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[2001-02-24-BJW] Ryuji Yamakawa & Kintaro Kanemura vs Johnny Kashmere & Jun Kasai (Ladder)


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Pre-match press conference, the majority of which is conducted in Japanese.  Johnny Kashmere’s only line is how Big Japan are going to see the best of him now that he’s in a tag team and that Yamakawa and Kanemura won’t know what’s hit them.  Zandig the fashion plate is sat next to Johnny and wearing shades, leather jacket and a white roll neck sweater. 

As the fans throw streamers into the ring, Kasai and Kashmere use that distraction to get the jump on their opponents.  Deep powerslam on Kanemura who rolls to the outside for some sanctuary.  Yamakawa’s not paying attention and misses catching the Kashmere tip up so they immediately repeat the spot, getting it right second time around and Johnny taking him down with a headscissors.  Kashmere heads up top but in doing so turns his back on Yamakawa who gives him a shove in the keister and he crashes to ringside.  Elsewhere Kanemura is taking Kasai on a backstage tour of the building, there’s very little going on though, they’re just holding and walking.  They return to the ring where Kasai jabs the ladder into Kanemura before wedging it over his head and blasting it with a barbed wire baseball bat.  Kasai climbs the ladder and retrieves…no not a title belt, bananas that are hanging from the ceiling!  I’m at a loss.  He then places the ladder over the heads of both Yamakawa and Kanemura and Kashmere comes off the top striking it with the bat.  The ‘Crazy Monkey’ starts running around the ring only to slip on one of the discarded banana skins!  I’m guessing that had to be planned even though it looked completely natural.  Yamakawa misses a legdrop and Kasai is back in control.  More swinging of the baseball bat with Kashmere hitting a home run as he bashes that ladder into Yamakawa’s ribs.  Kasai seems to think he is Rick Rude, however has neither the abs nor hip swivelling ability!  Inverted airplane spin dropped into a neckbreaker by Kashmere.  ‘Acid Bomb’ into the ladder, although it’s not a patch on the Backseat Boyz’ version.  Kashmere throws Kanemura to the outside after he had broken up the pin, lays him on a table and Kasai then puts him through it with a splash from the top rung of the ladder.  Implant DDT on Yamakawa followed by a snap German suplex.  Kasai accidentally clotheslines Kashmere and Yamakawa is able to make the tag.  A pair of dropkicks, a clothesline for Kasai and Kanemura has had enough already, tagging out to the reinvigorated Yamakawa.  Modified Michinoku Driver on Kashmere.  Kanemura and Yamakawa go to whip their opponents into one another, however Kashmere and Kasai dosey doe and nail them with a pair of dropkicks.  Slightly delayed stereo DDT’s.  Yamakawa is buried underneath some chairs and a table, double foot stomp off the top but the table doesn’t break!  Johnny closes the table up, lays it on Yamakawa and connects on the tumbleweed for a near fall.  Kanemura softly hits Kashmere over the head with a chair, double underhook piledriver and that puts his down for the three.  Post-match Yamakawa collects some more bananas and he and Kanemura have some words for the crowd.

I thought we would get something akin to the Backseat Boyz ladder matches from last year, but there were none of those crazy moments here.  Some of the spots took too long to set up and I’m still at a loss as to why there were bananas hanging from the ceiling. Skippable.

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