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  1. A genuine dream match right here, and the crowd sure made it feel like one with the atmosphere they provided from bell-to-bell. I must admit that for 98% of the time the generic strike-trading sequences do absolutely nothing for me, but here MiSu & Dragon sucked me right into 'em -- much of it has to do with the fact that it's THEM doing it, but also because those said sequences were genuinely fantastic with the timing of when to stop em, when to sell big, when to show that fighting spirit~! etc, you know the deal. This was pro-wrestling happy magic. ****
  2. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-09-22-AEW-Dynamite] Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson

    Everytime he wrestles, it's just further confirmation (for me) that Bryan Danielson is the greatest professional wrestler to ever live. I have said it a million times by now, but I just did again. This match was beautiful. They built it to the 30-minute draw wonderfully, as the action kept on upping itself with a perfect crowd to boot. They played their hits, but with that competitive spirit of wanting to prove who truly is THE best. It's a real natural story to tell & dynamic to play off of, and these two did it with ease. I could go on for a looong time about how great Dragon was here, but I also must say that Kenny Omega is at his finest when he is delivering simple viciousness w/ his amazing arsenal of signature moves, and there certainly was QUITE A BIT of that in here, to say the least. The way he also presented himself & treated this match helped make it feel like something special as well-- the most serious & focused Kenny since at least that Dome Main Event vs. Tanahashi, probably? Goddamn this whole thing was greatness all around, no better way to put it. ****1/4
  3. ShittyLittleBoots

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    That text by Danielson is just beautiful, man. It's actually insane to think what a career he had in the WWE.
  4. This was such a banger. They went about 8 minutes or so, and that left us with no time for filler. Meaning that this was an absolutely wonderfully action packed time bell-to-bell. It's a lot like their first meeting from last year, but in a lot more sprint-ish fashion. I loved it. Fantastic television main event. ***3/4
  5. Obviously the end-goal here was to make Ki look like a killer as his heel run continues, but Lethal actually got way more than I thought he would. And it was for the better! He totally ruled as the fiery underdog babyface bringing the fight to the odds-on favorite. I thought that his punches in particular looked really good & fit his role perfectly. All of Ki's offense looks awesome too, obviously. It's a fun match. Didn't need to go for as long as it did, as it does feel like it drags a BIT at times, but it's not a real complaint or anything because it still didn't go on for very long & both guys delivered, so yeee a very respectable 3-boy. ***
  6. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-08-22-WWE-NXT TakeOver: 36] WALTER vs Ilja Dragunov

    You shouldn't be too stressed about how other people rate silly professional wrestling matches with a totally silly star-rating system, my man and as you said yourself, 3 3/4 is still very good indeed! How did you yourself feel about the match? Why not share thoughts?
  7. John Walters defends the ROH Pure Championship under the Pure ruleset. Goddamn this was such a joyful time. It's that signature early 2000s ROH/indy action where both of the competitors come off as so charming, focused & hungry, and it results in an absolute banger of a match. All the technical prowess was beautiful to watch, Walters' work over the neck was awesome & Nigel's all around babyface performance was so damn good. Great use of the Pure ropebreak rules as well. This was an absolute blast. ***3/4
  8. Hey it's another first ever 1-on-1 match-up on this show! And much like Aries vs. Punk, it's very good. Shelley's heat segment working on Danielson's neck was very solid; he has a certain charm about his work, and he is also a good little dickhead & he certainly commits well to a strategy. It's good stuff. The absolute highlight of the match is what follows, though. Dragon coming back & going to town on Shelley's banged up arm, wringing & twisting it everywhere viciously, it's so damn awesome. As was Shelley's bumping & selling of it. I do think the match could've easily been trimmed quite a bit though & Bryan could've sold Shelley's neckwork more during his wonderful asskicking-section. That's what separates the 'very good' from the 'great' here. ***1/2
  9. This is the first ever 1-on-1 contest between these two according to Cagematch, so it's already kind of notable for that. And it's a very good one. It took a while for it to get cooking, but once it did, I was definitely sucked into the story of Aries' arm vs. Punk's ribs. They sold well & busted out nice dedicated, focused & even creative offense to further that said story. It's awesome. The finish isn't though, as it features lots of fuckery w/ a ref bump followed by all of Generation Next running in as well as Ace Steel & Steve Corino. It's not good, but everything else here is. ***1/2
  10. WALTER defends the NXT UK Championship. You know what you get when these two collide, and as usual, it was some really good stuff. They did "the usual" between them, but also brought a bunch of new cool things to make it feel fresh enough. WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov always guarantees the kind of pro-wrestling where everything looks & sounds as violent and uncomfortable as possible. And it's awesome. I would put this on par with that last big NXT match of theirs. There is really no real reason for me to not call it straight-up ****+ great, but it's the same gut feeling I had with their last match where it's like one of the best "very good" matches of the year. ***3/4
  11. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2021-08-21-WWE-Summerslam] John Cena vs Roman Reigns

    At best, this could've been REALLY something. But sometimes you get what you get, and what we got here, in my eyes, was an extremely boring main event. Reigns' big control segment was an absolute chore to get through; the man offered nothing of note during it, as most of it was filled with headlocks, kicks, stomps, you name it. Most generic heel-on-top stuff you could imagine, and even more boring than that actually. Moved at a snails pace which is something his control segs usually always do; it's not necessarily a problem, but when those said segs are boring right from the get go, the mEtHoDiCaL pace sure doesn't help. And of course there's a bunch of talking as well. By the time Cena wakes up & starts busting out the hits, it all just feels very hollow & empty. A very disappointing main event to say the least, because as I implied, this easily could've been something pretty special. *3/4
  12. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2016-08-21-WWE-Summerslam] John Cena vs A.J. Styles

    I didn't like this match at all back when it happened. Now looking at it 5 years later, my opinion is pretty much the complete opposite. I think the match is great! It's mostly known about all the big movez & nearfalls, and it sure doesn't take them long to start putting focus on those, but the beginning with Cena's control period was really nice w/ him being mean & focused. Simple stuff like him throwing AJ full power into the corner or him punching AJ in the face after he was gloating + the back bodydrop where he absolutely LAUNCHES the guy, it's all pretty great. I didn't like Styles busting out the Clash so early & it being kicked out of, but it is what it is. That's where the match kicks into its "true" gear as the big moves, false finishes & the one-upmanship become the main focus. I remember in 2016 thinking they went waaaaay overboard with it all, but watching it now, I actually thought they didn't do too much, as they kept it within the limits of good taste, and the story they told with those wild big moves & nearfalls was something that truly worked & fit the match. The avalanche AA is a genuinely FANTASTIC nearfall, and while I wouldn't argue people calling Cena's reaction to it being complete cheese, I also kinda liked it? At least initially the whole "wait wtf" look on his face was awesome & sold the moment big. So yeah, I really loved this one. Damn. Great effin' match. ****
  13. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2016-08-21-WWE-Summerslam] Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

    There's the infamous big turnbuckle backbreaker botch, and holy hell did it look & feel dangerous, but honestly? It kinda added to the match. Or at least it didn't take anything away from my enjoyment of it. Charlotte's attack was fully focused on the back afterwards, and it's really good stuff + Sasha sold that onslaught wonderfully. It had some big time Eddie vs. Rey vibes, and it's a dynamic that works fantastically with Charlotte & Sasha. Charlotte's work on top was indeed really good as implied, and Sasha's babyface work was simply pretty darn great throughout - that moment where she counters Charlotte's top rope big move attempt into that hurricanrana was superb in particular. Awesome match. ***3/4
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2012-08-19-WWE-Summerslam] Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

    This is a solid match with a pretty great Brock Lesnar performance. Everything he does here is on point; from the beginning where he does the usual Lesnar bullying, to then selling the "mood change" perfectly when HHH got one-up on him. His big heat segment on HHH was good too; they established & treated Kimura as a huge deal right from the get go, and him working over HHH was all about doing damage to that arm, of course to set up what was eventually gonna be the finish. It's good stuff & HHH sells being in peril really well tbh, even better than I would have expected. The way the momentum swifts to his favor w/ him attacking Lesnar's mid-section is awesome, and I can't praise Lesnar's selling enough. He sells the initial shock & the shots like they're killing him, and his selling remains perfect till the very end. It's a good match, but not great. Not all of it is very compelling to watch & there are points when it moves into straight-up uninteresting-territory, but it's still good & the performances by both men (especially Lesnar) were really damn good. The infamous post-match is also obviously hilarious. ***
  15. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2004-08-28-ROH-Scramble Cage Melee] Doug Williams vs John Walters

    Aw damn, my bad. No idea why I let that typo slip through