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[2001-01-31-WCW-Thunder] Kwee Wee vs Scotty O


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Scotty O is Scott Overholtzer, previously known as Scotty Sabre, who we last saw around one year ago in Memphis Power Pro when he was under a WWF developmental deal.  We get a couple of video recaps from both Nitro and Thunder where Kwee Wee attacked a member of security and a ‘fan’ out of the crowd respectively for making fun of him.  Kwee Wee dares O to laugh at him and when he does, and also mocks his pose, ‘Angry Alan’ comes out in force.  O attempts a comeback but gets dumped him with a Saito suplex after he slaps on a side headlock.   The Kwee Wee picks up the win following a piledriver and the moment he does ‘Angry Alan’ is gone and he’s back to being the serene, mild-mannered, softly spoken Kwee Wee.

Alan Funk is someone who deserved better.  Even with a shit, lame duck gimmick like this he puts everything into it and he’s a good worker too.  The match itself was a squash that continued the development of this ‘split personality’ gimmick that he’s doing.

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