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  1. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 05/18 - 05/24 The Last Dance was fucking incredible

    And “Luthor” instead of “Luger” Though part of me wants to give a “no prize” to Rodman trying to equate his buddy Hogan as wrestling’s version of Superman, so any “Lex” would get a “Luthor,” especially with a similar sounding last name like “Luger.”
  2. SteveJRogers

    Terry Funk weighs in on Biden/Trump feud

    Someone did in 2016
  3. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    Trying to find precedence in backtracking established kayfabe canon for the sake of keeping IRL separate “for now” Basically trying to see if there was a way in today’s kayfabe climate for the WWE to not reveal “Seth Rollins” as the father “Becky Lynch’s” baby, and keep their current heel and face alignment and storylines going. Even though every one knows Colby Lopez and Rebecca Quin have been an IRL item for a while now.
  4. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    When did they admit Steph and Triple H were actually still a couple? Their characters divorced “for good” shortly before the heel turn in 2002, and Steph hasn’t used “McMahon-Helmsley” since. I don’t think there was anything related to them being together until the Orton/Legacy feud. I know preggers Steph did a bit with Shawn during the Shawn-Vince feud, but I don’t think they flat out in kayfabe said “Triple H is the father.”
  5. SteveJRogers

    WWE Money in the Bank : what the world is not watching

    One of the reasons I’ve fallen behind on Arn is that, especially on the “Ask Arn Anything” episodes, Conrad always seems to be more interested in getting new shirt ideas, or a quip he can tweet out for “internet buzz” more so than interesting podcast discussions. Often leaving low hanging fruit dangling to get on to something else*. Good to see that’s still his operating procedure when it comes to creating buzz for his programing. *i.e. I’d like to hear more about why, besides getting paid by AEW, that Marty Lunde has no desire to be a talking head on a WWE documentary or be on any like retrospective programing beyond the simple “no, thank you.” I know the answer but still, be a good 2-3 minute conversation about holding grudges, and if there was something that anything connected to the company could do to mend the fence, and if the answer could change years down the road.
  6. SteveJRogers

    Matches That Changed Wrestling

    Where would Bret-Shawn Montreal rank? Yeah it’s more about everything going in, and the aftermath than the match, and even the moment itself but still. Also by the same significance after the fact token, the title changes from Backlund-Sheik-Hogan are necessary (I put Backlund-Shiek in there, well because you need when the transition champion becomes said transitional champion). Dark horse pick for “in conversation”, Taker-HBK Royal Rumble 1998. Easier for a legit injured HBK to do the WM title drop honors, which in turn sets up the post Shawn DX.
  7. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV April 6th through...

    LOL! Sorry, by lesser I meant Austin, at least as pre-Alliance “Stone Cold,” at least took on partners, begrudgingly. As opposed to Braun who shares Bad News’ hatred of having to be being partnered up with anyone.
  8. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV April 6th through...

    Never mind that, don’t forget a few years ago the Raw tag belts ended up around the waist of a baby face version of Bad News Brown (not only doesn’t play well with others, doesn’t want to even be bothered with others) and a K-6 grade student that was plucked from the crowd. Kid then was “forced to vacate” due to his scholastic responsibilities! Hell a lesser version of a baby face Bad News Brown tried to go at recapturing the vacated tag titles alone, only to have a guy he previously declined the request to be partners for to help him out in the guise of a completely new persona! While this year’s was forced upon them due to circumstances, let’s not pretend goofier scenarios for tag teams have never happened!
  9. SteveJRogers

    The XFL is returning?

    I’m more concerned with if it’s because they know something, or it’s not cost effective to run blindly that they ceased operations and terminated all employment contracts.
  10. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV April 6th through...

    Thought I’d sneak in and start one of these threads, especially since who knows what’s going to be airing, and when it’s going to air beyond tonight’s Raw!
  11. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 03/30 - 04/05 Pau no cu do Bolsonaro

    Sara? The promo did seem like a one-time return of American Badass Taker. Plus you could say AJ brought her into the angle in the first place. True Cena did as well in a passing mention of who’s account you can see Mark Calloway photos in, but not to the extent where she’s being blamed for Retirement Taker.
  12. SteveJRogers

    All Elite Wrestling

    WWE doesn’t own a copyright to “Television Title” right? So, what happens if/when they leave? It gets rebranded? What if they get a second TV partner that isn’t under the same umbrella as TNT? Do they only show the matches for it on TNT? Hell, ditto if it is the same corporate umbrella (TBS for example)?
  13. SteveJRogers

    WWE TV 3/23-3/29 Who Cares? Edition

    Could be the only way the camera filming them picks up the audio
  14. SteveJRogers

    WrestleMania 36

    I was about to say Canadian and US travel restrictions, but doesn’t Brock live in Canada these days?
  15. SteveJRogers

    WrestleMania 36

    Never mind that it slipped my mind that Bayley is the Smackdown Champion, and the WWE isn’t going to accidentally spoil Go Home shows on their own website previews! *face palm*