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[2000-12-23-MPPW-TV] Steve Bradley & Shooter Schultz vs Lance Cade & Blade Boudreaux


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Jerry Lawler is sat next to Dave Brown ready to provide some guest commentary for the upcoming tag team bout while Jason Sensation is lurking behind them.  ‘The King’ points out that Steve Bradley doesn’t seem like he’s too anxious to put that title of his on the line, as whenever he sees him he’s either in a tag team match or he’s got Victoria with him and thinks its about time that he does.  Double suplex on Shooter as Jason gives us his ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.  I think every time Lance Cade wrestles or is being interviewed it’s noted how he was trained by Shawn Michaels.  Of course that’s a nice segue into Sensation doing his HBK.  For an impressionist he doesn’t have the most extensive of mind.  Snap suplex by Shooter on Cade for a two count.  Schultz provides the distraction as Bradley gets in some cheap shots behind the referees back, Brown comparing their actions to the Jerry Lawler & Jim White team from the mid-70s.  The heels continue to get heat on the big Texan until they telegraph the double backdrop and he drills them with a double DDT.  Hot tag to Boudreaux who takes it to both men, although Sensation, sorry “the Rock” thinks he’s a jabroni.  Blade has Shooter set for a reverse DDT when Schultz grabs the referee and pulls him into them, knocking him down.  Flying forearm by Blade but there is no-one to count the fall.  Rob Harlem, looking bigger than ever, runs out and drops an elbow onto Boudreaux before giving him a taste of his own medicine with a ‘Gator Drop’ (Blade’s own finisher).  Cade and Bradley continue to go at it out at ringside and are oblivious to what’s gone on inside.  Harlem ends up getting tangled up in the ropes as he exits the ring which draws some almighty laughter from those in the studio.  ‘Shooter Clutch’ and, with Blade already passed out, when the official comes around it goes without saying that his hand drops the three times required to give the win to Bradley & Schultz.

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