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  1. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-04-11-WWE-WrestleMania 37] Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Edge

    This is an all-time great three-way dance. It felt like a big match with its phenomenal build, and it lived up to the hype & then some more. There was absolutely ZERO downtime, it was absolute nonstop, great action from the opening bell till the finish. Some silly Edge facial expressions of course, but honestly even those didn't take anything away, as it all added to his "crazed old man on a mission" character. Speaking of characters, I looooove the differences in all 3 men here. It made the whole dynamic so compelling even before the match had started, and they played up those differences in their characters wonderfully throughout the match. Great damn shit, all of it. Some of my favorite moments were Bryan's kick counter to Reigns' Superman Punch attempt, Reigns getting "Roman Sucks" chants & answering by dumping Bryan through the announce table, the sequence w/ the chair-struggle between Edge & Reigns, the whole Crossface bit & the aftermath w/ Bryan destroying Edge, that legitimately superb nearfall after Edge's Spear to Reigns. Love the finish too! It's the first time Roman Reigns actually feels like THE ACE that he has always been positioned to be. Took them a while, but it has happened. Amazing stuff. ****1/4
  2. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-04-11-WWE-WrestleMania 37] Riddle vs Sheamus

    These guys compliment each other so well. This was so awesome. Both of 'em have such amazing arsenals of badass offense, and that was on full display here; beautiful bombs, counters, very nice sense of urgency & feel of pure physicality. The finish was great & I also loooved the way Sheamus instantly recovered from that White Noise botch by delivering a vicious knee drop from the top. ***3/4
  3. THESE TWO having THIS MATCH at THIS STAGE. Neat as hell. It was classic Zayn vs. Owens stuff; bombs bombs bombs with everything looking magnificently dangerous & destructive. A badass 9-minute sprint. ***3/4
  4. Bad Bunny was in there for most of the match which is a surprising route for a celebrity to take, but goddang it was awesome. The man was selling his ass off & busting out big moves beautifully, with the biggest one of 'em all being a mothafucking CANADIAN DESTROYER. Unbelievable. JoMo & Miz gave such selfless performances too, giving the man so much of the match & selling everything he did perfectly. The perfect guys for this spot. The whole match really was a WrestleMania moment™ tbh, one of the most memorable celebrity-spectacle-matches they've done. ***
  5. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-04-10-WWE-WrestleMania 37] Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair

    When you lay it out, this was an excellent way to put over Bianca Belair, as the storytelling of the bout was on point. They put over Bianca's strength & athleticism over wonderfully; she really dominated a lot of the match with Sasha getting a big crafty counter here n' there, but it was always Bianca who got them bigger grooves going. It was one of those "you can't deny this title change" type deals. Sadly I didn't like the match much at all. I thought that Bianca's work was extremely uninteresting & the best bits were Sasha's big moments, but even most of those were just "there", and not anything REALLY-really compelling or interesting. Bianca's sell of the 450 kickout was also like the worst of Shawn Michaels' cheesy reactions, but even worse lol. The whole dancing routine finishing sequence also wasn't for me, but I did like the actual finish w/ Bianca's KOD putting a blunt end to things. Not a bad match, as while I didn't find it compelling, I can appreciate the strong storytelling, even if the actual action didn't hook me in at any point. *3/4
  6. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-04-10-WWE-WrestleMania 37] Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

    This was a pure workrate bout w/ a sprint'ish feel to it. It was good! Cesaro is obviously a total king, and most of this was designed to put him over big by letting him play his hits & kick a lot of ass, so it's not a surprise this ended up being a good match. Seth was good too! Lots of neat offense by both men. That finishing sequence w/ the Uppercut counter to Seth's Curb Stomp attempt -> UFO -> Swing -> Neutralizer was badass. Also Cesaro's reaction to the win + him bringing back the old HEEEEEEY's, oh man. So awesome. ***1/4
  7. I really enjoyed this one. Beautiful tag team storytelling with the more experienced team cutting the ring in half for a long period of time, totally isolating AJ. Kofi & Xavier were really good controlling things, and watching AJ try to figure out how he could get the tag, but time after time get shut down by the New Day lads was extremely fun. Omos of course eventually got the tag & came to wreck shit up; that Bane-like backbreaker to Xavier was awesome, as was the forearm by AJ off his shoulders. Very fun tag number! ***1/4
  8. Blood usually always boosts matches like this, and such was the case here as both women rocked the crimson mask & created some pretty memorable scenes with it. And by all means it was indeed a damn awesome, big-bomb-driven grudge match; really nice use of all the weapons, a couple of great bigger spots, and most of the standard offense, such as Britt's forearm strikes before that superplex, looked real good as well. A hit in every way, pretty much. ***3/4
  9. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-03-07-AEW-Revolution] Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley

    Man, the big post-match explosion being a complete (to say the least) dud is such a damn shame. That face turn angle w/ Eddie Kingston would've been absolute magic had they not butchered it. And while it happened after the match was over, it still does suck a lot of juices out of the thing when looking at it as an overall package. I also wasn't a fan of the Gallows & Anderson run-in finishing stretch at all -- usually I don't get bothered by stuff like that in wrestling, but here I was enjoying the action between Moxley & Omega so much, I felt like things went downhill big time for the last some-minutes when the Good Brothers got involved. Nice finish with the One Winged Angel on the chair, but yeah, I thought that the energy & the pure raw feeling of a WAR the bout had died down pretty effectively. Without those two major negative factors, this really could've been one of the best things AEW has done thus far, because everything that Mox & Kenny did up until that run-in, it was legitimately some really goddamn great stuff, truly making the gimmick justice. It was easily the best match of the night, but aye, as implied, I can't help but to feel that it should've been more & really one of the best pieces of pro-wrestling for the entire year, but by the end of things, it just wasn't. ***3/4
  10. The boys did it again! Another absolute banger between 'em, this time inside the steel cage. I thought they used the cage gimmick pretty damn wonderfully, with lots of intense, additional brutality being brought into the thing w/ it. Uso continuing the attack on Bryan's bum knee from the Chamber was nice, and Bryan's armwork was beautiful as usual; especially that finishing sequence w/ him smacking it a few times against the cage, then that big butterfly suplex from the top rope, finished up by the LeBell Lock. ***1/2
  11. This ruled. Had a completely different feel to it than any other New Japan match of recent years; the whole build, the blunt NJPW STRONG presentation -- it all fit the nature of this match & these two to a T. KENTA & Moxley had a real heated fight that felt like a constant scrap for the entire duration of it. The thuds of KENTA's kicks & forearms, Moxley's terrific selling, loved everything about this. The ending with KENTA telling Mox to fuck off before getting put down was simply perfect for this match as well. Really great stuff all the way through. ****
  12. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-02-26-WWE-SmackDown] Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

    A yet another quality match between these two. Maybe even the best one they've had so far. The focus on Bryan's weakened knee coming from the PPV created a very compelling dynamic for the thing, and Uso more than delivered going after that bodypart; some of the big spots revolving around it were legitimately real nasty in the best ways possible. ***1/2
  13. This was fantastic. Bryan & Cesaro started it off wonderfully, and the match really never let up as it continued; Corbin got to have a really nice run before getting eliminated first, KO was a very solid ball of energy the entire time he was involved, Zayn was great, Uso did his thing - he definitely was the least exciting man with his output, but the big focus wasn't on him anyways, so it's all good & it's not like he was bad, annoying or anything like that -- he just didn't have those standout moments that the other men in this did. The easy MVP's for me were Bryan, Cesaro & Zayn. Those 3 were simply fantastic, which isn't a surprise at all. This thing definitely goes into the upper echelon of Chamber matches after this initial viewing; non-stop great action from start to finish. ****
  14. Well I thought this was pretty darn awesome. It had such a fun pace to it right from the get go + everybody delivered extremely well spirited & energized performances; Sami Zayn in particular was on fire all match long, with his exchanges against D-Bryan certainly being my favorite bits of the whole thing. ***1/2
  15. This eventually ended in a dq & turned into a multi-man tag when a lot of people got involved, but everything before that was really great. It isn't a surprise since it's AJ & Bryan going at it -- as always with the two, they simply make every bit of their wrestling look better than anybody else's. Everything is awesome, and it sure wouldn't be a Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles match without them going after specific bodyparts of one another; especially Bryan's targeting of AJ's arm was glorious. Because of the finish this definitely won't be remembered as one of their best matches or anything close to that, but it's still a yet another neat addition to their storied, fantastic rivalry. ***1/2