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[2017-11-20-Lucha Memes] Mr. Niebla vs Caifan


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Mr. Niebla gets zero time to shine as Caifan attacks him with a chain at the start of the match. Caifan then spends the next five minutes brutalising him, by tearing opening his mask and brawling around the ring. Caifan is great at throwing punches and looking like a smug asshole. The image of Niebla's bloody face being exposed through his torn mask made for a gruesome visual. Niebla hulks up by dancing and spitting into the air and catching said spit, nice. Caifan is a excellent heel and can even look smug whilst taking a beating. Without spoiling the ending, I wasn't a fan of the lame finish. There's some great stuff here, but it feels too all over the place for me to highly recommend this.


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