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[2000-IWA-PR] Head Hunters vs Savio Vega & Jesus Castillo


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A fairy uninspiring tag match with lengthy chinlocks and nerve holds that hints at dissension in the Los Boricuas faction.  In the early goings the Boricuas had been doing false tags, goading the other Hunter in to the ring and then switching places behind the referee’s back, and I liked how in their heat section the twins did similar.  The official clearly better at recognizing which twin is which than me though, as he was questioning the brothers about whether there was indeed a tag.  It’s not a lengthy heat section anyway and pretty much as soon as Jesus has made the hot tag he’s back in the ring helping out Savio against the Hunters.  Jesus gets backdropped over the top rope to the outside and while the ref then tries to get A out of the ring, B climbs the turnbuckles for a moonsault.  He’s dragging this out and taking his time, reason being he’s waiting for Miguel Perez Jr to arrive and clock him with a steel chair.  Savio makes the cover and the official, none the wiser to what he’s missed, counts the pin as the Boricuas get the win.  Post-match Jesus is not happy about something, although I can’t gather what, in fact I can’t gather what he could possibly have a problem with.  He does though and wants no part when Miguel tries to raise his arm, leaving the other two Boricuas to it. 

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