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[2000-12-02-OVW-TV] Damaja vs Rob Conway


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The ‘Iron Man’ opens up strong, not even bothering to remove his shades.  After getting the better of a shoulder tackle he starts posing to the fans, unaware that Damaja is right back to his feet with a nip up.  Conway reverses the Irish whip, however Damaja counters the side suplex with a headscissors.  Standing huracanrana.  Inverted atomic drop followed by a dropkick and Conway rolls under the bottom rope to the floor.  Damaja takes off after him, throwing him back inside, but as he goes to get back in himself Kenny Bolin grabs an ankle, to prevent him from doing so, and Conway clobbers him from behind.  Cornette is proper unbearable, yet again, on commentary.  As it looks like the ‘Iron Man’ has got this under control Damaja ducks under a clothesline and he runs into the turnbuckles.  Snap neckbreaker by the Damaja. Face first suplex for a near fall.  Conway blocks the ‘Brain Damage’ and we get an accidental clash of heads knocking both men down.  Bad timing on my part watching this match straight after Dinsmore/Damaja from last month where they did this exact same spot.  Bolin is on the apron distracting the official and, while he does, Conway roots around in his trunks looking to load his glove for the ‘Iron Fist’.  That brings out Mr Black who grabs a hold of Conway’s arm to prevent him from so.  ‘Brain Damage’ on the ‘Iron Man’ and Bolin is in, practically falling on top of referee Robert Brisco to put a stop to the count.  He may have not been pinned but it’s still a loss, Conway DQ’d for the ‘Star Maker’s’ interference, Kenny getting a post-match slugging from the Damaja too for good measure.

The work was solid , which was to be expected considering these are two of the best in OVW, although the match was really just to add fire to the Conway/Mr Black feud which will culminate at Christmas Chaos where the loser will be forced to leave Bolin Services.  I shan’t miss Cornette’s commentary that is for sure!

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