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  1. Jetlag

    U-File Project (KoC2 fantasy sim)

    The first event of U-File Project is underway. U-File Project Soulful Beginning Day 1 @ Korakuen Hall U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Josh Barnett https://youtu.be/F_kqSiYRa0g U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Wataru Sakata vs. Alexander Otsuka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAcBqmJrLv4 U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Mitsuya Nagai vs. ??? U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Minoru Tanaka vs. Masayuki Naruse https://youtu.be/-wtS8BU9VqA U-File Project Opening Match: Yuki Ishikawa vs. Ryuji Hijikata https://youtu.be/CLDK93pRq00
  2. Jetlag

    U-File Project (KoC2 fantasy sim)

    Card: Show #1 - U-File Project Soulful Beginning Day 1 @ Korakuen Hall It was decided that an 8 man tournament will be held to determine the strongest U-stylist. The debut event will hold the qualifying matches for the first block of the tournament. U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Josh Barnett U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Wataru Sakata vs. Alexander Otsuka U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Mitsuya Nagai vs. ??? U-Soul Tournament Qualifying Match: Minoru Tanaka vs. Masayuki Naruse U-File Project Opening Match: Yuki Ishikawa vs. Ryuji Hijikata The company announced a big match to headline its first event in Tamura vs. Barnett. Fans are anxious to see whether Tamura will establish himself as the company leader. Mitsuya Nagai will be facing a mystery outsider. All bets are off in regards to who has been signed to compete. Nagai has vowed to vanquish his opponent quickly. It was agreed that veteran Yuki Ishikawa and youngster Ryuji Hijikata will open the show. Fans are looking forward for the future of shootstyle wrestling to be introduced.
  3. A fantasy booking project that will try to answer the question: What if U-Style kept going, with the help of New Japan Pro Wrestling, and a few independent contractors formerly of UWF, UWFi, RINGS and BattlARTS to form the ultimate mid 2000s shootstyle superfed? With the help of King of Colosseum 2 (PS2), we might just get an idea. -= ROSTER =- - U-File Army - Kiyoshi Tamura Josh Barnett Wataru Sakata Masayuki Naruse Masahito Kakihara Mitsuya Nagai - B-Spirits - Yuki Ishikawa Daisuke Ikeda Alexander Otsuka Minoru Tanaka Ryuji Hijikata - Freelancers - Minoru Suzuki Yoshihiro Takayama The U-File Ruleset: - time limit is 15 minutes - each wrestler has 5 points available to use for rope breaks/KOs - in case of time limit draw, remaining points decide the winner
  4. Jetlag

    French catch

    Damn, Starr vs Gastel sounds awesome. I hope they still have that stuff lying around.
  5. Jetlag

    French catch

    It appears we actually do have a match of his unmasked: GIL VOINEY VS GASPARIGNON (07/11/1965; 18:22)
  6. Jetlag

    French catch

    Here's my Top 10 matches (so far): Tony Oliver vs. Bert Royal 2/22/57 Gilbert Cesca vs. Billy Catanzarro (aired May 2, 1957) Eddy Wiecz & Eddy Koparanian vs. Andre Bollet & Georges Gueret (aired February 23rd 1956) Gilbert LeDuc vs. Rocco Lamban 10/30/58 Dr. Adolf Kaiser vs. Jose Tarres 1/2/59 Le Petit Prince/Francis Louis vs. Daniel Noced/Jacky Richard 2/22/71 Al Hayes vs. Guy Robin (aired March 22, 1957) Petit Prince vs. Michel Saulnier, 10/4/69 Ami Sola vs. Jaques Couderc (8/8/1957) Vassilios Mantopolous vs. Billy Catanzaro, 1/29/67 That is just the tip of the iceberg, to say the least. To say we've had a truckload of awesome matches would be an understatement, though.
  7. Jetlag

    Jaguar Yokota

    You're doing the lords work. I used this chance to rewatch the famous Yokota/Asuka match from 1985. I remember the initial sprint sequence blowing my mind, and its still a great sequence. I remember I had never seen anything like those snapmare bridge ups before, and now that we're watching old French pro wrestling, everyone is doing them. There's also a weird leglock which we've seen in France and nowhere else, so you have to wonder how much influence Kiyomigawa (the japanese worker touring France then) had on them. After that, it's a long section of legwork. Jaguars holds were great, but Asuka just blows it all off. Gotta say, Asuka has to be one of the worst megastars in wrestling. At least Jaguar looks somewhat concerned. Even Asukas kicks were mostly just laughably bad. Then she put that Takada-like noodle leglock on her opponent. The finishing stretch has no rhyme or reason to it, but it still stands out as they just bust out one reckless dangerous bump after another. Yokota getting thrown around was harrowing, so were all the piledriver spots. The finish has Yokota taking this massive flat face down bump off the top rope and getting up immediately to hit a suplex for the win. This match may have created the joshi trainwreck sprint formula. It's either terrible or great, depending on where you stand. I still enjoyed huge parts of this thanks to it being the 80s and neither girl doing anything silly on offense.
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  9. Jetlag

    Early JWP (Pre-Split/Interpromotional Era)

    That match was a pretty infamous shoot incident and Kandori basically ended Satos career right there.
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  11. Jetlag

    Early JWP (Pre-Split/Interpromotional Era)

    No JWP reviews in almost 2 years? Damn. JWP 9/26/1990 (JWP Monthly Version) Sachiko Koganei vs. Utako Hozumi Koganei is retiring. Too bad. She was a fun heel character. This was a 5 minute exhibition with Hozumi hitting some slick moves and Koganei getting a last hurray. After the match she is attacked by two wrestlers in street pants and shiny jackets, and she pins one of them for some reason. Eagle Sawai vs. Itsuki Yamazaki Yamazaki is great in the veteran technician role. Sawai added nothing to this match. Of course, she picks up the win. How one can have a match this bad with Yamazaki is beyond me. Sawai sold nothing and all her shit looked off. Bleargh. Shinobu Kandori & Miki Handa vs. Mami Kitamura & Harley Saito I was hoping for some Kandori/Saito exchanges from this. Instead we mostly get young Mami trying to not get crushed and Harley was in the match for about 30 seconds. It was a fun underdog story though. There was a long heat segment on Mami where she was prevented from making the tag over and over again. Anytime Kandori does a basic move it becomes a near finish, and her judo throw which sounded like it snapped Kitamuras shoulder was insane. Handa also looked pretty good here, dropping some pretty vicious looking offense for a tiny girl, especially her Robinson Backbreaker. Devil Masami vs. Dynamite Kansai This was great when they were mauling eachother. However, most of the match time was spent with Masami trying to ground Kansai and somewhat blowing off her offensive attempts. It was solid and made sense, but not really what I want out of this match up, especially since the match wasn't that long anyways. Also, Devil Masami taking Kansai for a walk int he audience was pretty bad. The finish felt unspectacular for something that was supposed to be a showdown between two killers. Kansai looked good her, hitting a big dives and just blasting Masami with kicks. She also broke out a nasty Cavernaria.
  12. I'd never heard about this match until Classics Road uploaded it 3 days ago, and now I find out people have known about this for years. What the hell? This was fantastic and one of the Top 5, maybe Top 3 best matches Hase been in. It starts out pretty great with about 11 minutes of tight matwork that leads to both guys getting angrier and eventually trying to tear each others arms out. All the matwork felt fresh thanks to both guys having legit ability and doing some things they dropped later (for example, the double arm hold Liger did). The tangling armbreaker spots were great and Hases kneedrops to the elbow joint were insane, looked to turn Ligers arm inside out. Liger hitting a dive and blasting Hase with his rolling kick unexpectedly were a good way to let the audience know Liger could hang and very well upset Hase. The structure here reminded me a bit of a lucha title match, with the opening lengthy matwork and then Liger hitting some nice armdrags before Hase took over working his back. There were some pretty intense back stretches with Liger breaking out of the holds looking painful. Then Liger was able to hit a surprise powerbomb to knock the wind out of Hase. Last 10 minutes were insane, Liger whiping Hase out with huge dives, the crowd going nuts etc. I really liked how Liger, after Hase crashed with a top rope move, wasn't going to make the same mistake and just hit a double stomp, before following up with a dropkick to the ribs. There were lots of nearfalls, but they managed to make rather basic spots like a Camel Clutch or Liger tackling Hase into the turnbuckle feel epic. Also loved the epic nearfall on the Giant Swing and Hase desperately avoiding the suplexes. It reminded me a bit of Liger/Schuhmann in that they mixed in basic sequences for maximum effect. Checking now, this missed both Loss' and Chads Top 30 for the year. Yeah no, this is way better than that stupid Mutoh/Chono match.
  13. It's crazy how many of the holds and sequences we saw in the 1950s French footage were already in place at this point. They even had a stupid swimming pool gimmick match. Outstanding.
  14. This is a stone cold all time great match. The only flaw is that they didn't go longer. The Cicloncito/Damiancito match ups has to be up there with the very best. We've been watching a lot of French Catch and praising the crazy athleticism, but I think this crew just blows it all away (not to disparage the French workers of the glory days, though). The complexity of these exchanges is just unreal. They start out creative and then they just keep turning it up a few notches. The last fall with the technicos cranking submissions for nearfalls and the rudos trying to turn the tide is so epic. Damiancito (Virus) is the champion here and he really carries himself a step above everyone else.
  15. Nasty, seedy psycho brawl as is Ians forte. Lots of disgusting punches and headbutts in this. I've never heard of Jason Dukes, but he handles himself well in this. He takes some absolutely stupid bumps including an absolutely reckless dive, and he generally had the right idea. He jumpes Ian at the bell and punches at his bandage (Ian is always bandaged), but soon finds himself eating a nasty beating that may have given me Hep C from watching. I really liked how he punched his way out of an armbar and then proceeded to take a Flair flop on the floor. As usual with Ian there are some amazing meth lab BattlARTS moments, such as ragdolling Dukes into the chairs with an arm drag, chairs getting flung into guys faces, and some really nasty, visceral legwork. Of course the crowd is mostly silent in this while folks scurry away to not have these seedy dudes bleed all over them, giving this the kind of surreal feel these matches need. The only thing that keeps me from nominating this in the all time project is the finish, although it's funny to see the TNA Tag Champions~! in IWA Mid South. This was certainly the best X-Division title match I've ever seen.