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  1. ShittyLittleBoots

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    The match I am most excited for is KENTA vs. Okada. I have been thinking about it even before KENTA left the WWE - I think the first time it crossed my mind was when that tremendous G1 match between Okada & Marufuji happened. If this match follows somewhat of a similar dynamic, it could be absolutely fantastic. Really hoping that KENTA shows up, too. I loved his NXT heel run (tremendous matches vs. Aleister, Roddy, Roode, Oney, Ohno...), but his whole stint in 205 Live was super meh at best. There's LOTS of very intriguing looking matches. First time I've been legit excited about New Japan in quite a while.
  2. Go is coming into the thing w/ a heavily taped up shoulder, so naturally Maru goes to town on it w/ some pretty vicious work, and he is acting cocky as hell all the way through, which made his onslaught even more compelling. Stuff like those little arrogant kicks to Go's head + pouring some drink at him was AWESOME. Maru is great at being a smug veteran systematically breaking down his opponent with a focused strategy. Go's selling was VERY surprising too - I certainly wasn't expecting to see one of the finest limb-selling performances of the year come from NOAH, but goddamn his selling was outstanding all the way through. The moment of him getting up on the corner w/ the help of the ropes, only for him to stop assisting himself with the other rope because it's killing his shoulder that Maru had been destroying, was so good. Might just be one of my favorite single match moments of the year. They kept the expected-in-NOAH soulless bomb throwing to the minimum, which I very much appreciated & was somewhat surprised at, but there still was a bit too many equally or maybe even more soulless strike no-sell exchanges that didn't interest me in the slightest. I guess that's what I'd say prevents this match from being GREAT rather than "just" a very, very good one. It's still indeed one hell of a match though - I don't watch much NOAH, but from the little amount of stuff that I've watched, this is my favorite match I've seen from them since Marufuji vs. Kiyomiya from January 2017. ***3/4
  3. ShittyLittleBoots

    [1993-05-21-AJPW-Super Power Series] Mitsuharu Misawa vs Stan Hansen

    The beginning scene of Hansen rushing to brawl with Misawa during the introductions while the streamers are still flowing to the ring is pretty epic. Everything that follows is absolutely great, too - Hansen is looking to gain control right from the get go indeed, but Misawa finds ways to escape & lash out hard hitting and vicious offense of his own, which then forces Hansen to go & figure out a new strategy, and that he sure does by attacking Misawa's elbow arm. Hansen's work over the arm is brutal; he puts it in holds, he stands over it, he sends it to the post - all very compelling & violent Hansen-like stuff. Misawa has a real mountain to climb now, and I love how the first few comeback attempts he gets in, Hansen is there quickly to shut them off - it makes Misawa's eventual BIG comeback that much more amazing. That finishing elbow was absolutely sick, too. Great match. ****
  4. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-09-NJPW-Dominion] Kazuchika Okada vs Chris Jericho

    I absolutely loved this & that is something I wasn't expecting to type out. Everything just clicked for me - loved how it was a bit different from your usual Okada big match formula w/ there not being a crazy finishing stretch or anything. Jericho dominated most of the thing, and I actually found pretty much all of his work on top very good & compelling; his beatdown of Okada was gritty, and he fantastically came off as the bitter, egoistic, cocky veteran that he is, punishing the young poster boy of the company. I also interpreted the STORY™ of the whole bout as Jericho slowly gassing out as he pulled out all the brakes to try and beat Okada, while Okada barely even left his first gear. That might be the case of me completely making shit up, but that's how I interpreted it anyway, and they told that story pretty fantastically throughout, all climaxing in the finish w/ Okada completely catching Jericho off-guard in vintage Bret Hart fashion. I personally LOVED it because I feel like the Rainmaker, as a finishing move, has been let kicked out of & been spammed a bit too much in the last 2-3 years. Also I am gonna forever defend that first Codebreaker by Jericho on the outside - it wasn't pretty, but my goodness it was the most vicious that move has ever looked performed by him. THIS WAS GREAT. ****
  5. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-09-NJPW-Dominion] Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito

    This suffers from the same thing that matches like Okada vs. Shibata & Danielson vs. McGuinness do where there's that one spot that's so filthy, disgusting & horrifying that you (or at least I) just feel dirty for praising the thing, but oh well. I thought this was great. Naito's long-lasting, storied relationship w/ the Osaka crowd ended up adding a ton to this, because he decided to act extra nasty & mean throughout due to the partly negative reaction he got. Stuff like him refusing to let go of a submission, him rapidly stomping Ibushi's neck, him spitting on the refs face, the cocky pins & him doing his usual poses w/ extra swagger & arrogance - all just really awesome stuff. Then these two crazy fucks did their "usual" by absolutely destroying each others necks in very brutal & compelling fashion. I couldn't help but love it, even if that apron German spot took me out of it for a minute. Please never do that again. This was scary & great. ****1/4
  6. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-09-NJPW-Dominion] Dragon Lee vs Will Ospreay

    Didn't care for this one bit. Feel like a broken record in saying this, but it was your usual, dull, generic & soulless Will Ospreay big match bombfest. Of course there had to be a DRAMATICALLY-TURNS-AROUND-TO-SHOW-HE-LANDED-ON-HIS-FEET -spot too. At least the dive by Dragon Lee that took out both Ospreay & poor Milano was pretty awesome, but overall this was just bleh, meh bleh. *
  7. As far as his punches & general offense go, I don't think Moxley looked THAT much better than he did as Dean Ambrose in his last few years in the WWE, but what I do think is that the match was A LOT more creative AND interesting than anything & everything he did there in the past few years. At first his forearms, knees & that suicide dive all looked pretty bad and super weak, but Juice Robinson sold his motherfucking ass off to make all of them look impactful, to say the least. Bless that man. Moxley's stuff thankfully got better looking as the match went on - he started putting more stank to them forearms once they started brawling in the crowd, and Juice continued to sell like a boss for him. I liked the brief legwork too w/ Mox working over it against the ringpost, and then slapping on a half crab & STF for good measure. It came more into play later on in the match when Juice sold the leg once he hit Mox with a gutbuster. Once again, bless that man. What a badass performance all around. Really liked the classic Bret Hart Figure-4 ringpost spot as well - definitely added to the leg psychology of the thing, and it's an awesome spot anyways. Another good leg psychology bit came in the finishing stretch as Juice was all fired up looking to deliver a big left hand to Mox, but Mox stops him by kicking him right into the worked over knee. Good stuff there & talking bout the finishing stretch, I absolutely LOVED the Dirty Deeds kickout. The way it was followed by a sick smile on Mox's face, which was then followed by him essentially '91ing the move was SO GREAT. Absolutely lovely stuff there, and all in all, I thought the match was pretty damn great. Positively unique for a big NJPW match. You couldn't have asked for a better guy to go against Jon Moxley in his first post-WWE match - Juice put on a tremendous performance, bumping & selling his ass off for everything Moxley did, including his shitty looking offense at the beginning + he sure delivered when it came time to kick some ass on the offense himself. Moxley, as mentioned, looked rough in the beginning, but once their fight got to the crowd, everything he did looked great & did so till the end. Definitely a pretty damn fantastic way to start his post-WWE career. ****
  8. Jay White's attack on Tana's elbow & the arm as a whole is quite possibly the best heat segment he has worked in his young career so far. Very compelling & some neat stuff there like him putting the bad arm in a hammerlock before suplexing Tana + the shaking of Tana's hand & arm he did while in full control, mocking the shaking people/wrestlers do when trying to get feeling back into hurt bodyparts. Pretty terrific asshole move there. Things didn't remain as interesting when Tana got back into things, but it was still interesting & good enough to keep me hooked - I did like how some of the brief work on the leg came to play when Tana was trying to do something to White from a waistlock, but wasn't able to until White's briefly worked over knee buckled a bit, which gave Tana the opening to bust out a big straight jacket German Suplex. Definitely their best match against each other yet & a great showing by Switchblade. ***3/4
  9. I feel like I saw this exact same match at least 3 or more times in this damn tournament & I didn't even watch like half of the matches. It's the same old generic, dull & overly long bombfest stuff. I usually don't find it interesting in the slightest, and that certainly did not change here. I came away from it with absolutely nothing. *
  10. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-01-WWE-NXT Takeover: XXV] Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole

    A BIT better than the 2/3 match, but still awful. The positives are that I liked some of the knee & arm targeting by both guys; the kneework by Cole actually made the set-up for the Panama Sunrise logical & good for once during the finishing stretch, as Gargano sold it dramatically there. Also dug Cole's facecrusher to the knee from the Burning Hammer position. Now what I DIDN'T like was the fact that they had to have around 400 nearfalls once again, the shitty superkicks, the generic indy strike sequencez, especially that one with Cole spamming shitty bicycle kicks, no selling of shitty strikes, finisher stealing because STORYTELLINGZ~! - this kind of stuff just isn't for me. I wasn't expecting anything else from the two, but I watched it with an open mind regardless. *1/4
  11. Such good shit, pal. Everybody went crazy & took hellacious beatings - especially O'Reilly who just got DESTROYED throughout. Thought the Ryker segment was really awesome too, with them milking it to the max, which made the eventual teaming up of Burch & Lorcan, Street Profits and The Undisputed Era feel very fulfilling. ***1/2
  12. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-01-WWE-NXT Takeover: XXV] Shayna Baszler vs Io Shirai

    Their Stardom 2017 match is what made me a believer in both of them, so I was very much looking forward to this, and while it didn't quite reach the great heights of that Stardom bout, it was still a very good one. Shayna is awesome w/ her work over the arm, Io sells well & is great w/ her comebacks. Felt like the crowd & the match got hotter & hotter as it went on too - it helped the choke in the end feel sooo dramatic, in a very good way. ***1/2
  13. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-01-WWE-NXT Takeover: XXV] Velveteen Dream vs Tyler Breeze

    A good & charming match-up. The Dream & Breeze had a fun chemistry; all the sequences flowed nicely with a neat feel of competition & swagger to 'em. ***
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2019-06-01-WWE-NXT Takeover: XXV] Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong

    This was a BANGER, and how it could've not been that? Riddle & Strong compliment each other pretty perfectly with their in-ring styles meshing up wonderfully. Brutal, hard hitting, back breakin', explosive action from bell to bell w/ no dull moments whatsoever. Helluva way to open the show, and actually ended up being my favorite match of the night. ***3/4
  15. The middle-section of the match drags quite a bit, but by the end, they had me 110% into it. They told a pretty damn great underdog tale of the veteran in Rocky Romero looking to get a big win in his first Korakuen singles main event, and El Phantasmo was a great dance partner, as he played the role of the overly arrogant asshole looking to spoil the party excellently. It's good stuff the whole way through, but things kick up to another level or two when the Red Shoes bumps happen - after that's it's pure Korakuen underdog magic & it just rules. The best match of the tournament up to this point. ***3/4