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  1. This was just outstanding. Mandrews & Webster were terrific babyfaces with their work throughout, and then to counter that, Riddle & Dunne were amazing dishing out the punishment in that vintage Riddle & Dunne fashion. Killer double team moves, fantastic structure from start to finish, great nearfalls -- EVERYTHING about this ruled big time! ****
  2. These two had the best NJPW match of 2019, and while this, their 2nd singles meeting, was nowhere near that level, it was still VERY good. Simple & true, pure heel vs. pure babyface dynamic that works -- White was very good w/ his work on top & Ibushi was Ibushi; he took some mad bumps (unsurprisingly) & of course delivered on the offense. Will always love him entering THE ZONE. The highlight of the entire match was when he did that here & just straight up bullied young Switchblade. ***3/4
  3. My pick for the best match of the night. As you'd expect, every strike looks & sounds pretty damn hellacious, and the overall dynamic of KENTA doing most of the work on top while Goto fought from underneath worked extremely well, I thought. Both guys definitely delivered in their roles. ****
  4. Thought this was totally great. Classic tag match structure w/ the babyfaces getting a nice lil' shine in the beginning & then the heels taking over, leading into them working one helluva heat segment vs. SHO -- Ishimori & especially Phantasmo were SUCH compelling, athletic assholes there. The rest of the match is good too w/ the eventual YOH hot tag & the whole finishing stretch, but that whole SHO FIP segment was the easy highlight, because of the awesomely charismatic & compelling work by El Phantasmo & Ishimori. ****
  5. My thoughts as of now are that this is the best Dome main event since the last Tana/Okada, and an instant classic. Slow build like in every big Okada match, but they make every headlock & all feel super compelling, and once the thing explodes & Ibushi goes into that fucking killer mode?? OH BOY. Those damn punches! That finishing stretch was something else too -- that V-Trigger got me good. What a goddamn match. ****1/2
  6. Definitely a bit too lengthy for its own good, but I enjoyed most of it very much. White is very compelling on top, doing the damage & in particular targeting Naito's knee, and Naito, surprisingly, sold pretty damn good for most of it. ***1/2
  7. Fookin' loved this. A wild fight with Moxley fighting from beneath w/ some badass comeback attacks, and Archer was completely awesome brutalizing him on top. The big table spot was great & I loved the plastic bag suffocating + the spike-HELMET. The lads sure made sure to get good use of the Deathmatch gimmick. ****
  8. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2004-04-17-PWG-The Musical] Samoa Joe vs American Dragon

    @Superstar Sleeze their 04 ROH World Title match is definitely widely praised -- it currently has a 9.18 score out of 10 on Cagematch + I am pretty sure it's in top-10 on ROHWorld's user-voted match list. Most people recognize it as a classic for sure :')
  9. The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) defends the WWE Universal Title The Fiend's matches vs. Rollins were extremely silly, but if there's one person in the entire pro-wrestling industry that can be trusted to make all of that shit work, it's Daniel Bryan. And he sure made all of it more-than-work here. The match starts off fun w/ Bryan immediately rushing Fiend with those kicks & corner dropkicks, but the Fiend takes over quick. His control segment is solid; Wyatt has always had some nice viciousness to his offense, and Bryan sure does his best to make everything lashed out at him look all the more vicious. Then--THEN! the match really picks up when Bryan busts out his big comeback; that ROAR after the Missile Dropkick fired me (& the crowd) the fuck up -- the whole atmosphere after that went from 0 to 100 real quick w/ the Chicago crowd going crazy for Bryan, and that added so much magic to the whole thing. The chants during the YES Kicks & especially the Busaiku Knee corner set-up were amazing. Talking bout amazing stuff -- they definitely did the Fiend no-sell stuff MUCH better here than w/ Seth (wow, what a surprise lmao) -- I actually liked that after each no-sell pop-up, Bryan just went back to it again, each kick sequence more vicious looking & sounding than the one before. Then there's the two AWESOME counters during the finishing stretch; first Bryan countering the Mandible Claw into an Armbar on the ropes, and then the last nearfall w/ the roll-up reversal to a Sister Abigail attempt. A GREAT PIECE OF BUSINESS ALL AROUND w/ the GOAT doing his thing & all. ****
  10. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-11-01-WWE-Smackdown] Adam Cole vs Daniel Bryan

    Daniel Bryan, the best wrestler in the world, is unsurprisingly absolutely fantastic in this. Adam Cole on the other hand? Not so much. It's not that he was bad, but I would be lying if I said he contributed anything worthwhile into the match. This truly felt like D-Bry wrestling a broom, and he sure did his best with that said broom, making this a very good, worthwhile match. The best match of that said brooms year, actually. He worked the cocky ace role excellently between his awesome trashtalk, those brutal kicks, which seemed even more vicious than usual & the same could be said for his submission holds. He was really GRUMPY, and my goodness does GRUMPY American Dragon rule. Even Cole and his random shitty & weak kick variations and bad looking headlocks couldn't ruin this one -- and well to be honest, he (thankfully) didn't even get that much offense in. One of my favorite bits was actually when he took over for like a minute or something, he then starts striking Bryan with some super weak looking forearms, which Bryan shakes off & puts Cole down with some actually fantastic looking forearms of his own. That kind of summed up the whole match in some ways. All in all, a very good & welcomed 20-minute Daniel Bryan, aka the GOAT, -show! ***1/2
  11. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-10-19-AAA-Heroes Immortales XIII] Rey Fenix vs Kenny Omega

    Great in some small parts, but mostly "just" good. I thought it felt a lot longer than it was. The middle-section of it dragged badly, BUT the positives outweigh the very minor negatives -- the beginning was absolutely awesome, as was Kenny taking over by destroying Fenix's back w/ a couple of big moves, and then the ending few minutes were pretty fantastic. Good match! ***
  12. I kinda knew I was gonna love this. It's a good ol' TV World Championship match with the classic setting of a nasty, confident heel champion defending against a wonderful underdog. Jericho plays his role more-than-well throughout & Darby OF COURSE rocks the shit out every moment in the match with his brilliant never-say-die underdog babyface act. Jericho dishes out pain in very compelling fashion, and Darby is one of the best in the world at getting destroyed, so it's great. Hell yea. ****
  13. Well OF COURSE this was great. There was basically no chance it was gonna be anything less than very good after all. Eddie Kingston & Timothy Thatcher are very different, but also very similar in their styles at the same time, and their philosophies clashed beautifully here. They did what they do best and made it look like a beautifully ugly fight -- there was a wonderful struggle in everything they did, the selling was great, the strikes were absolutely hellacious -- basically EVERYTHING about this was just great, which indeed doesn't come to me as a surprise. ****
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-09-21-EVOLVE 136] WALTER vs Kassius Ohno

    These two have never had that one truly great match against each other; their NXT UK match was VERY underwhelming to say the least, and while their wXw & PROGRESS matches have been very good, they still haven't hit that level I would think they could've given who are involved. That all changed here though, as this was absolutely GREAT. WALTER does some of his most compelling work in all of 2019 here, as his beatdown of Ohno is superb, and then he does a great job of being the 'wounded bear' when Ohno goes to town on his hand & arm. Ohno's work over that hand (& the arm as a whole) is just terrific in every way -- it's vicious, it's focused & it's creative. Absolutely adored the finish too, it's very simple & fit the bout perfectly; just when it looked like Ohno had WALTER in big time trouble w/ that gameplan of his, he makes the mistake of going to the top, probably to try & pull off the Moonsault, but that leaves WALTER enough time to recover, resulting in him following Ohno to the turnbuckle & pulling off the win w/ that big belly-to-back superplex. Tremendous stuff. Extremely tight match. ****1/4
  15. What a fascinating looking pairing on paper, like as in, I wasn't sure what to expect from the two in terms of match quality, but this was absolutely AWESOME. Taven was GREAT dishing out the punishment when he had the control -- he was extremely compelling all the way through, and more than matched Rush's explosiveness + viciousness. The whole thing also had this great feeling of a FIGHT that's not too common in ROH World Title matches or for that matter, any main event World Title matches anywhere. This was great. ****