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  3. This was right before Takeshi Ono joined Masao Orihara to form the sleazy superduo of the Tonpachi Machine Guns. Ono and Usuda had a damn great match in 2010 (review to come), and this was also a damn great match and a more grandiose finishing stretch away from being on the level of the 2010 match. Basically straight shootstyle full of intense mat scrambles and Ono attacking as a dangerous striker with kicks and knees on the ground. Usuda kind of took a backseat in this match and let Ono dictate the bout, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some really brutal leglocks in this that seemed to be broken short of popping someones knee. There was an especially violent moment near the end where Usuda went for another break and Ono tried to kick his leg out of his leg in frustration. It builds to a series of near finishes with Ono continueing to force breaks and being super close to scoring the upset until Usuda is able to score a nifty counter and put him away with a quick flurry of devastating strikes.
  4. Tibor Szakacs was a Hungarian ex-army officer who fled to Britain and became a beloved wrestler. The man was built like a shaved chimpanzee, and his constant miserable gaze is up there with the likes of Kazuo Yamazaki. I love watching Szakacs wrestle as his slow movements are poetry in motion and that was felt strongly in this bout too, although this was about his young opponent Pete Stewart getting a rub by getting a fall over the veteran. Pete Stewart was later known as "Iron Duke" which is an all time great wrestler nickname, but he was basically just a young boy at this point. The technical stuff in the match is good and as soon as Stewart takes the 1:0 lead things get pretty intense with some vicious armwork and Szakacs busting out the dreaded chop. Extremely well executed with Szakacs throwing a suplex that I've never seen him do before. Well worth watching.
  5. Psycho bomb throwing war which has to go down as the carryjob of the year. Vampiro was basically a stiff trying to be a video game wrestler here. However, his recklessness may have added to the match as he seemed to be self destructive hitting moves (e.g. knocking himself loopy with his own suplex, injuring his leg hitting a spin kick etc). It really adds to the suspense when you think this washed up drug fiend is going to blow his knees out any moment. Whenever Vampiro was in danger of getting lost, Bucanero engaged in some vicious brawling. I especially loved the segment on the ramp that started with Bucanero just clocking Vampiro in the back of the neck. He also had some really great brief work on the shoulder. The whole match made sense and was never boring as they just kept doing bumps and dives. The one weak point was Vampiros superman comeback which knocked the match down about 15 places in the MOTY list.
  6. About 5 of 10 minutes aired. Acute Sae was a talented girl who could grapple and retired a year later. There wasn't much grappling here as the match was basically pro style and a showcase for both girls offense. Both have really good offense, Sae hit some judo throws, flying armbars and worked over Ran with nasty double stomps. Ran was her usual self hitting extraordinarily stiff kicks and elbows. Fun little clip.
  7. Super fun 7 minute undercard match full of slick mat scrambles and stiff blows. Super Rider sucks when he's doing pro style, but he looks really good doing straight shootstyle exchanges. His submissions are a bit different to what the BattlARTS crew usually does and it makes for a fun contrast. All of his submission counters were great. Ono was of course fantastic demolishing him with slick strikes. He also did some crazy sharp, brief work on the leg. It makes me sad though that a wrestler as good as Ono was jobbing like this to a no name outsider in 2001.
  8. Fun mini epic which was pretty much built around showcasing Phantom Funakoshi. Phantom is an SGP guy who wrestles kind of like a junior version of Osamu Nishimura. He throws a great dropkick and always forces guys to do some matwork and I really dug him here, grounding MIKAMI with judo sweeps and attacking his arm and shoulder. MIKAMI was kind of the ace of DDT at this point - squashing other low ranked guys within minutes - so I thought the match had an intelligent layout initially allowing Funakoshi to dominate with his technical skill and then forcing Mikami to take an unexpectedly big bump before he could get the advantage using his athleticism. Mikamis brief bursts of offense are impressive but you will want Funakoshi to score the upset here.
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  11. Brutal match in which Kawada basically tries to send Hase to the retirement home of comedy undercard tags for good. Aside from the opening matwork I thought Hase didn't really hold up his end, he looked like he was getting token bits of offense before Kawada went back to kicking the shit out of him. Pretty inspired Kawada performance although some of those sorry back and forth strike exchagnes were starting to creep in. Still, plenty of great spots mostly involving Kawada kicking Hase really hard in interesting ways.
  12. Really fun houseshow main event. El Samurai is often the problem in these matches, however that wasn't the case here as he got dominated in the early wrestling exchanges and made for an effective underdog. Hase always looks really solid in this time period and Mutoh doesn't bring it down sticking to his handful of athletic spots in a fast paced match. Samurais initial flurry of offense was really fun as he was able to connect a flying elbow to Hase as Hase was trying to put a Figure 4 on Hashimoto. I also really liked Hashimoto coming in to drop a big elbow on Hase while Samurai had him in a half crab as comeuppance for Hase and Mutoh double teaming Hashimoto earlier. Note that they were able to make things like a superplex or sharpshooter feel really dramatic. Really effective here as they teased Hashimoto being worked over, which led to Samurai getting a "hot tag" only for Samurai to end up being worked over. It made all the nearfalls on Samurai feel super over. My one complaint is there wasn't quite enough Hashimoto as he looked badass as usual dropping bombs on people and chopping Mutoh in the throat.
  13. What a matchup. Street is in his gown and makeup. McMichael is just the most regular looking bloke you can imagine. It's an amazing contrast and it produces a wildly entertaining TV match. McMichael tears up Streets gown and it's a furious match from the start. Street is actually super vicious here, clawing McMichaels cheek, always sneaking in blows, big leaping stomps that look violent as hell. When Streets starts wrestling he is just blindingly fast and smooth. But there is little wrestling here as it's basically a sprint brawl. Street does some prancing as he gets the advantage so McMichael does some prancing of his own and even steals some of Streets glitter which was extremely funny. The third fall was super simple and effective with Street trying to beat McMichael down hard and McMichael working over Streets stomach with headbutts and splashes. If you were hoping for more of Street being the wrestler we saw a year earlier in the Breaks match you'll be disappointed but as a match of it's own this was super entertaining, makes you wish more outrageous character wrestler were this good.
  14. Excellent long TV main event. Kincaid has a bleach blonde head and Rann is almost fully grey and unassuming looking, so you know it's gonna rule. Plenty of nifty grappling throughout. Rann worked some almost jiu-jitsuesque transitions. I also loved his out of nowhere crowbar dropkicks. Kincaid ended up taking a big bump over the rope and Rann worked over his back and leg. Loved all the pin attempts. Rann got cute attacking Kincaid with some subtle heel tactics and Kincaid retaliated with headbutts and at one point threw a punch and did an almost Terry Funk like footwork routine. The match settled down a bit with more good wrestling. It was really the kind of bout where you could write a textbook on all the little things they did. I loved the way Rann sold Kincaids headbutts. There were a few points were Rann just grabbed an armlock and forced Kincaid down hard which ruled. Rann started playing dirty in the last round again which got the crowd pretty fired up again. There was an awesome moment where Kincaid was looking for the boston crab with the crowd being on fire, and then he catapulted Rann across the ring with Rann bumping on his head.
  15. Jetlag

    U-File Project (KoC2 fantasy sim)

    U-File Project Soulful Beginning Day 2 @ Differ Ariake U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Minoru Suzuki vs. Yoshihiro Takayama U-File Trial Battle: Josh Barnett vs. Shinsuke Nakamura U-Soul Tournament 2nd Chance #1: Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Minoru Tanaka U-Soul Tournament 2nd Chance #2: Mitsuya Nagai vs. Wataru Sakata U-Soul Tournament 2nd Chance Decision Match: Winner of #1 vs. Winner of #2 U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Yuki Ishikawa vs. Masahito Kakihara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxQBp6mYXpY