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[1997-10-25-RINGS] Volk Han vs Andrei Kopilov


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Long-time comrades and rival, this was exactly what you'd expect with both guys fighting for holds, tons of entanglements and WRENCHING action. Not as feisty standing up as past encounters, but the submissions are dope. Han grabs a nasty straight armbar off of Kopilov takedown, and then works his way into a grounded full nelson. Kopilov tries a lot of...uh, slams, I guess, but they don't quite come off...but he does get Han in a very dope armtrap neck crank, forcing Han to the ropes. After an armwhip, Kopilov finds a cool crucifix hold and then a double arm hold, but Han keeps slipping out. He drags Kopilov down with the rear choke and when that doesn't do it, he taps him with a leg triangle. Another worthy addition to their singles matches, although not quite at the same level as some. 

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