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[2000-12-28-WWF-Smackdown] Kurt Angle vs Bubba Ray Dudley


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Kurt Angle is showing Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley video of the Dudley Boyz powerbombing his brother Eric through a table, saying how he only came here to celebrate Christmas and didn’t deserve that.  Steph says that she knows how it feels to have members of her family insulted and that’s why she’s acquiesced to his request and made this a World title match, Kurt wanting to embarrass him in what will be his one and only shot at the belt.

Angle cuts the usual promo while he’s making his entrance, telling Bubba that he broke his number one rule when he put his hands on a member of his family and if he thinks he’s kidding “just try me”.  Bubba clubs him when he climbs up on the apron, sending him tumbling back to the floor.  He slams his face into the apron itself before throwing him inside while brother D-Von is shown watching closely on from a monitor backstage.  Kurt ducks the swinging arm and lands a big belly to back suplex.  ‘Rude Awakening’ neckbreaker as the WWF champion remains firmly in control.  Rabbit lariat, but Kurt then misses the moonsault as Bubba rolls out the way.  Jerry Lawler sounds as if he’s about to break out into a flood of tears, imploring Angle to stick to his game plan and not move away from the ground attack.  Bubba starts to gain some momentum, alternating rights and lefts.  Kurt reverses the Irish whip and launches Bubba with a release overhead belly to belly.  He grabs his title belt from ringside, brushes past Mike Chioda but before he can use it Bubba kicks him in the mid-section.  DDT, he then drapes an arm over the champion who just, just gets a shoulder up in time for an awesome near fall.  Check out the reaction of the crowd to that, especially the young girl in the front row wearing glasses.  Bubba picks up the belt but Chioda pulls it away.  In the confusion Kurt gets in a low blow and small packages the challenger to retain his title.  The action isn’t done yet as Bubba snatches Kurt and gives him a post-match ‘Bubba bomb’ as he was about to leave.  Edge and Christian are out to save their buddy which leads to D-Von evening(ish) up the fight.  The Dudley’s look to be handling the three of them with comparative ease, however after D-Von gets the table things backfire and Bubba ends up being put through it courtesy of an ‘Olympic slam’, Kurt getting a bit of payback over what happened to his brother.

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