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[1976-03-20-France] Kader Hassouni & Claude Rocca vs. Bernard Caclard & Albert Sanniez


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The INA has uploaded some wrestling on YouTube, giving some hope there is more to come. They labelled this video as "Inca Viracocha vs. Mr. Montreal" (a match where only 3 minutes are shown) and mispelt Caclards name, so I'm not sure they know what a mountain of greatness they are sitting on, but everytime a match like this gets uploaded is like finding 20  $ on the street. This goes about 35 minutes and is a total wresting clinic, just an absolutely bonkers match. Sanniez & Caclard I've loved before and they look like an all time great heel duo. Just really dedicated stooges who will take every bump in the book (Sanniez at one point just does this huge no water in the pool plunge into the ring, and Caclard flies into a ringside table), and when it's time to kick ass they will punt the shit out of their opponents. Aside from the crazy fast standing exchanges, awesome weird ranas, flips and european uppercuts, there was some brainy hold for hold work with really complex reversals/one upmanship sequences and a few smart spots. Highlights include an awesome Rocca deadlift suplex from the ground, Caclard making use of the proto-Powerbomb, Hassouni busting out these great Johnny Kidd spots and Sanniez using a flying kick that was like something Tamura would do. It made me think french guys may be the best sprint workers of all time, because they basically start fast and then just keep going and going without letting up, and even picking up the pace by the end with the heels flying everywhere and Roger Delaporte whacking Caclard for good measure. All the time there was never a filler half crab or sitting in a hold. It really makes you go Fuck a Manami Toyota and 90s AJPW, this stuff is the real athletic peak of wrestling.

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