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[2000-12-16-MCW-TV] Tracey Smothers vs Shooter Schultz (Chair on a Pole)


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David Jett jokes that the ‘Kliq 2000’ will be outdated in a few weeks and they’ll have to change their name to ‘Kliq 2001’.  The Fabulous Rocker is seconding Tracey, no doubt he’ll be playing a part in this at some point.  There’s a nice spot early where Smothers holds onto the ropes after being whipped into them, looks out to the crowd pointing at his head as if he’s outsmarted Shooter, who, seeing his opponent not paying attention, then darts up the pole attempting to retrieve the chair, Tracey getting to him just in time before he can do so.  Some of Smothers efforts to climb the pole leave a lot to be desired, going painfully slow as he ‘waits’ for Shooter to pull him back down.  Butterfly suplex by Schultz.  Tracey uses Shooter’s own momentum to propel him through the ropes to the floor, following him outside.  Smothers ends up punching the ringpost before they fight their way over towards the curtain.  Schultz gets shoved into the steel as Tracey then threatens some kids in the front row who’re on his case.  He throws a one of the commentator’s drinks into Shooter’s face before another laboured attempt at collecting the chair a top that pole.  Kevin Kelly has a great line how that drink smelled 80 per cent proof and wondered if Jett was doing a Gordon Solie tribute.  Shooter with a scoop powerslam but he can’t capitalise.  After a snap suplex he goes to climb the pole when he’s yanked down by the Fabulous Rocker.  Eventually Smothers does get hold of the chair and, according to the rules of the match, can now use it legally.  He doesn’t get the chance though, Schultz ducking the chair shot and T-Boning Tracey.  Shooter with a chair shot to the head of Smothers, one for the Rocker and that’s all she wrote.

Not particularly good due to the half-assed attempts at climbing the pole.  If you’re going to do a pole match, at least make your efforts to climb look believable, not as if you’re waiting for your opponent to get to you/pull you down etc.  Some nice suplexes from Shooter and the commentators were on form with some funny lines (including one about how if Shooter got hit in the head with a chair it could end his career, whereas Tracey has been hit in the head sixty or seventy times so he doesn’t care).

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