfortable to watch KENTA try & do (& blow) his spots at maybe half-speed (if even that) & then all the strikes to the face + that damn brainbuster... Damn. EXTREMELY uncomfortable stuff. I will still rate it high because I truly loved everything when KENTA was still operating without showing signs of being badly concussed, but goddamn do I feel dirty about it. My favorite match out of the 3 singles ones on the show. ***1/2
  8. It's between this & Cesaro/Dragunov when it comes down to being the best match of the night. This was such a good time with two beefy heavyweights clobbering each other just like two beefy heavyweights should. Very good & fun use of the stipulation too + all the wacky weapons were used in awesome fashion. ***1/2
  9. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-08-31-WWE NXT UK-Takeover Cardiff] Cesaro vs Ilja Dragunov

    A lovely smackfest with such great energy to it. Great urgency too. Cesaro was a joy to watch, and the story with Ilja elevating himself & pushing himself to Cesaro's level was told very well through the awesome action between the two. Tied for the MOTN honors. ***1/2
  10. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-08-31-AEW-All Out] CODY vs Shawn Spears

    Hahaa, this was so damn awesome. The presentation during the entrances is amazing (except for poor Pharaoh getting scared shitless by the pyro), the beginning of the match is FANTASTIC w/ Cody going right at Spears with that suicide dive & then kicking his ass all over the place, pumping up the crowd & slapping hands with kids -- hell yeah I say, that's some classic babyface stuff right there. Spears is very solid dishing out the punishment too, and the great atmosphere added so much to it + of course it helps that Cody's overall babyface work was absolutely on point. Him getting FIRED UP by those beltshots & then booting Spears' face was awesome. Also loved the inclusions of MJF & Tully -- when Tully was stomping MJF & then fucking DOUBLE A comes out and delivers his signature Spinebuster (which was as gorgeous as ever), I got the biggest smile on my face. So much FUN all around w/ Cody's amazing babyface act, the red-hot atmosphere, MJF & Tully being awesome ringside + the goddamn Enforcer coming out. Easy MOTN. ****
  11. Mark and Jay Briscoe defend the ROH World Tag Team Titles. I already loved their Street Fight, but this was on another level. Amazing violence from start to finish with a natural chaotic & heated feel to it. Mark Briscoe is still a crazy bastard in 2019, Tama Tonga had a few superb spots w/ his sneaky attacks (that dropkick to Mark which sent him over the barricade + that cutter as Mark was climbing the ladder) & Jay mothafuggen' Briscoe. I recommended this match to a friend right after watching it, and his response was "are GOD matches allowed to be good" -- well, when you have Jay rocking the crimson mask like it's 2004 vs. Samoa Joe in a Steel Cage, then I'd say yeah, it's allowed. We'll see how it holds up when I do a MOTYC re-watch before the year ends, but on first watch, this is totally up there w/ the best ROH ladder wars. One of the finest pieces of pro-rasslin in 2019. ****1/2
  12. A classic lucha bloodbath with lots of drama. Wagner Jr. & Blue Demon Jr. beat the absolute shit out of each other & brutalize one another with everything they can get their hands on. Lovely time from start to finish. ****
  13. Fantastic. Bryan is incredible punishing Murphy - his trashtalk rules, and the little pre-match promo only added for what was about to happen. The way he started to stretch Murphy some more after he refused to give up to the LeBell Lock was so great too, and even his kicks looked & sounded harder than usual. Amazing stuff all around by him, and Murphy definitely was real good himself too. The way he pushed the pace with his explosive offense bursts was awesome, and a real great contrast to Bryan's style. They meshed so well together -- the two definitely proved to have wonderful chemistry with one another in their first meeting. An absolutely terrific underdog story w/ superb energy all the way through. ****1/4
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-08-12-NJPW-G1 Climax 29: Night Nineteen] Jay White vs Kota Ibushi

    I actually watched this two times in a row, just because of how in awe I was of the whole thing after the 1st viewing. There's so much that I loved about it, or actually, I could just say that I loved EVERYTHING about it, tbh. Even the entrances are amazing with White & the entire Bullet Club being together, and then Ibushi walking down all alone to the ring to see that corner of pure evil. White has been a tremendous piece of shit all tournament long, and it all showed again here w/ a fantastic performance -- his trashtalk was awesome & I can't praise his facial expressions enough. The moment where he triggers Ibushi into that classic Ibushi murder-mode w/ that slap was so epic, and a major part in why was the tremendous character work by White with those facial expressions. The Gedo run-in is done masterfully too, with it adding lots of more heat to the already super-heated battle, and then his whole tournament long shtick paying off with Ibushi kicking his head off & Rocky carrying him out of the ring. AMAZING STUFF. Really felt like a proper climax to the tournament that G1 29 had been. Ahh, so good! There's so much more I could say about it, but let's just sum this up by saying it's the NJPW MOTY & a bonafide G1 (& NJPW) classic. ****1/2
  15. Quite similar to Okada's excellent match vs. SANADA in that it builds so excellently from the opening minutes to the molten hot action that was the last 5. Okada's performance was real spirited overall, with him showcasing great cocky ace work in the beginning, and then showing some somewhat rare pure fire later on in the bout. Ibushi's performance is wonderful as well -- much like in the great match vs. Tana, he brings his pure passion here into everything he does, and it translates perfectly. What a FANTASTIC match. ****