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Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019


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Haven't seen this around here, but some interesting inductions from the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame a couple of months back

  • Pioneer Division - Charlie Fox and Baron Michele Leone
  • Television Era - Lord James Blears and Abdulla the Butcher
  • Modern Era - Ronnie Garvin and Owen Hart
    So Owen gets into a Hall!
  • Territory/Journeyman/Colleague Division - Bob Roop
  • International Division - Gory Guerrero
  • Executive Division - Wally Karbo
  • Tag Team Division - The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose & Bobby Eaton)
    No Jim Cornette?!  Has Jim said anything about this?  I'm very surprised since he was one of those "I don't want to be in a Hall of Fame that I can't go to and see myself in the galleries" types, along with Scott Steiner.  Very odd as he was a big part of the Midnights' package.
  • Ladies Division - Ann Laverne and Beverly "the Hammer" Shade
  • Referee Division - Johnny "Red Shoes" Dugan
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