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Tiger Mask anime _ Has anyone seen this?

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So has anyone besides me seen the 69 -71 Tiger Mask anime? I got the last 30 or so episodes from Lynch in raw Japenese and I must say I really enjoyed this show.


This is a link to a Japenese/English site that I used to help me understand the shows. Great site!




Yeah, and don't read what happens ahead of time if you ever do want to see what happens in the show.



This is a quick analysis of the show in point form.



The music is great.


Animation isn't the best but they did a real good job with the "camera Work" or whatever you would call it in animation. A lot of the joy is seeing how they pull off stuff with the limited animation.


A lot of the fights are terrific and are in fact the most physcology laden fights I've ever seen on the TV screen. The fights are also extreamly violent.


The training has to be seen to be believed! Bridging underneath waterfalls!


They use animation effectively to allow the wrestlers to do stuff you wouldn't see in real life but at the same time don't let it get too unrealistic. It works well.


Real life wresters are in this. Baba, Brisco, Inoki and so on. You will also see wresters that were influenced from real life wrestlers.


They were ahead of the time and after watching this I'm certain some of the "garbage" leagues got some death match ideas from here.


This isn't just about wrestling but also about drama and all that other stuff.


The show does seem to drag some at a few points but of course I starting watching when the show was about 70% done. Also, I was watching it without subs so that was a factor too.


In case anyone's wondering, it's just not me who likes this. I've seen the show rated well in lists before and I haven't heard anything bad about it yet.


The show seemed to be really big in Italy as well.


There are big time mark out moments in this. Trust me!


Check it out! What do you have to lose?

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