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[2001-01-15-WCW-Nitro] Konnan vs Mike Awesome (Hair vs Hair)


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Billy Kidman is being seen to by a member of the medical staff and despite his protestations that he’s fine, the doc thinks otherwise.  The Cat walks in and wonders what’s going on and Konnan explains that Kidman got jumped by Team Canada and offers to take his place in the upcoming ‘Hair vs Hair’ match.  Considering that K-Dogg doesn’t have any hair I’m not sure how that will work.  Me and the Cat are on the same wavelength as he questions “what hair?” but agrees to it anyway.

The bell rings to get the match started when Ric Flair appears on the video screen.  He doesn’t take to Konnan “getting cute” and taking a match where he has nothing to lose, so informs him that he has to beat Mike Awesome here otherwise Billy Kidman will be losing his hair.  You can see clear daylight between the kicks that these two throw at each other.  Release belly to belly by Awesome.  Konnan uses the turnbuckles to complete an arm drag, but makes the mistake of following Awesome out to the floor where he whips him back and forth between the guard rail and ring apron.  He leaps off the ring steps however K-Dogg grabs a chair and blasts him in the head with it.  Back inside the prone Awesome gets a foot up that Konnan flies into.  K-Dogg fights his way out of the ‘Awesome Bomb’ and hits an ‘X-Factor’ for a super close near fall.  Awesome counters the piledriver, lifting Konnan up and slamming him to the mat.  Huge splash off the top that K-Dogg somehow kicks out of, as Tony Schiavone was convinced that Kidman’s hair was a goner.  He heads back upstairs but this time is met by Konnan.  They’re both real unsteady up there and eventually, after what feels longer than it probably was, Konnan lands a top tope DDT and it’s the ‘Canadian Killer’ who loses his hair.  With Awesome still KO’d Konnan cuts off his mullet, the ultimate payback for him trying to cut Kidman’s hair last night.

Finally we get a quick dressing room interview from Team Canada where Lance Storm tells a despondent Awesome that this isn’t over and they’ll have the final laugh.

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