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[2019-08-10-SMASH/RISE/SHIMMER-The Summit] Jordynne Grace vs Mercedes Martinez


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I attended nine shows in four days in Toronto this week. I consider this to be the best match I saw all week, just ahead of Walter vs Sekmioto. They started with some shoot-style wrestling. Mercedes applied a camel clutch. Grace hit a toprope senton. They traded strikes on the floor. Grace used a Michinoku Driver. Mercedes did a dragon suplex.  Grace gave her a spinebuster. They went to the top and Mercedes hit a top rope death valley driver. Mercedes brings in the belt and misses a belt shot. Grace ends up grabbing the belt but Mercedes hits her with a  big boot with the belt. Mercedes then gives her a fisherman buster on the belt and gets the pin to keep the title. Mercedes cuts a great promo on her afterward.

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