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[2001-01-31-OVW-Christmas Chaos] Flash & Trailer Park Trash vs Mr Black & Rico Constantino (Hardcore)


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Flash has asked for special dispensation to bring back Trailer Park Trash, the man Bolin Services got banned from wrestling in OVW, so that he can be his tag team partner in this Hardcore match against Rico Constantino and Kenny Bolin’s head of security, Mr Black.  Rico is practising his home run hitting with a baseball bat as he makes his way around ringside.  Bolin grabs the mic and has been studying his Nick Bockwinkel tapes going by his verbiage.  When he asks Rico what he has to do to get him to sign with Bolin Services, he says something about the OVW title and that if he can do that for him he’ll sign.  Cornette hopes that Rico knows better than to trust Kenny Bolin as he’s the biggest liar he’s ever known short of that guy in Philadelphia!  Flash and Trash are bringing a wheelbarrow full of weapons with them and the fact that there are no rules here means that all four men can be in the ring at the same time.  A lovely dropkick by Flash to Rico, while Trash and Black attack each other with a variety of weapons out on the floor.  TPT finds a bowling ball in amongst everything and with Black collapsed in the corner, bowls a strike at his crown jewels.  Flash sets Rico up on a table at ringside and puts him through it with a springboard legdrop.  Cornette is back to his exaggerating ways, claiming that Rico could be paralysed after that!  Trash collects a door and bridges that between the apron and the guard rail.  He goes to suplex Black from the inside of the ring, out and through it, but can’t get the big man up and Black then wallops him with a frying pan as he falls backwards through it himself.  Rico avoids Flash’s twisting moonsault before using a broom, which appears a pre-planned spot so that Cornette could get a line in about knowing he would clean up in the wrestling business!  Superkick to a tyre that is over TPT’s head.  What looks like a ‘Gibson leglock’ by Rico and Trash is there for the save.  Mr Black with a big sidewalk slam on Flash as Rico then tells him to go to the top.  Black takes his time and is caught by Trash who slams him to the mat.  As he and Rico battle it out in the floor, the camera follows them and ends up missing the winning ‘Whipflash’.

A fun garbage brawl plunder that makes for a nice diversion amongst everything else on the card.

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