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  1. Jetlag

    Not Yet

    Keita Yano feels like he's going to be an Ian Rotten tier contender in a decade or so.
  2. Jetlag

    Kantaro Hoshino

    Definitely check out the Inoki and Fujinami singles. Hoshino definitely doesn't have many singles matches to watch sadly. He also had one singles match post retirement against I think Gedo which was stupidly better than a match involving an old man who was clearly out of training for a while had any right to be.
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  4. Jetlag

    The Beginner's Guide To British Wrestling

    That's a new match, indeed!
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  9. Jetlag

    El Bracero

    Rahs post plus his initial 2016 nomination consisting off nothing but "look in the NWA Classics thread for reviews" makes this possibly the funniest nomination in the whole project.
  10. Jetlag

    Hideki Suzuki

    His best match happened in 2010: He also had a Barnett match that people really liked. I don't recall him doing much of note in IGF or his other BattlARTS matches, although some of the matches, like him vs Katsuhisa Fujii, look fun. Suzuki never really set my world on fire, but I guess he has his place as one of the few decent workers to come out of Japan in the 2000s.
  11. Jetlag

    Command Bolshoi

    Bolshois been uploading hard to come by stuff to her YouTube channel and its a treasure trove: https://reverseviperhold.blogspot.com/2021/07/a-treasure-trove-of-command-bolshoi.html Really one awesome match after another. If this keeps up she's heading straight for my Top 100. Her clown sambo lucharesu technician style rules so much.
  12. Yes, it‘s Kandori taking on 5 girls in a row. It may sound preposterous on paper, but it ends up totally working in practise. You can talk about how this may have buried half the LLPW roster, but realistically only Saito and Handa have a chance of lasting longer than 5 minutes against Kandori here, and both are smartly placed at the beginning and end of the match. This first match up is Kandori vs. Saito. I was worried about this, thinking Kandori might squish Saito, but they had a fierce competitive match. Both went for the kill right out of the gate and it was intense stuff. Saito belted Kandori with her signature hard kicks and Kandori fired back with her stiff offense and flash submissions. It was reminiscent of their classic 1990 encounter, not quite on that level, but it was damn good shit. Saito ends up pushing Kandori to the limit and Kandori wins on a fluke. Pretty interesting way to start the match. Instead of a power start Kandori just went through a fierce 18 minute match against Saito and she looks pretty beaten up already. Nagashima comes in next. She‘s a rookie at this point so she does rookie stuff. She flies right at Kandori with a big dropkick and gets in some hip attacks, but Kandori snatches a half crab and almost rips her in half for the tap after about 1 minute. So now everyone remembers Kandoris submissions are really dangerous, and in retrospect Saito looks tougher for surviving them. GAMI comes in next. It looks like Kandori wants to be nice to her and challenges her to a grappling match. They do about a minute of cool grappling before GAMI decides to stomp on Kandoris face and hit a pretty nasty knee slide. Big mistake as Kandori flips out and beats the shit out of her. GAMI lasts a bit longer and can get in some offense on Kandori – making you respect her – but falls to a nasty powerbomb pretty fast. Leo Kitamura is #4. And Kandori is looking pretty spent now. I don‘t think Kitamura has ever looked threatening in a match, but damn she looks threatening now. She has the night of her life taking it to Kandori, trying to roll her up and hitting nasty looking elbows. Kandori catches her in a sleeper and she‘s fighting for dear life, and – the bell rings? Oh, this match had a 30 minute time limit? Kandori says she‘s done here, call it draw, but Leo is pissed off. Kandori seems to leave, but Kitamura gets on the mic and says something that causes her to come back. The match is restarted and Kitamura is going even harder at Kandori now, but Kandori keeps surviving until she‘s able to lock in a nasty chickenwing that fucks up Kitamuras shoulder. You did your best, Leo Kitamura, but Kandori was in beast mode that night. The last one in the match is Miki Handa, and she goes for the kill out the gate dropping Kandori fat missile dropkicks and germans. Kandori looks done, but Handa misses an elbow. Now Kandori is all hitting crazy Fujiwara armbars from angles and just working like a wounded beast trying to tear someones shoulder out. Handa isn‘t much special but she can drop bombs and sell desperation. 44 minutes in and Handa ends up losing on a technicality and Kandori just walks away not giving a fuck while Handa looks on the verge of tears. Post match Hokuto and her crew come in to wreak havoc, and we get a face off between her and Saito. This match was pretty unique and honestly great, if you can stomach watching something different. But Kandori looked like an absolute monster here destroying people left and right hich is what you want to see, and while she looked beastly she had to work hard for her wins, so you end up respecting everyone coming out of this.
  13. Jetlag

    Andre the Giant vs Arn Anderson

    Does Arn have any singles match on the level of Andre vs. van Buyten or Andre vs. Khan?
  14. Jetlag

    Dump Matsumoto

    Jaguar Yokota retired for 8 years and came back looking amazing. Finlay came back at the age of 48 and we all know how that turned out. I know, I know, the gap isn't as huge as with Dump, but she was younger than Finlay when she came back. I'm surprised so many people are in favour of only factoring in ones prime. Where will Randy Orton rank if we consider only the Top 10 matches of each wrestler? I mean, this forum is supposed to be Pro Wrestling Deep Dive, not Pro Wrestling Surface View. We're supposed to nitpick things like how workers deal with aging and their old crowds being gone, that's the fun in these projects. It's not like post-comeback Dump is hard to come by. There's quite a bit of her feud with Shinobu Kandori online: https://adult.mat6tube.com/watch/180842215_456241097 https://adult.mat6tube.com/watch/180842215_456242311 https://adult.mat6tube.com/watch/10757491_160363739 (yes, yes, porn site, but its pro wrestling, I swear) As you can see, Dump does the exact stuff she did in the 80s. A bunch of heinous, grizzly shit, brutalizing the referee, and having a dozen underlings jump into the match. It's pretty fun stuff honestly and if you enjoy the 80s material I don't see why you wouldn't want to look at this stuff. So, there you have it. First I'm accused of trying to rain on the parade and now I have to tell people to not ignore the post prime stuff because its good. But hey, I enjoyed discovering Dump vs. Aja
  15. Jetlag

    Dump Matsumoto

    Dumps prime is all people watch, it seems. I hope I don't have to explain why exploring unexplored stuff can be worthwhile. I mean, if Dump is #2 of all time, there has to be something in that 10 year plus period worth watching, right? So it stuns me how bringing up the fact she has more to her career than the 80s is an attempted derailing. It's like pointing out how Fujiwara had some great matches in WYF is derailing because that's not his peak stuff. If we are only allowed to bring up negative things about workers discussions are gonna be one sided. Yes, I don't have much to say on Daniel Bryan, Flair, and Negro Casas. People are analyzing these guys to death, there's nothing to be added. And their late career work is being actively discussed as its happening. People also hold Flairs post prime work against him, so if anything I'm making things fairer by applying the same idea to other workers. Are we gonna make "you have to write a 200 word post on Flair before you can comment on anyone else" a requirement before we get this project underway?