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[2000-12-16-MPPW-TV] Lance Cade & Joey Abs vs Tracey Smothers & Slash


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Corey Maclin has a quick word with Lance Cade and Joey Abs before this one gets started.  He’s looking forward to seeing Abs in action because he’s heard he comes here with a great wrestling reputation.  Joey says that the last time he was here Slash left him laying in that ring, right now though he’s going to get himself some revenge.  Slash may be a big deal around here, but he’s going to find out who the new real deal is!  Lance promises to pay Tracey Smothers back for what he did to him last week, while continuing to follow in the steps of his trainer Shawn Michaels who went from the Channel 5 studios in Memphis to the top of the wrestling business. 

Smothers and Cade immediately get into it, not holding anything back and trading blows with one another.  Abs catches Slash on the tip up and powerslams him to the mat.  Slash whips Cade towards the ropes, however he puts the breaks on and takes a shot at Tracey on the apron.  As he turns back around he’s met with a clothesline though that sends him over the top rope to the outside.  The heels take over until Slash misses a legdrop from the top.  Both men make a tag but it’s Joey Abs who has got the grit between his teeth.   A powerslam for Tracey, a press slam on Slash, he runs through both with a double clothesline before getting the three on Smothers following ‘Absolution’.  The Dupps attack Abs post-match and while Cade tries to help his partner they’re outnumbered in there.  Help isn’t too far away in the shape of Spellbinder and Bulldog Raines who clear the ring of the heels. 


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