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[2001-01-23-WCW-Nitro] Lance Storm vs Konnan


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Lance Storm thinks that the war between Team Canada and the Filthy Animals has gone on long enough, both sides have suffered casualties and as the captain of Team Canada he is out here to challenge Konnan, the leader of the Filthy Animals to a match to declare the winner of this war once and for all.  The Animals’ entrance theme interrupting the Canadian National Anthem seems to surprise Lance, although not sure why as it happens every time!  Not many of K-Dizzy’s dogs in by the sound of it.  Well if this is the blow off to the feud the ending is a bit of a damp squib, Konnan tapping to the ‘Canadian Maple Leaf’ in less than two minutes.  There was a nice ankle pick from him that leads to a standing Indian Deathlock, while Storm gets backdropped over the top rope to the floor and onto Mike Awesome but, if it is, this was a real flat way to finish the feud.

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