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[2019-08-24-Dragon Gate-Dangerous Gate] R.E.D. (Big R Shimizu & Eita) vs Natural Vibes (Genki Horiguchi & Kzy) (No DQ)


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Review courtesy of Makai Club #1 (Ditto the Ben-K match, no idea what happened re. these two reviews and why things weren't working)


This was a violent, weapon filed match. Something you don’t see often but it was really well done from start to finish. R.E.D come equipped with ladders when they make their entrance and that quickly segways into brawling in the aisle way and then into the crowd. Which isn’t the norm for Dragon Gate match. They use the ladder well and the spots were they were falling over each other and down the stairs were fun. Once they got in the ring, the match got a bit more control but got better in a much different way. R.E.D go the extra mile to being total scum bags by cutting off Genki Horiguchi’s hair. If anyone knows Genki, he stands out by his extravagant hairstyles. His gimmick and popularity are based about the crowd chanting “H.A.G.E” meaning bald (at first as a dig then as endearment). So that was great. R.E.D got rid of KZY shortly before they got to the ring but they kept on attacking him every sign of him getting into the match. Leaving Genk isolated in the process. Geki does a great job of being the face in peril, his selling is great, totally sympathetic. R.E.D excel in their roles too. Using every trick in the book - outside help from the rest of the unit, weapons and chairs, eye pokes and rakes. Eita especially as he looks like a total slimeball that you want to see get beaten up. Kzy, when he begins getting into the match more, does just that. Kzy slamming Eita into the ladder was both cringe-worthy and satisfying, as was the Swanton off the ladders. The moment when Punch and the rest of Natural Vibes came in to fend off R.E.D was great. Normally those parts can drag the match down but after R.E.D being such a nuisance, it added to the match greatly. The whole finish with Big R hitting Otakebi (a splash) through the table from the ladder and then the Shot Putt slam was so great. Big emphatic way to end the match. Great performances from Eita and Genki. Great match. ****1/4

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