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[2000-12-03-ECW-Hardcore TV] Rhino vs Kid Kash


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Joey Styles mentions that Danny Doring & Roadkill have promised to split up as a team if they don’t win the tag titles at the upcoming PPV.  At least they’re finally giving them the straps (I think, I can’t see Doring especially doing much as a singles) even if that ship may well have sailed.  We return from a commercial break, the match already in progress, just in time to see Rhino catch Kash on an attempted springboard and then planting him to the mat.  Styles is in full on hype mode for the Massacre on 34th Street show.  Rhino telegraphs a backdrop and Kash with an awesome double jump huracanrana.  A swinging DDT doesn’t put the champion away as Kash looks to try and regain the TV title.  Rhino turns the tide, launching Kash, rather ugly, into the air.  In an odd move on his part he climbs to the top turnbuckle only for Kash to dropkick a leg out from under him as he struggles to get his bearings up there.   Kash follows him up, but as the two hammer away at each other, Rhino gets the better of things and hits a dangerous as hell middle rope piledriver for the win.  He’s not done just yet, collecting a table from under the ring.  As he’s about to drive Kash through it, out marches Spike Dudley not wanting to wait until the PPV.   He leap frogs out the way of the gore as Rhino crashes through the table himself.   Spike with an Acid Drop and he then puts one foot on his fallen opponent while he beats his own chest.

 Rhino is such a great base for Kash’s offense although the match wasn’t really much, just something prior to the PPV.  I liked the post-match and thought they did a good job in getting Spike over as having a legitimate shot against Rhino, something which when you just look at the two would be a hard sell.  Looking forward to seeing how they work that now.

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