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[2000-12-16-IWA-MS-Christmas Carnage] Ian Rotten vs Mark Wolf (Four Corners of Pain)


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I do wish I’d kept track of the number of people using ‘Last Resort’ as their entrance theme as I reckon it has probably surpassed the number using ‘Bawitdaba’ by now.  A rematch from the KOTDM where Mark Wolf, with a bit of assistance, got the upset win over the ‘King of Hardcore’.  Ian practically walks Wolf through this one, clearly talking in his ear telling him what to do next on multiple occasions through the match.  That wasn’t the only blatant thing he did here either.  Although he had his back to the fans, not so the camera, which caught him at least twice gigging himself in the forehead.  Good starts as Ian is stiff with his offence, slapping Wolf across the face, chopping him in the chest, firing off uppercuts and drilling Wolf with a forearm to the jaw.  From here the match descends into ‘I hit you with a weapon, you hit me with a weapon’, each man’s momentum being stopped by something as simple as an eye rake or an elbow to the bread basket as they take it in turns to go on the attack.  Of course Ian caves in Wolf’s skull with a chair shot in there too.  I was expecting it and knew it was coming but it’s still tough to watch.  He drags a barbed wire board into the ring, propping it up against the ropes, before German suplexing Wolf through it.  After he kicks out of the cover Ian then pulls him to the floor, powerbombing him into a pit of Christmas decorations and thumbtacks for the win to retain his IWA-MS World title.  No long show closing speech from Ian, however he does let Wolf know “that’s what happens when he pays all his (Wolf’s) buddies to get them out the building before he wrestles him”.  Yeah, like Ian paid people!

A decent start and a decent finish, but the middle portion of this did nothing for me with the whole ‘your turn/my turn deal’.  Wolf again takes some hideous punishment with the chair shot, German and finally the powerbomb.  At least Ian gave him more than he did at KOTDM.

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