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[2000-12-16-IWA-MS-Christmas Carnage] 2 Tuff Tony & Mitch Page vs Cash Flo & Rollin Hard (Hardcore Christmas Tree)


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The tone is set as the entrances are going on, 2 Tuff, Page and Rollin all casually chatting in the ring and then dancing together to Cash’s theme music (‘Pretty Fly For a White Guy’ by The Offspring).  There’s no animosity there at all being displayed.  It gets better, stealing a page from Edge & Christian’s playbook and “for the benefit of those with flash photography” they all pose together for five seconds to each side of the building. This comes over as a bunch of friends doing stuff to entertain a crowd.  It’s a shame because when it got going there were some nasty bumps (2 Tuff took a flapjack into the Christmas tree and also got double hiptossed over the top rope onto some chairs at ringside) and it was pretty violent (Rollin must’ve had a good hundred tacks embedded in his head courtesy of a drawing pin covered baseball bat and they used a ton of weapons).  Only problem was they lost me before they even locked up.  For posterity 2 Tuff gets the pin on Rollin after a spinning diving headbutt.  Of course they hug it out and raise each others’ arms at the end, they’re all friends after all!

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