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[2000-02-26-WCW-Saturday Night] Jim Duggan vs Steven Regal

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A recap of last week where ‘Janitor’ Jim found the WCW TV title in the garbage and when after a successful defense against Robert Gibson he was challenged by Steven Regal who promised to retire if he didn’t beat him for the gold.  Regal with an early cheap shot on the break, but Duggan reverses the Irish whip and a pair of clotheslines floors the challenger.  Hacksaw follows him out and throws some bombs, which is what his offense is primarily limited to these days.  He tosses Regal back inside but plays to the crowd a bit too much allowing his Lordship to get the jump on him.  Regal with an armbar and as always with him look for the subtleties like how he drives his forearm into Duggan’s jaw, making the move as uncomfortable as possible for his opponent.  Duggan punches his way out and fair dos when he throws a left he immediately grabs that arm and holds it by his side, unable to punch effectively due to the damage Regal had done.  He whips Regal into the ropes and slams him to the mat.  Three point stance, he then drops ‘Old Glory’ and Lord Steven Regal is history.  Fidel Sierra is shown at the top of the runway watching on having apparently already issued a challenge to Duggan.  I won’t be watching that one!

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