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  1. This kicked so much ass. I've been loving this whole little story between the BCC & Yuta. It's been an absolute home run, and this match was perfect for it. Sure you could argue that by the end they went into the overkill zone with the 2nd Paradigm Shift kickout, but I thought it fit the match well, because Wheeler motherfuckin' Yuta went into Terminator mode & was not going into that good night. The blood was an incredible addition, Yuta kicked ass right from the get go & Moxley was wonderful dishing out punishment to the kid. A hit in every way imaginable. This in some & many ways reminded me of the famous Nigel vs. Tyler match from 2008, where you could feel that a new star was born out of a youngster by having him go toe-to-toe (& some more) with an established ace-level star. Just terrific stuff, man. ****1/4
  2. These two were featured in a great tag match a few weeks ago where they set this match up perfectly. A 10-minute match which was all about young Wheeler Yuta standing up & showing fire against the greatest professional wrestler to ever live. It's a classic story to tell, and I usually love it every single damn time. Bryan was obviously fucking great at his role, dishing out punishment & being a little extra-dickish to his opponent. Yuta was also awesome, rocking his role pretty damn excellently; he showed just the right amount of emotion for a match of this kind. Him stealing the Danielson elbows & then spitting at Danielson before getting his head stomped in = such good shit, my god. What a banger of a TV-match, a brilliant little angle. ***3/4
  3. Oh hell yeah, baby. This is what we're here for. It was exactly the kind of violent, gritty pro-wrestling it promised to be. Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley style. The crazy thing is that even though it was so fucking great, it easily could've been even greater if it was a bit tighter package & the crowd was more into it, I feel. But as implied, that's really just a minor note, because this was absolutely awesome. Full of gnarly output by both men; moments like Bryan's crossface shots during the LeBell Lock, Moxley blocking the incoming headstomps in awesome fashion, all the slaps, Bryan's work over Moxley's mid-section throughout w/ them vicious kicks n' knees, the whole finish w/ the Triangle where Bryan punched the shit out of Mox's face. So damn lovely. Now they've bled together in this beautiful thing. The post-match too, my goodness. The match was just what I wanted out of it, and then you give me THAT as well? Just a beautiful thing, the whole thing. ****1/4
  4. PUNK LOOKING LIKE HE HAS A FIRE INSIDE. MISERIA CANTARE. THE JACKET. THE SHORTS. An entrance I won't forget anytime soon, my god. This was pretty damn great. Exactly the type of violence that a Dog Collar Match should offer. Defined heel-babyface roles w/ both roles being rocked excellently, great hate-filled feeling throughout the entire thing, great offense, great selling, big moments that are treated as big moments, fantastic crimson mask by Punk, a feel-good ending. It didn't have the insane first-viewing impact on me that their first match did, but it still was undeniably great in my eyes. Love Your Hate & that stuff. ****
  5. This was a pure tag team masterclass. That's the simple way to put it. No cute smarkbait stuff a la FTR vs. The Bucks 1, but a straight-up, tag team warfare. Intense, perfect, naturally flowing professional goddamned wrestling where all 4, and in particular Dax Harwood, came off as some of the very best wrestlers in the world. Bless. ****1/2
  6. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2022-04-02-WWE-WrestleMania 38] Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch

    Yeah, this was damn great. They wrestled it like a Big Title Match, which is more than fitting, because that's exactly what it was. Excellent flow, big time feel, both women upped the intensity & violence + busted out stuff that you would in a match of this caliber. I loved it. Excellent performances by both Becky & Bianca in an excellent match. ****
  7. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2022-04-03-WWE-WrestleMania 38] Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville

    This was AMAZING. Perfect for what it was always gonna be. Sami fucking Zayn, man. What a damn professional wrestler. One of the very best & the exact dude to perfectly do a match of this kind. A complete blast. ****
  8. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2022-04-03-WWE-WrestleMania 38] Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

    This match oozed importance with its billing, video package, the entrances, the aura & demeanor by both men. This could've & should've been something so damn special... but it just wasn't. It was the usual post-WM31 Brock vs. Roman match. Signature moves galore. Suplex, suplex, suplex, Superman Punch, Spear, F5, F5, Spear, Spear. I still enjoyed it though; I would actually say that it's one of the better versions of the match, as watching 2022 Cowboy Babyface Brock do his thing, throw bombs, sell his ass off, you know the deal, it's extremely fun & feels fresh + Reigns definitely can throw bombs as well, but MAN, this really should've been something so much more. The ending in particular was so damn cold. ***1/4
  9. I think this is solid in all of its simplicity. Very much exactly what you would expect a Cage match between Hogan & Bundy to look like. The beginning with Hulkster's shine was legitimately pretty awesome w/ all dem punches n' shiet, then the Bundy control seg that followed wasn't very good at all, but the Hogan comeback followed by the finishing gear where they up the drama is extremely solid & pretty interesting because of how dickish he got towards Bundy. Overall the match is nothing to _really_ write home about, but as I implied, it's pretty darn enjoyable in all of its simplicity. ***
  10. Adam Page defends the AEW World Championship This was pretty much the best-case scenario for this match-up. God it ruled so much. It's the kind of a match where the more I think about it, the more I like it. Just straight carnage from start to finish with no bullshit in the way of it. Insane spot on the steps, insanely epic finish. Awesome visuals with the blood. Hell. Yes. ****
  11. ShittyLittleBoots

    Brock Lesnar Deep Dive

    Whole thing was a great read & extremely fun to follow along!
  12. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2022-02-02-AEW-Dynamite] CM Punk vs MJF

    This match is a masterclass. CM Punk's performance was legendary; from the badass old-school babyface opening to obviously the selling & his overall babyface magic, he was simply undeniable. This was a damn near 40-minute match with most of it having him in peril & it could've EASILY become uninteresting at many points given the length, but Punk's perfect selling & portrayal of his character made it damn sure that I was glued to my screen the entire time. He never, and I mean never forgets that he is hurt, and it's beautiful how he showcases it throughout. Obviously you have the big moments where MJF is on it like a shark, but I think what I adored the most about all of that is the little moments where Punk did small adjustments to continue the narrative of his arm being fucked. Or later on the knee. 7 years out of leaving the business, grey-bearded Punk getting systematically picked apart by this 20-something year old punk. But he damn sure tries his hardest, and he gets MJF a few times in the middle of this vicious attack, he gets him good, but the work by Maxwell shows beautifully in those moments, as you can clearly see that the juice has been sucked out of him, and in particular a couple of specific parts of his engine. Goodness gracious what a beautiful story to watch unfold. CM fucking Punk, man. There's so much to it that I loved. Even when MJF botches the ring post Figure-4 Bret Hart spot, Punk immediately saves it by kicking his way out of the hold with the leg MJF couldn’t lock in. So good. As I said, this is a beast of a thing with its length, but it never feels like it's _actually long_, because of how compelling the wrestling is. I think this even outdid both of the Hangman vs. Danielson matches when it comes to that, to be honest. A single match performance by CM Punk that I could never do proper justice, and MJF definitely delivered in the biggest match of his career up to this point, to say the least. My immediate reaction is that it's my favorite match to happen since Kofi vs. Bryan, Mania 2019, and obviously that could change, but as of now, I am really super-duper high on it. ****3/4
  13. ShittyLittleBoots

    Brock Lesnar Deep Dive

    Bryan vs. Lesnar for the longest time was my biggest dream match ever, and to see it finally happen, it was incredible. Especially since the dynamic going into it was completely unexpected with Bryan's surprise heel-turn, but my fucking god did it work beautifully.
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    Bryan Danielson vs Mitsuharu Misawa

    Hmm, interesting! When reading that, I instantly thought of the early Summer of 2013 where Bryan was having 2-on-2 & 3-on-3 tag bangers vs. The Shield almost every week. It seemed like he perfected the babyface tag formula - whether he was the fip, hot tag, you name it - there. It's some of my fondest memories of him personally, and having re-visited many of those matches many, many times, I think they hold up to the level I thought of them almost 10 years ago quite wonderfully. Obviously not on the level of Misawa's best tag stuff, but it's still great wrestling IMO. EDIT: ah, should've scrolled further down before quoting, just now noticed that SmartMark had already brought the exact same thing up x)
  15. Yeah, this thing is red hot. Everybody plays their part & then some more-- the Jumbo vs. Misawa exchanges & brawls are fantastic, Jumbo's selling & character work is simply wonderful throughout, Kabuki n' Fuchi look really good wrecking Kobashi, Kobashi is a terrific face-in-peril & Taue in sort of the "hero-role" for his team was great. Everybody in this is great. ****