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1986-07-05-JCP-Great American Bash 86': Charlotte


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(Not sure if this is the right place for this thread?)


Just watched this show in full for the first time ever on the Network. I thought it was pretty fantastic, though it was definitely a different type of watch as there's no commentary and, as a relatively young fan (I was 2 when this happened), I wasn't familiar with all the wrestlers or storylines. 

That being said, I'd probably recommend this to young fans and enjoyed watching it, as a whole, considerably more than the overproduced PPVs/Supershows that the WWE puts on today. 

The match of the night was Flair/Morton (which might go without saying), which, in 2019, is almost a breath of fresh air in its own sense - I mean, when's the last time the MOTN and the match that gets the most heat, is also the actual main event and the card is designed to effectively build up to it? Maybe sorta WrestleMania (though, ultimately, I think Bryan/Kofi stole that show), but before that? Sequencing matches on a card is a lost art.

But there are also a number of other great matches and moments and I'm curious what those of you who are more familiar with this era would say about the show. 

I didn't quite "get" the rules and structure of the Blanchard/Garvin Taped Fist match (and commentary probably would've helped), but I thought Tully's selling was fantastic and highly entertaining. I dug the Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs. Houston & Nelson Royal match too. Does that match ever get talked about? Arn is outrageous in it and, compared to some of his other matches, I thought Ole looked vicious and actually energetic too. Even Black Bart/Robert Gibson is good - and based on every match I saw Black Bart wrestle as a kid (this would've been from like 90' and on), I never would've expected that.

So...what's everyone else's take on this show? Is this card as good as I thought it was or is this just a case of me seeing something so different than today's product that it all seemed so refreshing? 

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