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  1. Jetlag

    Tanomusaku Toba

    I started a Toba OCD catalogueing project a while ago: https://reverseviperhold.blogspot.com/2020/12/tanomusaku-toba-documentation-project.html Watching him has quickly become an obsession. I don't think I've ever seen anyone acknowledge him as a great worker, more of a fun oddity DDT guy, but fuck he is a great worker. Modern wrestling sure could use a lot more Tobas thrown into the mix. Recommended Matches: w MIKAMI & Takashi Sasaki vs. Great Takeru & Phantom Funakoshi & Asian Cougar (DDT 5/25/1998) - GREAT w Super Rider & Neo Winger vs. Phantom Funakoshi & Exciting Yoshida & Yuki Nishino (DDT 12/22/1999) - EPIC vs. Takashi Sasaki, DDT 1/30/2000 - EPIC w Takashi Sasaki vs. Tomohiro Ishii & Super Rider, DDT 4/19/2000 - EPIC w MIKAMI vs. Sanshiro Takagi & Takashi Sasaki, DDT 4/20/2000 - EPIC w Koichiro Kimura vs. Sanshiro Takagi & Exciting Yoshida (DDT 7/6/2000) - EPIC vs. Takashi Sasaki, DDT 11/19/2000 - GREAT w Tsunehito Naito vs. Tomohiro Ishii & Tomohiko Hashimoto, DDT 5/26/2001 - EPIC w MIKAMI vs. GENTARO & YOSHIYA (DDT 11/30/2001) - EPIC w MIKAMI vs. Kota Ibushi & Daichi Kakimoto, DDT 12/28/2005 - EPIC w Ranbo Yoshida Okuntun vs. Kota Ibushi & KUDO (DDT 8/8/2007) - EPIC vs. Shinjuku Shark, XWF 9/8/2008 - EPIC w HARASHIMA vs. Masashi Takeda & Takashi Sasaki, 1/25/2009 - EPIC w MIKAMI vs. Sanshiro Takagi & Munenori Sawa, DDT 5/10/2010 - GREAT w MIKAMI vs. Hikaru Sato & Akito, DDT 9/29/2013 - GREAT Regardless where you stand on the merits of boxing gloves in wrestling, that is one hell of a career Top 15, and I'm not done deep diving him. It seems DDT moved him out of prominence in the mid 2000s after giving him many main events earlier on, which sucks and seriously made that company a lot worse.
  2. Jetlag

    Manami Toyota

    I was thinking that I hadn't watched a single Toyota match in the last 5 years. But then I checked, and apparently I watched her vs. Bison Kimura in 2019. Bison made the match fun. I think I've seen enough Toyota for a lifetime.
  3. Jetlag

    Keisuke Yamada/Black Buffalo

    Osaka Pro pretty much served as a retirement home for ex-deathmatch whipping boys. Buffalo, Kikutaro and Kuishinbo Kamen all used to get carved up. Kamen (Akinori Tsukioka) was also a very talented wrestler in his IWA Japan days. Before Osaka Pro, Buffalo was Keisuke Yamada. He started out working obscure feds like Oriental Pro and NSPW doing shootstyle bouts: As you can see, he made use of his judo background. Eventually he joined IWA Japan becoming the owner(?) of the company. He would work really hard on those cards, bleed like mad and take crazy bumps. Even in the deathmatches he would display more skill than you usually saw in these brawls. He had especially great chemistry with Tarzan Goto. He also fought Goto in Shin-FMW a few times, although Shin FMW footage is extremely difficult to find. He had a pretty great match against Ishii of all people in 1998: As far as his IWA Japan work goes, you can pretty much just search his name and watch any match he's in and you can be guaranteed that he will work hard, bleed and give his all. I really want to dive more into his Black Buffalo work because I've seen him looking pretty damn good in random matches.
  4. Jetlag

    Axel Dieter

    Legendary German wrestler with some dingy handheld footage surviving from very late in his career. Apparently he horded some films of 70s German wrestling in his archives that couldn't be converted by the limited means of his family. Someone had the faint hope that his son signing with WWE would make it possible to have the footage restored, but that never materialized. Alas, all we have of him is the epic Morowski match in 1980 and a few good to great houseshow performances in 1981 and some very clipped stuff in 1986 where he faces the likes of Vader. I imagine if the French had filmed some of his appearances in Paris in the 60s we'd be raving about him similiar to his arch rival, Lasartesse. Notably he was very famous for not just being a good technician but also renowned for his toughness and bleeding, as well as acting as a literal shooter for the promoters by carrying a gun on him.
  5. Jetlag

    Bison Kimura

    She really wasn't in many high profile singles matches. That happened in the second half of the 90s, which is an underexplored/forgotten period. Her early JD' run had some potentially great match ups that ended up clipped. I was tearing my hair out going through the 1996 JD' TV and seeing how they would always hack everything in half due to only having a 1 hour TV slot. Apparently, her career ended as she broke her arm in a random trios match. She didn't even get a retirement tour. Travesty.
  6. Jetlag

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Alright: Masao Orihara - the more I watch him, the more great matches of his I find. His 1994 singles against Otani is an absolute superclassic that I had never heard of until I started going through random WAR handhelds. Really good at getting great stuff out of mediocre indy juniors like The Great Takeru. Excellent base with a knack for cool athletic spots that you won't see anyone else do. Long career where he shows up in great matches from 1992 to ca. 2011. He has some great scrappy matches in the WAR/NJ feud. Finally, one of the coolest wrestlers ever with his unique singlets, mohawks and face paint. He worked so many different offshoot feds I'm sure there's a still a few hidden gems to find. Tanomusaku Toba - extremely unique with a surprising number of epic matches under his belt. Excellent ragdoll bumper, always forces his opponents to snap out of their usual routine, and of course, spectacular with the constant barrage of stiff punches and kicks on his opponents. I imagine boxing purists won't like him, since some of his punches are obviously showy, but his stuff works for me. Great tag worker who has a cool dynamic with MIKAMI, has a handful of really cool singles. I hope to unearth more under the radar DDT to showcase him. Koichiro Kimura - very interesting worker who would serve as a pillar of DDT while working shootstyle. Great with the violent kicks and submission holds. His work as Super Uchu Power is stellar as he is the perfect combination of baffling sleazebag and violent psychotic asskicker. Footage is a bit of an issue as I need to dig up more DDT handhelds and what not. Had some good matches in RINGS and FUTEN too. MIKAMI - he looks really good in early DDT. Great combination of a shootstyle grappler, an innovative junior, and a surprisingly stiff worker. He formed a great team with Toba. His 1999 singles match against Takashi Sasaki is kind of the beginning and end of Japan indy singles. I've checked out some recent work of his and he still looks like a good worker. I want to watch more of him but from ca. 1998 - 2002 I'd say he was great. Keisuke Yamada/Black Buffalo - super interesting worker. He looked good in the early 90s working as a shootstylist. Then he became the hope of IWA Japan and kind of started wrestling like Tomoaki Honma. Spunky young fired up guy who is willing to bleed and has a knack for unique violent spots, and can do actual wrestling too. I need to watch more Black Buffalo but I've seen good stuff from him in that role as well. Dr. Adolf Kaiser - one of the most unique TV wrestlers in history. This man performed the evil, vaguely naziesque, arrogant, effeminate Doctor of Philosophy to a tee. His strategic approach in matches reminds me of Billy Robinson and the choke finish is very unique for its time. He wasn't afraid to eat serious punishment too. Jose Tarres - I just now noticed he has only 2 whole matches on tape so I should probably take back this nomination. Inca Peruano - a truely unique wrestling genius, like if Negro Casas was a stoic 50s grappler. Both excellent technician as well as a tremendous heel worker. He also has a really strong rudo cases in his team with Anton Tejero. Andre Bollet - outrageous heel character who could do both stiff heated brawling as well as really graceful wrestling, all while looking like a balding dumpy car salesman. If this list was about heat seeking heel shtick alone he would be a lock for the top 10. Still have a few matches of his to go through, but people should be aware of this French star. Bert Royal - he had some strong matches in World of Sport, but the French footage gave us him in his physical prime working an all time classic match against Tony Oliver and another really heated match teaming with his father. Both a tremendous technician and a tremendous fired up brawler. Lino Di Santo - Italian worker who I think is easily slept on but has shown up in the French footage with insane consistency. Good technician, but also a good storyteller.
  7. Jetlag

    Tomohiro Ishii

    People should check out Ishiis early work in promotions like WAR, DDT, CAPTURE, IWA Japan, even Michinoku Pro. It's more interesting than the groove he got into in 2010s New Japan.
  8. Jetlag

    Chigusa Nagayo

    I'm doing a series of 1997 GAEA reviews which feature some strong Chiggy performances on my blog. The best I've seen so far was her & Hokuto vs. KAORU & Maiko Matsumoto, which I reviewed over at the GWE board. There is more good stuff coming up as I'm reviewing 1 1997 GAEA show per week from now on. I also watched all of 1998 GAEA and the Chigusa matches that stood out to me enough to write them up on here were: vs. Maiko Matsumoto, 10/23/1998 vs. Toshie Uematsu, 1/15/1998 vs. Makie Numao, 2/22/1998 vs. Sonoko Kato 2/21/1998
  9. Jetlag

    Chigusa Nagayo

    In 2016, Chigusa was one of the wrestlers I came out hating the most after watching many of her hyped up matches. After watching lots of GAEA, I've come around to her as she is undoubtedly one of the greatest rookie squash workers of all time, and is in some expertly laid out tag matches. Her big matches are still a mess though, I'm afraid.
  10. Jetlag

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Nominating Masao Orihara, Tanomusaku Toba, Koichiro Kimura, MIKAMI, and Keisuke Yamada/Black Buffalo via the blog and Dr. Adolf Kaiser, Inca Peruano, Andre Bollet, Bert Royal, and Lino Di Santo via. segundacaida.
  11. Jetlag

    Koki Kitahara

    Koki Kitahara is one of the most fascinating hidden wrestlers. Tubby mulleted asskicker in a rainbow colored gi, who is a skillful grappler but mostly devolves his matches into violent blunt force asskicking. The CAPTURE project is fascinating. I'm currently trying to catalogue every match he's been in: https://reverseviperhold.blogspot.com/2020/12/koki-kitahara-documentation-project.html
  12. Jetlag

    Tarzan Goto

    I am doing a Tarzan Goto project on the blog: https://reverseviperhold.blogspot.com/2021/03/tarzan-goto-documentation-project.html I will predict he will end up coming out with a damn high number of EPIC ranked matches. He was running wild on the Japanese indy scene having great bloodbaths everywhere, and many of his matches weren't even aired. He is also really great when he is doing some actual wrestling, but his prized role is still fat grotesque psycho butchering people in really entertaining ways.
  13. Jetlag

    Jaguar Yokota

    Her best 80s work that I recall is against Jackie Sato, Monster Ripper, La Galactica, Chino Sato, and Mimi Hagiwara. Also check out her 90s-2000s work, especially the 1996 match against Asuka, which I thought was better than the 80s classic. There are some hidden gems in her JD' work against the likes of Cooga and Megumi Yabushita. I did a Microscope on Jaguar Yokota here mostly focusing on her 70s/80s work: Some saint has uploaded a ton of JD' to the internet archive and I intend to comb through it for more cool Jaguar matches. Her veteran work is really good.
  14. Jetlag

    Kazuyuki Fujita

    I like him a lot as a superior Japanese Goldberg and while he has a ton of matches I really like he has also been in some real fiascos. The fact people get excited about his over the hill act in NOAH right now seems more testament to how dire Japanese wrestling has gotten in the last 10 years. That Shiozaki match was an absolute joke and the fact some people love that is part of what alienates me from discussing wrestling so hard.
  15. Jetlag

    Mima Shimoda

    LCO were initially super exciting when they showed up in ARSION but I ended up being quickly fed up with their act. I also recall her having some long singles matches in NEO that were really hard to get through. There may be some hidden gems in her AJW work. Really great worker in small doses, though