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[2001-02-17-WOW-TV] Lana Star vs Randi Rah Rah


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I’m guessing that no-one in the WWF paid any attention to WOW otherwise Lana Star would’ve been signed up in a heartbeat as she’s the sort of girl Vince McMahon sees in his wet dreams.  Star is carrying a bag containing Ice Cold’s hair (who it looks like she defeated in a ‘hair vs hair’ match) and David McClain can’t believe that she’s out here gloating over what she did to her.  He was anticipating her coming out though and plays a clip from when she attacked Randi Rah Rah some time ago.  Star says how that is old news and thinks that McClain is going senile as she put her out of wrestling, however he has a surprise in store and introduces the returning Randi Rah Rah who sprints down the aisle and into the ring.  Randi dives on Lana with a Thesz press and unloads with a series of right hands.  Also worth noting that she is wearing an eye patch as a result of Star’s previous attack when she hit her in the head with a mirror, so good continuity there.  Reverse crossbody by RRR.  She gets the better of the shoulder tackle and then cartwheels over Star into a splash.  Randi works the arm and is pretty good in doing so.  After a dropkick Star takes to the outside, sprinting around the ring to try and keep away from her opponent.  Back inside and a flying crossbody gets RRR a two.  Star reverses the whip to the corner and slams Rah Rah face first to the mat.  Missile dropkick to the butt.  She lifts Randi up by her pig tail before removing the patch to reveal that damaged eye (think Jake Roberts after Rick Martel sprayed him in the face with ‘Arrogance’).  Patty Pizzazz runs out, but in rooting for something to pass to Star that distracts the woman she’s trying to help and RRR with a school girl for the win.

I found this highly enjoyable, great character work from both and they actually were telling a story in there.  Randi Rah Rah is very athletic and, like Riot who I watched on the PPV, is someone who has a lot of potential.  The ring work itself may not be the crispest but it’s great to see some limb work in there which I wasn’t expecting in the slightest.  I presume they were trained move for move, but whoever did it did a fine job.

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