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[1997-01-22-RINGS-Mega Battle Tournament] Nikolai Zouev vs Mitsuya Nagai


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Not an outstanding match but definitely solid, with Zouev showing off his skills on the mat with his transitions. Nagai has been relying heavily on his strikes up to this point but it's Zouev who blasts him with a spinning back kick to the FACE! Of course, Nagai isn't a slouch on the mat and comes up with some slick holds of his own, including a cool leg stretcher. He ramps up the strikes, connecting with knees to the head and even a swift kick to the butt while Zouev is hung up on the ropes. By the end of it, Zouev's tank is running low and Nagai continues to pummel him. He lands another big spinning backkick to the back of Nagai's head and finally taps him with a heel hook.

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