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[2000-WWC] Invader III vs Rico Suave


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Invader III out to ‘Burning Heart’ by Survivor.  Folk rarely seem to be in a hurry in Puerto Rico and there’s no difference here.  Suave goes to the eyes to and brings the Invader to his knees with some punches.  There’s a bit of fire in Invader’s comeback including a great looking dropkick as Rico retreats to the outside to recover.  He’s out there fiddling in his tights for something, whatever it is is now in his fist which he’s shielding from his opponent and the official.  Rico clocks Invader with the object before putting it in his mouth, out of view, as the referee questions him.  He removes it from his mouth, drills Invader again and this time puts it under his arm pit, even opening his mouth to show the ref that there is nothing hidden in there.  The first time I saw this done was when Bobby Heenan and Jim Cornette managed on an ROH show against each other, it got a laugh out of me then and it did again here.  One final time and Suave then puts the item back down his tights.  Eye rake followed by a thumb to the eyes and I don’t thinks Rico has used one legal move in this yet.  The Invader starts firing back and Suave is on his knees begging for mercy.  That buys him a bit of time and he throws Invader to the floor after punching him in the groin to buy even more.  Sunset flip back inside but Rico grabs the ropes to prevent himself from being taken down.  The official kicks his arms in order to get him to let go of them and the Invader completes the take down for the win.

Overall not a lot to this, however due to Suave’s heeling and antics with the foreign object one that will remain memorable.  A worthwhile watch, unlike a lot of the Puerto Rican footage.

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