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  1. ShittyLittleBoots

    WrestleMania 36

    Regardless of this Mania not really feeling like Mania, 'cause of, well just about everything, I'm still looking forward to watching the shows. Wrestling is what has kept me entertained staying home these past few weeks. Also pretty bumped for Bryan vs. Zayn. Those two have always had excellent chemistry with each other. Very excited at the possibility of finally getting that Bryan IC title run too.
  2. Absolute banger. The only moments of the match that weren't flat-out awesome were w/ Kane, but thankfully when it came to the babyface team, this was mostly about Bryan & Taker. Both of them delivered superb hot tags, and Bryan's FIP seg was also really good. The Shield were great as usual as well -- always love their tag team work, and a big shout-out must be given to Seth Rollins whose bumping & selling for everything (especially Bryan's hot tag) was pretty damn amazing. There's all of that, and then a red hot UK crowd to boot, making this such a lovely all around package. ****
  3. Far from the most memorable Chamber match, as there aren't many super memorable spots or sequences, but all in all, the thing flows so nicely w/ really good heat + action throughout, that it can't be anything less than very good in my eyes. The beginning with Jericho & Bryan going at it was extremely fun, Henry coming in & running through everyone ruled, and the battle between Orton & Jericho that lead to Jericho's elimination was great. ***3/4
  4. I've always loved the organic chaotic feel this thing has -- it starts from The Shield's entrance on as they arrive through the crowd. There is no downtime whatsoever as they start brawling right as The Shield hops over the barricades - it's absolute mayhem all the way through, and it's lovely stuff. That said feeling of chaos also drifts into organized chaos at points too w/ The Shield beautifully using their numbers game & predator mentality to stop the hot-streaks of the babyfaces. There are many highlights in the thing, and some of them are Ryback launching himself into Reigns when The Shield were beating him down on the ramp, Rollins' absolutely sick ladder spot towards the end, but in all honesty, the whole thing is just pure fireworks. It's booked & laid out to perfection. The Shield has arrived! ****3/4
  5. These two are always a hit together. Yet another TV-banger between 'em w/ awesome action from start to finish; some of the highlights include Bryan's brief leg targeting with him ramming Ziggler's knees from the Surfboard position, Dragon Screw + that Figure 4, and those big spots of the match are exactly that -- big spots, which hit the high note beautifully. That X-Factor from the top was great. ***1/2
  6. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2012-04-29-WWE-Extreme Rules] Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (2/3 falls)

    The early stuff with Sheamus pretty much owning Bryan in almost every department is some very good stuff, but it's once his left shoulder hits the post that the match kicks into a REAL high gear. Bryan of course notices that the shoulder ate some shit there, so he immediately goes to wreck it against the post multiple times. Then he does his repeated kicks to it, DQing himself in the process. It's all a part of a plan though, you can see it on his arrogant smile after that. That's the 1st fall for Sheamus, and we even things out when Bryan's plan completes itself as Bryan makes quick work of the weakened Sheamus by making him pass out to the LeBell Lock - all the pressure on the bad arm of course. I love the rest-period after that w/ Bryan hosting a little concert of YES & NO chants. It's some amazing stuff, and he came off as such a cocky prick doing that, being so proud of his work. The final fall is excellent as well; love the beginning with Sheamus delivering that Brogue Kick, and his selling throughout the whole fall is absolutely tremendous. I also love how the missed moves are indeed the key to the finish here -- Bryan misses two of his signature bigger moves in the Diving Headbutt & the Corner Dropkick, which gives Sheamus enough for that one last big flurry to finish him off. Excellent, excellent match. I adore Bryan seeing a real plan in destroying Sheamus' shoulder after it hit the post, and him making that plan come to life creates for some extremely compelling stuff. Sheamus' babyface performance is terrific as well -- he sold that arm like it was absolutely dead, and his overall selling of fatigue in the final fall is great as well. Great redemption from getting 18 seconds at Mania for these two. ****1/2
  7. This holds up even better than I imagined. The final battle between Bryan & Santino is still pure mastery n' pro-wrestling magic, and honestly, everything before that also rules. Barrett put in some awesome work in the first half of the match; really liked his plan of weakening Show by going after his knee -- the way he kept that target during his multiple attacks on the man was some awesome stuff. Show was on a roll too, just pummeling people around - especially Daniel Bryan of course. The spot where he breaks into his pod so he can get his hands on him early was pretty neat, and the beatdown that followed was great. I would have to re-watch all the Chamber matches to see where this really ranks, but I'm pretty confident in saying that it is one of my favorite matches of the type that there has been. MILES better than the WWE Championship Chamber match that happened on the same night. ****
  8. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2011-11-29-WWE-Smackdown] Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry (Cage)

    This is always such a joy to watch. Henry is at his best; talking trash & throwing + pummeling a smaller opponent around. He also has a banged up ankle going into the thing, so naturally Bryan sees a target in it & it creates for an AMAZING peak for this banger of a match. The whole finishing gear from that LeBell Lock on is some truly superb stuff. ****
  9. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2011-11-10-WWE-Superstars] Daniel Bryan vs William Regal

    Them playing Regal's Real Man's Man theme in the middle of his regular one during his entrance is an all-time great rib. The match itself is great as well; teacher vs. student is a tale as old as time, and when those roles happen to be played by two of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, of course its gonna rule. The early exchanges are a joy to watch & they set-up whats to come really well; I especially loved Regal just stepping back from Bryan's dropkick. Made all the sense in the world that HE would know it's coming, because it was a sequence Bryan had been using for years. Bryan eventually gets a bit more intense by not giving Regal a clean break & delivering an Uppercut to him -- loved Regal's baffled look when he got blasted with that Uppercut and him answering to that w/ repeated Uppercuts of his own. It felt like dad schooling his son after behaving badly. Bryan of course continues upping the intensity of the thing w/ some vicious kicks & one HELLUVA looking German Suplex -- I always forget how huge Regal actually was at this point, and the German looked all the more vicious due to his size. That knee from the apron was a great exclamation mark for Bryan not giving any mercy to his good ol' teacher. Regal is pretty much straight-up fighting from underneath that point on, and of course he is excellent at that role. Bryan is also unsurprisingly tremendous as the aggressor; he goes after Regal's taped up knee too, which further shows that he had that killer instinct here. Regal's selling is fantastic, and his little comeback bursts are pretty amazing; that Half Nelson Suplex where he dumps Bryan on his head was so sick, and Regal's selling during & after it was sublime. Brilliant, brilliant match. A true gem. It's awesome they got to have it in the WWE. ****
  10. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2011-08-19-WWE-Smackdown] Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio

    Del Rio had just won the WWE Championship prior to this, and Bryan was of course holding that MITB briefcase, so it was a fun, pretty major, cross-brand meeting. They get a good amount of time & deliver a very good TV-match; Bryan works most of it from underneath, and to no one's surprise, is great at that. Del Rio is also well spirited in this, showing good swagger w/ his work -- I did appreciate him going for Bryan's arm early on with some focus, which ultimately paid off in the end with that Armbar finish of his. ***1/2
  11. This is a very good & nice midcard match. Barrett isn't exactly a highlight reel when working on top, but his work is definitely very solid, and Bryan's crafty babyface performance is just all kinds of awesome. My favorite bits were him chopping Barrett down w/ them leg kicks in one his comebacks, and then him countering Wade's first Wasteland attempt w/ those repeated elbow strikes, getting the Guillotine in & then transitioning that into the LeBell Lock. That's some pretty great stuff there. Felt like the match got better as it went on too; like I said, this was a real strong midcard contest, in which both guys looked really good, and in Bryan's case, great. ***3/4
  12. This isn't the craziest multi-man ladder match that WWE has put on over the years. What I mean by that is that there isn't a huge amount of those holy shit spots that could be put on video packages for years to come, but what I think this has most of those other multi-man ladder matches beat is the flow; right from the get go the thing just flows super well, and it continues to do so for the rest of its runtime. There's no dull moments whatsoever, it's just super fun action with everybody getting some proper time to shine -- one standout was Sin Cara's run on the offense; he looked very good with his flippy stuff, and then the way that said run ended by the hands of Sheamus was absolutely awesome in all of its glorious brutality. The finishing sequence with Bryan & Barrett also rules, and the result is a genuine feel-good moment. The post-match with Bryan getting overwhelmed by the crowds reaction to his victory is some heartwarming stuff as well. So it's a great match + the ending/result is fantastic, which makes it a really sweet deal all around. ****
  13. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2010-10-25-WWE-Raw] Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler

    They had that fantastic match at Bragging Rights the night before, and this sure was an extremely nice follow-up to that one. I absolutely LOVED the beginning stuff w/ Ziggler taking Bryan to the mat, Bryan getting out of his control by picking limbs any chance he got, and the way that whole section of the match ended with Bryan getting tired of Ziggler sitting there, so he naturally just stomped his face. That was some absolutely awesome stuff, and the rest of it rules as well w/ exciting action all the way through. ***1/2
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2010-10-24-WWE-Bragging Rights] Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler

    This felt like two younger promising, hungry mid-card talents going out there & wanting to put on a showstealing match. They ended up doing that successfully; it's an absolute banger of a bout, and both guys looked like million bucks against one another -- Bryan's offense is always killer, but it got that extra sauce to it here w/ Ziggler being in his peak bumping & selling form. Ziggler also delivered in the control segments of his own, and I liked the little story they got going early on with his amateur wrestling past coming out & wanting to challenge the world-renowned pro-wrestling technician Bryan on the mat. ****
  15. This is a Submissions Count Anywhere match, so naturally there's a lot of submissions showcased. Morrison & Miz aren't exactly who you would call submission-savvy wrestlers, but I think that added to the thing, seeing them do Dragon Sleepers, Texas Cloverleaves etc -- stuff that you wouldn't normally see from them. Will always remember this match for being the one WWE main roster match where Bryan busts out his good ol' friend in the form of Cattle Mutilation, too. They do good use of the ANYWHERE part of the gimmick as well w/ them going to the crowd, and ultimately ending the match on the entrance ramp. It's very fun stuff all around. ***1/2