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[1997-12-23-RINGS] Tsuyoshi Kohsaka vs Christopher Haseman


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Very good opener and TK showcase over Haseman, who's been a solid hand thus far, but this was probably my favorite Haseman match. TK working holds is always a joy, and I love that when Haseman tries to get fancy with the leg scissors takedown, TK sidesteps it. The wrist control he keeps on Haseman when he's trying to squirm away was great. Even when Haseman SLAMS TK down, it's no skin off TK's back and he's still able to outmaneuver Haseman on the mat and send him scrambling. Haseman's able to land big back-to-back-to-back head kicks to take down TK but in the end, TK grabs that high leg lock and Haseman tries his best to get out, including a double wristlock counter, but TK's pressure is too great. Very cool finish. Good stuff all around!

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