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[2001-04-20-MAW-Hardcore Cup 2001: Day One] Leatherface vs Peter B. Beautiful


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Leatherface demonstrates his prowess at handling a chainsaw which, despite the sound obviously being piped in over the PA, doesn’t appear to be gimmicked as it makes a cut into a piece of wood.  Beautiful is sensibly keeping his distance on the arena floor, but is already getting “faggot” chants, while another loud voice tells him to “get in the ring you queer”.  When he does get in, Leatherface drops him with a chop to the chest and stiffs him with palm strikes to the side of the head.  Snap mare followed by a series of hard kicks to the back.  That gets the approval of someone in the crowd who yells “kick the faggot’s ass!”  He throws Peter B. to the outside where he bust him open after a couple of brutal chair shots.  Cross armbar, which seems very out of place considering how this match has gone so far, although Beautiful doesn’t tap even though he is squealing like a pig.  Leatherface rakes a cactus up his back then across his face whilst a vocal member of the audience wants to see him “shove it up his ass!”  Soccer punt before he tries to do exactly that, though mercifully doesn’t pull his tights down so there was never any chance of it happening.  Peter B. tries to escape out of there, but gets caught and powerbombed onto the cactus.  More shoot palm strikes to the head and it looks like Beautiful taps after having the cactus shoved (roots first) into his mouth (the ref was in the way of the camera so you can’t tell for sure what happened).

An uncomfortable squash in more ways than one, with Leatherface just stiffing and brutalizing Peter B.  The chair shots were horrific, to the point I’m more concerned that he gets up after them and am happy that he seems to be okay.  God knows how his skull survived!  We then have those uneasy chants and cat calls that are shocking to hear and far worse than anything the Backseat Boyz were on the receiving end of last year.

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