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[2019-04-07-Ikeda Produce] Yuki Ishikawa & Mohammed Yone vs Daisuke Ikeda & Alexander Otsuka


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Ishikawa in 2019 has ruled so far and another chapter in Ishikawa/Ikeda's storied rivalry is always a good thing. That's the highlight of this match for sure - Yone is good for a random kick or two, Otsuka has been hanging out at Disneyland a lot lately but he can still throw a good German or two and giant swing somebody. But the Ishikawa vs. Ikeda was great, from the opening groundwork, to the final encounter where we see Ikeda solebutt kick the shit out of Ishikawa's face. Ikeda has slowed down quite a bit but his selling was great throughout - gotta love the "I'm an old man still doing stiff shit but the stiff shit hurts now" selling. And he straight punches Yone in the face, so that's a plus. The final few minutes between Ikeda/Ishikawa was the highlight for sure and we get that kick and a brainbuster and Ishikawa working the holds and submitting Ikeda with the manjigatame. Definitely a fun bati-bati treat unlike most things you'll see in 2019. 

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