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[1993-10-04-UWFi-The Fight of Champions: Final] Gary Albright & Dan Severn vs Salman Hashimikov & Vladimir Berkovich


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Loved everything about the initial encounter between  Albright/Hashimikov - the clash of titans tease, the intense tie up in the ropes, the first belly to belly suplex thrown. In fact, Hashimikov was the easy standout. Him pulling Severn around the ring by the ankle was good stuff. Tons of suplex attempt struggling throughout this. Poor Berkovich gets the shit end of the stick in this match. Him being scared of Albright was good stuff and then Severn manhandles him and busts his nose open.Severn was okay here. Bad kicks. Hashimikov comes in to take care of business, tapping Severn,. Not a great match but a great build to Albright/Hashimikov. 

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