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[2001-02-07-WCW-Thunder] Kwee Wee vs Johnny Dotson


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No Paisley with the Kwee Wee tonight and no mention of her on commentary, I wonder if she’s been handed her P45 then.  The Kwee Wee has some words for Ric Flair telling him that he won’t be ignored any more and to take note of him as he’s all man.  He asks a ‘fan’ (who looks very much like Alan Steel) in the front row if “he’s a man?” and then snatches him over the guard rail, dragging him into the ring.  Kwee Wee puts the boots in, pounds away on him and then orders the referee to count the pin as he makes a cover.  As he celebrates his ‘win’ out runs Johnny Dotson who he had a backstage altercation with earlier.  Dotson nails him with a missile dropkick but that’s as good as it gets.  Things end up being pretty much a carbon copy of last week, Dotson, who is tiny I may add, taking a few good bumps before falling victim to the piledriver.  Kwee Wee reiterates what he said earlier post-match, again telling Ric Flair that he won’t be ignored.

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