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[1993-12-15-UWFi] Gene Lydick vs Hiromitsu Kanehara


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For a match that's less than four minutes long, this pretty much ruled. Kanehara comes very aggressive with the kicks and slaps, while Lydick is trying to simultaneously block the strikes and grab Kanehara for a suplex. He throws him with a belly-to-belly out of the corner and tries for the single leg but Kanehara is quick to the ropes. Again, he tries to wrap him up for a German but Kanehara clings to the ropes. Kanehara snags him with a rear choke and drags him down - the fans are lapping every second of this up. Lydick throws a few more suplexes but when he tries for another German, Kanehara picks the ankle and gets him in a heel hook. The final seconds has Lydick chasing him around the ring, trying to suplex him, and he finally hits that German>armbar combo for the win. Total blast.

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