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  1. I know they’ve been one of the hottest acts in a while, but geez! Maybe its a product of “we run our own means of production and transmission of the content” age since The Network started, but has any group had anything like the various sendoffs The Shield has had? I mean its understandable from a kayfabe and sentimental standpoint, but like the various Terry Funk Retirement Shows/Matches, it will seem silly when they’re eventually reunited for a run, and not a one off appearance or a HOF induction like setting.
  2. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    No wonder DX was going over the top with it as a gag.
  3. SteveJRogers

    Post-Mania TV 2019

    So she’ll have two PPV matches going forward?
  4. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Or Trish literally throwing a scroll of paper over the stand, almost as if it was Jericho’s 1,001 Holds list!
  5. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    People do need to remember, this is a promotion's own Hall of Fame, and can add anyone they want to it. Sports franchises have their own halls, or like concepts (Monument Park, Ring/Wall of Honor, etc) that are filled with choices that would never get into the sport’s Hall without a ticket, but fit whatever HOF criteria at the moment that the franchise seems fit. Hell, I’ve seen some inductions/Number Retirements that have been shots across the bow of the specific sport’s HOF electorate as part of an “hey, get this guy in already” campaign (see Phil Rizzuto or Ron Santo for successful ones, and Billy Martin for not so successful ones). While I bristle more at the over hype and over-inflated sense of importance that the WON Hall gets from the IWC, while the physical Hall in Texas (formerly in NY) gets little attention, I think this one at least gets it proper due, and doesn’t that much of an over-inflated sense of importance in terms of wrestling honors.
  6. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Pretty sure Parv, who isn't the most keen on many of the inductees anyway, was talking more about the group of inductees themselves, rather than the show itself.
  7. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    They each get a small narrated video. At his age, unless he’s a NYC area resident, I don’t see Shinma showing up, but it would be interesting if Cohen is there to accept the honor live.
  8. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Also Cohen is second inductee without a Wiki page (one of last years who was from the 19th Century). Can’t wait for “snarky” videos or whatnot mocking him, when its possible he was instrumental in getting the house shows televised on the network or something like that! Weird that Shinma got in before Jack Tunney. I mean I can see he had more IRL impact on the product, but due to the explosion of TV in the Rock ‘n Wrestling era, I’d thought Tunney would be the first kayfabe figurehead (yeah Gorilla, Sarge, Stooges, Shawn, and Trips (yet anyway, that’s part of his own eventual solo package) are not in based on any sort of kayfabe figurehead for TV and live event purposes positions) to be inshrined.
  9. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Cohen and Shinma are still alive, first ones not to be posthumously honored. I imagine Cohen has moved on from The Garden, but that does seem rather odd to honor him in Barclays.
  10. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Yeah, I been surprised by a lack of Luna, even posthumously, before this.
  11. SteveJRogers

    Post Wrestlemania Predictions

    From the classic movie The Sandlot.
  12. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Its weird to think the classic Nation of Domination, from late 1997 through 1998 are three away (Rock who is probably “on his owm time” with it, D-Lo and Owen) from being completely in on their own!
  13. SteveJRogers

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    I can see one, or more ECW alumni like Taz, Dreamer, RVD or even Heyman himself.
  14. SteveJRogers

    All Elite Wrestling

    Haven’t they been working an internet angle with The Revival going back to before Cody joined them?
  15. SteveJRogers

    Famous fans

    I recently heard a clip of a pair of Stern’s phone pranksters prank an interet radio wrestling talk show, during a WM 25 (I think) show. One of the pranksters started up like he was more in the mood to talk about past wrestling but ended up rattling off some random list of alphabetically organized wrestler names. The hosts knew what was going on, and put the guy on hold in the hopes that he was just goofing to start the call, but clearly the listing kept going when they went back to him. I have to wonder if the comedian knew the list he was rattling off had wrestlers from different eras, and that Dory Funk and Hoss Funk were the same guy as he said both names! Also, I kind of doubt Stern’s sincerity in having wrestling talk on his show as after the clip ended he was incredulous as to the existence of a show all about pro wrestling! But then again, the concept of a podcast perplexes him!