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[2019-08-08-PROGRESS-Toronto] Chris Brookes & Jordynne Grace vs David Starr & Jody Threat


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This surpassed even my wildest expectations and was possibly a star-marking performance for Threat. They went back in forth with tags making sure not to mix genders until both Brookes and Threat tagged in. Brookes asked them on commentary to get Triple H on the phone and ask if it’s ok. The commentator gets on his cell phone and explains the situation, says “I know you didn’t sign him” then tells Brookes that Uncle Paul is upstairs and says he can do what the fuck he wants. They go at it and Threat hits a ran followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Starr and Grace are in and Grace wins a test of strength that Starr breaks by getting the ropes. Brookes and Grace did do Brookes’ wet willie spot together on Starr. The action got so fast and intense that it is again difficult to fully recap but a highlight was Brookes and Grace doing a doomsday tope suicida on Threat, it needs to be seen to be believed. For the finish, Grace powerbombed Threat and put her in an octopus while Brookes put Starr in an octopus and Threat tapped out. This was the match of the night on the best show I have ever been to live.  

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