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[2000-12-20-WCW-Thunder] Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Jamie Noble


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We get a recap of the Shannon Moore vs Shane Helms match from Nitro and Chavo’s ill-advised post-match attack where he came a cropper.  Chavo grabs the mic and says how ‘Sugar’ Shane has been on quite the roll recently.  He’s struggling over his words here and it’s not that clear what he’s even talking about.  I think he’s implying that he’ll lie down for Jamie Noble because should he lose this match then Noble will be the Cruiserweight champion, he will be the number one contender and Helms will be left out in the cold.  A bit of backwards thinking, but as I said this promo was tough to decipher.  Noble’s wrestling is so smooth and a headscissors sends Chavo through the ropes to the outside.  Mike Tenay is putting over the Ladder match from Starrcade and just how good of a wrestler Jamie Noble is.  Double leg takedown by Chavo which he follows by dropping a knee to the groin of his opponent as he looks to take over.  Noble ducks a shot and lands a reverse neckbreaker.  After a big backdrop Chavo is on his knees begging for mercy but Noble is not in a forgiving mood.  He sits the champion on the top turnbuckle when out runs Shane Helms who grabs Chavo’s leg to prevent him from being superplexed.  A right hand sends Jamie careering backwards to the mat and Chavo connects on the frog splash.  Brainbuster and this one is over.  Helms looks on telling Chavo that he’s “the number one contender”, while Guerrero motions that he hooked him in.  Aah, so what he was trying to say from that badly worded promo was that if he loses Helms won’t get the title shot, so if you want it, you better make sure I win.

Not as athletic or innovative as the Helms/Moore match but the work was tighter and crisper and Noble continues to look tremendous.

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