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  1. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2020-09-27-WWE-Clash of Champions] Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso

    The video package highlighting this feud before the entrances was really great. Got me pretty pumped for the match. Sadly the match itself was really damn yawn-inducing. 20-something minutes of Reigns talking trash in cringe fashion -- at first I thought it felt natural, but by the end with all the "CALL ME DA TRIBAL CHIEF" stuff, geeeeez. He dominated pretty much all of the match too, and his actual work doing that wasn't any interesting either. Just very generic & forgettable. Certainly not a match of my liking. There were a few positives though, such as I did like Reigns jawing Lil Naitch, and that one comeback bit by Jey was pretty nice w/ that Superkick & that finish splash of his. *1/2
  2. This kinda goes exactly as one would expect, and I for that reason wasn't really looking forward to watching it, BUT as usual with going into Ishii matches in general, I have my doubts about my interest in them, but usually always by the end, I come away with something I really loved. Such was the case here. Him & Suzuki brought the violence big time, with it being most in display in that absolutely wonderful sequence where Suzuki destroyed Ishii with those deadly forearms -- those strikes looked & sounded awesomely brutal, and Ishii's epic selling complimented them peeeerfectly. All in all, I really loved this. Sure it felt a bit long, as in it could've used some trimming, but come on. That is to be expected. Comes with the territory. This ruled. ***3/4
  3. Oh hell yes. The fact that this is a THING that happened is already wonderful, and the match certainly ruled too! A pure brawl from start to finish with Eddie getting to shine for all of it. Loved every second of him pummeling Cody down with his always nasty blows, and he also got to showcase his fantastic selling with them building to the (great btw) finish with his left knee proving to be a weak spot throughout. ***3/4
  4. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2020-07-08-AEW-Dynamite] Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

    I would put this on par with Orange Cassidy's PPV match vs. PAC, which means it was VERY GOOD. Jericho's lengthy heat segment works well between him delivering some nice punishment, and OC being great at taking that said punishment. That eventual big comeback ruled w/ that excellent jokey kick sequence into a REAL Superkick bit, and everything after that is also great with both guys looking strong. Great performances by both men overall. Definitely the best out of the 3 matches (Page & Omega vs. Private Party, 8-man tag, this) I watched from this show. ***1/2
  5. Interestingly enough, I thought that Adam Cole was easily the more compelling performer of the two here. He didn't overdo his cute indy shit, and his work actually seemed pretty focused through the entire match + he had some real good facial expressions & he also sure bumped his ass off for Keith's big moves. It still wasn't a good match though. I thought that Keith Lee's whole jokey nature didn't fit into the atmosphere of the match at all, and it especially stood out with Cole being way less goofy & annoying than usual. I largely didn't care for any of his comeback runs or work on offense in general after Cole's periods on control, and it's what certainly hurt the match the most for me. **1/2
  6. This is a pretty legit dream match on paper, and it ended up being the best match of the night (including AEW as well) by a pretty fair margin. It ended up being & feeling like kind of a sprint, and that suits both of the women involved, so of course it ruled. Great swagger shown throughout with a solid feeling of danger & urgency in their work -- loved it all the way through, but a special shout-out is in order for that plexiglass spot, which was just SO awesome. ***3/4
  7. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2020-06-14-WWE Backlash] Randy Orton vs Edge

    Yeah... The whole marketing line sure did them dirty, but ignoring that, this was essentially exactly what you (or at least what I) would expect from a Edge vs. Randy Orton match, but it's stretched out to 40+ minutes & they add a shitload of more finishers n' kickouts to fill out that time. If you like the two, you probably liked this, but I can't say that I am a fan. By far the best stuff in the thing was the beginning minutes with Orton at first trying to embarrass Edge, and it eventually turning into Edge returning the favor by successfully baiting Orton a couple of times. That was a legitimately pretty charming lil' dynamic they got going for a little bit. All the finishers from other wrestlers they busted out; Angle Slam, Pedigree, Unprettier, 3 Amigos, a goddamn Rock Bottom, just felt cheap & them going "look at how smart we are pal!!!" -- not my kind of stuff to say the least. And then there's WWE adding the piped-in crowd noise, which was ridiculous, and then there's also the PC wrestlers crowd, of which chants make the whole thing feel extremely masturbatory. I totally get why some people loved this, but this was so not for me. *
  8. This was a rock-solid tag team affair. Fun seeing Daniels tagging with Kazarian instead of Scorpio Sky, and he sure looked pretty good in there, and his style complimented that of The FTR's as well. I would say that I liked FTR's outing vs. The Butcher & The Blade a tad bit better, but this was also very easy to watch & pretty enjoyable. **3/4
  9. First of all, a big shout-out in order is for that finishing sequence - loved how out of the nowhere the urgency rose & just like that the match was over. Totally caught me off guard in the best way possible. That was the highlight of the entire match for me I think. Didn't care for the (thankfully pretty brief) stuff on the outside w/ Minoru's chair-shtick & that classic NJPW count-out tease, but all in all, this was a pretty fun match. They sure brought out the hard hits for this one as one would expect, and as one would also expect, every strike looked & sounded pretty nasty. I do think there were points where the action wasn't quite compelling at all though, and as a summary I would say that if you'd trim the fat in this, it would be a very, very good to borderline great smackfest, but as it is, it's a _good_ smackfest. ***1/4
  10. I can appreciate Ishii's (always tbh) extremely good selling, and the legwork did give the match some charm & identity, but as an overall package, it didn't do a whole lot to me. Felt like a generic Ishii match with a different opponent, BUT to immediately backtrack that statement a little bit, as mentioned, the legwork did somewhat freshen things up & there was one genuinely fantastic moment in the match in Ishii's comeback when he just ran through Desperado with that shoulder tackle, making this definitely not a COMPLETELY dull & forgettable affair all in all. **1/2
  11. ShittyLittleBoots

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    Well, I personally keep track of my WOTY rankings w/ the matches I've rated 3.5+, and as it stands, Bryan has the volume. The Gulak matches & the Styles matches are the top ones, but he's had quality TV matches literally every time he has been featured, and he has been featured quite a lot w/ this IC program and all. In the end it all falls down to matter of an opinion and how you see his matches, but for me, I always find something extremely enjoyable in his matches, and I more than likely always end up loving them on some level. Omega is the only guy out of those that you mentioned that has had more than 1 match worth watching this year in my eyes.
  12. ShittyLittleBoots

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    I would say that Bryan's weakest year is 2011, but even in that one he has some of the best WWE matches of that year in the MITB & the Steel Cage vs. Henry + a bunch of very good TV-gems versus the likes of McIntyre, Del Rio etc. He didn't wrestle a single match for almost 3 years, sure, but what he did every time he was/has been active, is way more than enough for him to be #1, imo. Even right now in 2020 he is the clear WOTY in my eyes w/ the #2 (Moxley) not being particularly close. Every year since 2001 he has at least one top-tier MOTYC (most years way more than one, too) & then a bunch of great matches, and that's quite something when you realize it's 2020 now.
  13. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2020-06-12-WWE-Smackdown] Daniel Bryan vs A.J. Styles

    Same week when WWE is promoting a PPV match between Edge vs. Orton to be the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever", they give two of the actual best in the world, two of the greatest of all-time 30+ minutes. And what we ended up getting is one of the best TV-matches ever. Thought that's quite funny to think about, and shows what a giant rib that whole marketing line for Edge & Orton is. This was unsurprisingly amazing. Bryan is in the lead for the WOTY 2020 race by a pretty big margin at this point, and while AJ hasn't been in too many stand-out matches lately, he is still who he is, and he is the 2nd best wrestler in the world. The two have had an amazing, competitive chemistry with one another ever since their very first singles meeting in 2002, and here we are, 18 years later & they still bring that fantastic feeling of competition out of each other. Every single thing they do in the match matters & goes perfectly with the story they are telling -- it's two guys who operate at a higher level than everyone else going at it. The MEAT of the match is the dueling bodypart-targeting; it's something that has been present in their matches for a loooong time, and as always, it's amazingly compelling to watch & follow. Both guys are nasty & vicious as hell bringing the hurt to one another, and the selling is great throughout. Everything looks phenomenal, there's no wasted motions as mentioned, and the body-language by both guys is sublime. Comparing this to their previous matches, this honestly doesn't offer much new, but it doesn't need to. Their rivalry has always been about two of the best wrestling the fuck out of each other, and that's what they did once again here, producing a real clinic & a stone-cold pro-wrestling TV classic. ****1/2
  14. ShittyLittleBoots

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    It's Daniel Bryan & the #2 isn't very close either.
  15. This was by far my favorite match of the night & the only one that truly felt like worth watching. 6 minutes of badass action with two mean motherfuckers going at it -- Kross' dominant work with him throwing Ciampa around with ease was a joy to watch, and Ciampa's big comeback run was epic in all of its urgency & explosiveness. ***1/2