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[2000-12-18-WCW-Nitro] Shannon Moore vs Shane Helms


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After the inconclusive finish to last night’s Ladder match, Commissioner Ric Flair has put the two men who grabbed the contract at the same time in the ring to face each other, the winner going on to meet Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title at Sin.  Mark Madden has taken to calling Shannon ‘HB2K’ which is incredibly lame.  Give the commentary team their due on one thing, they’re actually putting over the ladder match pretty big.  An abundance of two counts early, Madden pointing out that they are so familiar with each other that they have counters for counters.  Shane is the first to lose his cool, grabbing his partner by the hair and throwing him over the top rope to the outside.  Shannon botches a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor but recovers to hit a huracanrana off the apron.  Apparently the move should now always be called a Frankensteiner as ‘Big Poppa Pump’ has threatened to break the neck of anyone not calling it that.  I’ll take my chances.  Powerslam off the top by Helms for a two.  ‘X-plex’ (cross armed German suplex) for another near fall.  Shannon ducks a superkick, drags Shane down by the hair and then comes off the top with a corkscrew for a two count of his own.  Rocker dropper.  Helms hold onto the ropes on the attempted top rope Frankensteiner (OK, I give!) and comes off with a gorgeous looking sunset flip.  After Shannon telegraphs the backdrop, Shane with a Vertebreaker for the win and the title shot.  He helps his partner to his feet when he’s jumped by Chavo Jr.  3 Count show that there is no animosity there, teaming up to leave him laying after the ‘Nightmare on Helms Street’.

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