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  1. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 05/16 - 05/22 I have jinxed the Phoenix Suns

    There was the Raw where they were at The Rosemont while Punk attended a Blackhawks postseason game in The United Center. Heyman was sent out to troll the crowd with Cult of Personality and made subtle references like “He’s not here” and using Lesnar’s “conquering” line for whomever the Hawks were playing that night in hopes that they would win.
  2. SteveJRogers

    AEW TV - May 11/13 2022

    What’s a babyface!? Had to be said
  3. SteveJRogers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Have no clue if this does fit the WWE fora but I’m listening to a podcast cover WCW’s Slamboree 1993 and the start of their HOF. They stated that the plaques were on display at CNN headquarters and joked about what if they were still there all these decades later. A few years back I saluted the WCW Hall for this project on a trading card website https://www.tcdb.com/List.cfm/lid/6796/WCW-Hall-of-Fame?C=2 And never stumbled on what could have happened to the plaques since April of 2001. So, would anyone know about them? If A&E does another season of WWE’s Most Wanted, even without AJ Francis, maybe that could be the focus of an episode. Looking at the list of inductees though, sadly only Ole (hates WWE), Funk (probably done with TV appearances unless they go to him) and Inoki (same deal as Terry plus international) are still living. Probably reach out to someone like David Crockett as a sort of WCW “historian” for that “search.”
  4. FWIW, looked up the show on thehistoryofthewwe.com and it looks like it was a busy syndication taping day ahead of Raw in San Antonio the next day WWF @ Corpus Christi, TX - Memorial Coliseum - March 10, 1996 (3,702; sell out) WWF Superstars taping: Devon Michaels & Bo Vegas (High Voltage) defeated Alex Porteau & Rod Price Duane Johnson (the Rock) defeated the Brooklyn Brawler (the Rock's WWF debut) Steve Sawyer (Bart Sawyer) defeated the Brooklyn Brawler (w/ Harvey Wippleman) Ahmed Johnson & Savio Vega defeated the 1-2-3 Kid & Tatanka Yokozuna & Ahmed Johnson (w/ Roddy Piper) defeated Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette) when Yoko pinned Owen after Piper hit Owen with Cornette's tennis raquet; Piper was handucffed to Cornette for the duration of the bout The Sicilian Studs (Guido Falcone & Vito Mussolini) defeated two unknowns Mankind defeated an unknown (Mankind's debut) Shawn Michaels pinned Steve Austin WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated the Undertaker via count-out 3/16/96: WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: Skip & Zip (w/ Sunny) defeated the Bushwhackers when Zip pinned Butch after coming off the top behind the referee's back, moments after Skip sustained the battering ram and was covered Duke Drose pinned Bill Irwin with the tilt-a-whirl slam Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Aldo Montoya via submission with the Million $ Dream; after the bout, Savio Vega came out and the two men had a stare-down (Austin's 1st appearance on Superstars as 'Stone Cold') Isaac Yankem DDS defeated Al Walker with the DDS Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Bob Holly with the Pedigree 3/23/96 - included an in-ring interview with Hunter Hearst Helmsley conducted by Vince McMahon in which Helmsley cut a promo on facing the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XII: WWF IC Champion Goldust (w/ Marlena) pinned Alex Porteau with the Curtain Call Ahmed Johnson pinned Jeff Brettler with the Pearl River Plunge Jerry Lawler pinned Al Jackson with the piledriver and using the tights for leverage WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Skip & Zip (w/ Sunny) defeated Savio Vega & Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) (sub. for Razor Ramon) when Skip pinned Savio after Austin hit his parnter with an axe handle off the top 3/30/96: Savio Vega pinned Tatanka (w/ Ted Dibiase) with a spin kick Justin Bradshaw (w/ Uncle Zebakiah) pinned Barry Horowitz with the lariat Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Ben Greer via submission with the Million $ Dream; after the bout, Savio Vega came out to make the save but also received the Million $ Dream The Bushwhackers defeated Johnny Blade & Joseph White following the battering ram WWF Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Henry & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated Davey Boy Smith & Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette) via disqualification when the New Rockers came ringside and Leif Cassidy came off the top rope to interfere in the match
  5. Kind of surprised Santino never added Brawler to the rotation of his gimmicks.
  6. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 4/25-5/1 Hey Asuka's back

    I’m wondering if this is some meta satirical commentary on the past kayfabe way of not acknowledging repackaged characters’ former gimmicks.
  7. SteveJRogers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Love how that all got thrown into the tortured logic to bring about Bischoff’s own turn! While it turned out for the best, in terms of character work and being a nWo/Hogan mouthpiece, it did need to bring his absence at Bash, tied in with a quick absence following his taking the power bomb through the table at GAB to give logic to why he’d turn, or “reveal” himself after all those months!
  8. SteveJRogers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    *face palm…rolls eyes* Hogan did attempt an Austin like character during the infamous New Blood storyline era, but he was akin to Austin’s anti-hero babyface role, not a cool heel role. Hollywood took more from Ted DiBiase as a “trying a bit too hard” way than say a Flair/Tully Blanchard type of true “cool heel” Never mind it continues the carny BS that Stone Cold caught fire immediately as he rattled off the Austin 3:16 promo. He was getting there, but it was a few months after the Bash at The Beach PPV that Austin was truly on the radar with the character.
  9. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 04/11 - 04/17 the rent is too damn high

  10. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 04/11 - 04/17 the rent is too damn high

    Lana is still around? When is she joining her hubby on AEW?
  11. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 04/11 - 04/17 the rent is too damn high

  12. SteveJRogers

    All Elite Wrestling

    It’s eye roll inducing to see WWE Stans assume Tony just called them all fake. Especially when if they look into things, they’d see the same sort of obvious troll bots doing the same with WWE hashtag conversations and WWE related Blue Checkmark accounts.
  13. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 04/04 - 04/10 VEER IS HERE

    Yup. Thankfully the fact that the design was identical was the ONLY link to its past stated into cannon when the WWE brought out the World Heavyweight belt in 2002! They also have they good sense to keep non-affiliated ECW title lineages separate from the WWECW version of the heavyweight strap.
  14. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 04/04 - 04/10 VEER IS HERE

    This made me think of the meme Matt Cardona shared with him compared to multiple time WWF and WCW champions! I thought the craziest part is that while they did separate the lineage officially, WCW tended to include the NWA part of their title’s lineages if they went back that far (Big Gold, US, Tag and TV), which is why Flair’s NWA titles are still indicated when he’s called a 16-time champion. So in affect the former WCW champions in that meme (Hogan, Savage, Sting, Goldberg, Hart) while never officially NWA champions are part of a twisted blend of kayfabe/realistic logic linage with the classic NWA belt. Speaking of warping both kayfabe and realistic reasoning, while it’s “nice” to think from a character standpoint that Cody would want a title his dad got pre-Dusty Finished out of holding some 45 years ago, even thinking in 2022’s kayfabe terms it’s hard to reconcile a company letting an unaffiliated star walk out of a match, that didn’t finish clean, with their title belt!
  15. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 04/04 - 04/10 VEER IS HERE

    Actually, check that, Dustin did have a post show dark match against Shawn at the IYH Buried Alive POV in October of 1995